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When I started the MK1 Performance Conversions site back in 1999, there was practically no information about early Mini’s available anywhere on the internet & any archives that people held were invariably private & inaccessible to most fans.  Back then, I felt that the MK1 Site & in later times the forum played a huge part in the popularisation of these early cars.  They have certainly become more & more popular, sought after & sadly more valuable over the last 25 years or so.  We are now inundated with Facebook Groups, Web sites & all sorts of other Internet & social media platforms dedicated to the subject.  I no longer feel that this site has much of a role to play.

It has also become increasingly difficult to maintain the site because the software I use is now hopelessly outdated & struggles to run so many pages & so much content, add to this the fact that the supplier no longer provide updates or new versions.  I have already updated the entire site once & cannot bear the thought of having to do the whole process again not to mention having to learn how to use new software from scratch

I have therefore decided that over the next few months I am going to begin to reduce the size & scope of the MK1 Performance Conversions web site, with the ultimate aim of winding it up sometime in the future. I will be leaving the most popular sections untouched, but unless I come across anything of spectacular interest, I will not be adding new material.

I would be lying if I said that this decision has been an easy one, but I feel that the time is probably coming when the resource that I have offered here is no longer needed or relevant, and plodding on regardless seems futile to say the least.

Thank you, Mark F

The MK1 Site is no longer receiving updates.

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