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19.08.21: Hole reducers & Grille Buttons are back in stock! See details here - ITEMS FOR SALE

24.02.21: I have just uploaded an extract from the Smiths Speedometer catalogue that gives details of all speedo’s compleN numbers.  This have been added to the TECHNICAL MECHANICAL section.

22.01.21: New additions to the ALEXANDER BROCHURE ARCHIVE & The PADDY HOPKIRK PRODUCTS section.

06.01.21: I have just updated the DOWNTON SALES section.

24.11.20: New copy of Workshop manual AKD4935C uploaded to the PARTS LIST & WORKSHOP MANUAL section.

09.10.20: A couple of new additions & updated pages today.  I have improved the entry on RALLYE-SHOP & have also added better PDF copies to the ADVERTISING BLANKS section.

27.07.18: More new additions today. A new accessories catalogue has been added to the BMC ACCESSORIES archive. BMC ACHIEVEMENTS 1961-62 booklet added to the BMC FACTORY DOCUMENT section. A DUNLOP WHEELS brochure has been added to the ACCESSORY ARCHIVE. A really nice accessory brochure for the ADO16 range has been added to the ADO16 BROCHURE ARCHIVE.  New Technical Service data leaflet added to the TECHNICAL MECHANICAL section. I have also added a full service manual for the Lockheed 5 1/2” brake servo to the MECHANICAL TECHNICAL section. Finally for today is a brochure for the “MINI SCORPION” body conversion, a conversion only a mother could love!

26.07.18: First update for a long, long time. I have just added a new accessory company to the TUNING ARCHIVE. BARNACLE ACCESSORIES made a terrific range of Mini related & non Mini related gizmos & gadgets, check them out in the link above.

14.02.18: Another new addition to the For sale Section.

I am pleased to have taken delivery of a batch of reprinted Speedwell Posters dating to 1968.  This is the poster referred to in the last Speedwell catalogue.  Measuring 17” x 24” & professionally printed on top quality paper these can be found in the SPEEDWELL section.

I also have a batch of TOP QUALITY reconditioned BMC Water Pumps.

These have been fitted with all new internals & are the very best reconditioned Cast Iron Pumps available.  See full details HERE.

30.01.18: Welcome back, sorry about the lack of activity recently.  I have however been busy.  I have added a few new items to the MK1 shop.  First, we have a couple of designs of Taurus Tuning stickers.  Both are copies of originals in my collection & both are highly accurate.  These can be found in the BADGES & STICKERS Section.

Second, are the newly manufactured early pattern Brake & Clutch Master Cylinders.  These have been NLA for many years, but are an essential under bonnet detail for any car manufactured between 1959 & early 1962.  These can be found in the MISCELLANEOUS Section.

Thanks for looking, Mark F



You can access it by following the link below.


Please check back regularly for more details.

21.11.17: After the very sad demise of one of my favourite sites dedicated to the history of Harry Ratcliffe & BVRT. I have started to update & add to the section on BVRT.  One of the most successful & some would say little known of the GREAT Mini tuners of the 1960’s. BVRT

15.11.17: Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I have been concentrating on finishing the restoration of my Original Speedwell Cooper S & have been neglecting the site.  However, this negligence is now at an end.  Today I have added a huge 50 odd page PDF file of the original Pre-release Consolidated technical data for the New Mini Cooper 997.  This an incredibly rare document & is available for free in the BMC DOCUMENT ARCHIVE.

04.07.17: Lots of new additions today. First are a few reviews, the “New” Hydrolastic 998 Cooper & an article on the A Series engine in the LIGHT READ REVIEW section, and an article on the Comps Dept in the LIGHT READ COMPETITION section. A number of additions to the BMC ARCHIVE, starting with a new 1959 PROMOTIONAL BROCHURE. I have added full fitting instructions for BMC seat belts to the TECHNICAL MECHANICAL section. A new letter to the TAURUS CORRESPONDENCE section. A new company added to the TUNING & ACCESSORY ARCHIVE Speed Centre Rottemdam. Finally for today a large number of BMC Technical service Bulletins from 1965 - 66 in the BMC SERVICE section. More to follow tomorrow.

23.06.17: After a short break I am back & the updates have started again.  Today I am pleased to be able to confirm that the MK1 SHOP is open again & I have also added two superb catalogues to the TAURUS section.  These date from 1964 & 1965 are are rare beast to find complete.

08.06.17: Lots of new material today, 5 more articles added to the LIGHT READ section & more new press info added to the BMC ARCHIVE.

07.06.17: I have just uploaded a copy of the original press launch pack for the Clubman, Clubman Estate & the 1275GT.  This can be found in the BMC ARCHIVE.

01.06.17: Now over 50 articles & reviews in the LIGHT READ Section.

26.05.17: I have just finished adding lots of new material to the LIGHT READ section.  All the scans are of excellent quality & are easy to read.  I am also pleased to be able to confirm that REPRODUCTION DOWNTON BADGES are back in stock.  These are of exceptionally high quality & are pretty much identical to the much sought after originals.

25.05.17: A few new bits added today. Lots of new reviews & articles in the LIGHT READ section and a very early copy of a Morris Brochure from 1959 in the SALOON BROCHURE section.

22.05.17: New additions to the LIGHT READ section.

16.05.17: A couple of new additions today. I have added 2 new rocker covers to the ROCKER COVER archive. & I have added a much better copy of the original team plan for the 1966 Monte to the RALLYING SUCCESS & FAILURE archive.

11.05.17: The latest addition to the site is the introduction of a brand new section. I have started a section called A LIGHT READ this is a section where I can put a whole range of interesting articles & information that doesn’t fit easily into any other sections.  It will include press reviews, technical articles, accessory supplements & all sorts of interesting old stuff. I hope you enjoy it.

09.05.17: I have updated the BMC SERVICE MEMORANDA page.

08.05.17: A couple of new items today. In the TECHNICAL MECHANICAL section, I have added an excellent brochure for Armstrong Shock Absorbers & I have added a Suspension brochure to the SPEEDWELL archive.





04.05.17: More new material added today. A new TAURUS catalogue, a new booklet on looking after SMITHS INSTRUMENTS, a small page & flier on REVOLUTION WHEELS and a new copy of a TAURUS tuning brochure for the Cooper & S Range.

03.05.17: Today I am able to start one of the most comprehensive updates in many years, this is due to 2 people. My good friend Andreas Klein who has lent me a large amount of stuff to scan & copy & Steve Murphy who has entrusted me with his fathers archive of tuning info & literature. I have just uploaded the first items, these are in the OSELLI section & the JOHN RHODES AUTOSPEED sections.  There is a new entry for VILLEM B HAAN in the Tuning section as well as new entries in the ST & COMPS section & the BMC DOCUMENT archive. More on LEONARD REECE, more SPEEDWELL info & new items added to the MINISPRINT section. Finally for today I have uploaded a superb set of unwatermarked ST SHEETS to the Special tuning archive. You can download & print these for your collection.

28.04.17: I have just completed a huge upload of new material thanks to Nick Rogers of Min-e-bits. The update includes new material in the SPEEDWELL archive, new material in the COMPS DEPT & ST archive, The RESTALL section, the ACCESSORIES section and even a new item in the COLDWELL section. Thank Nick.

24.04.17: Lots of new material added today. New items in the SEAT ARCHIVE, the STEERING WHEEL ARCHIVE, I have also started a page that features a number of original SPEEDWELL ADVERTS.  Check back more to come very soon.

19.04.17: More new additions today. A couple of new rocker covers added to the ROCKER COVER archive, but most importantly a very important addition to the BMC DOCUMENT ARCHIVE. I have just added a complete copy of the original Press Pack Consolidated Data file for the Morris Mini Traveller to the BMC ARCHIVE.  I will shortly be attempting to sort this out so it is easier to look through.

12.04.17: New material added to the PAINT CHIP archive & ROCKER COVER archive today.

07.04.17: Lots of work again today. More additions to the SEATS archive, the STEERING WHEEL ARCHIVE & the ROCKER COVER archive as well as a total revamp of the COMPETITIONS DEPARTMENT & PRESS RELEASE PHOTO section.

06.04.17: Today I have started another new section, only in its embryonic stages at the moment, but the new SEAT ARCHIVE is open for submissions. All the new accessory archives can be found in the  ACCESSORY ARCHIVES section.

03.04.17: More ROCKER COVERS & STEERING WHEELS added today.

30.03.17: I have started an embryonic ROCKER COVER Archive. If you have any info or images you would like to add, I would be very pleased to hear from you, Thanks.

23.03.17: More additions to the STEERING WHEEL archive today. Springall, Styla & Motortune. I have also uploaded the latest versions of Ian Hamiltons great tools.  First, his NEEDLES spreadsheet, which is the best SU needle comparator available & also Ian’s RATIOS spreadsheet for gearing calculations.

22.03.17: I have continued to update the site & add a large number of high quality PDFs of popular stuff.  These include additions to the DOWNTON section, the ALEXANDER section the MANGOLETSI section & the NON BMC VARIANTS archive..

21.03.17: Lots more additions over the last few days, the STEERING WHEEL ARCHIVE is growing constantly. I have also added a few new items to the SPEEDWELL archive. These include an early copy of SPEEDWELL NEWS from Nov 65.

16.03.17: New additions to the JOHN SPRINZEL & MOTORTUNE & BROADSPEED Sections today.

15.03.17: I have done some major updates on the SPEEDWELL archive. This has made it easier to navigate & I have also added material to the SMALL CATALOGUE section. I have also added a large number of new steering wheels to the STEERING WHEELS archive. Thanks to Kees in Holand.

14.03.17: I have just completed a massive upgrade to the STEERING WHEEL ARCHIVE. I have made it easier to navigate & added some new content. If you have a wheel that isn’t listed, I’d really appreciate a photo. Regards, Mark

03.03.17: More new items added to the for sale section today. I have updated both the SPEEDWELL & DOWNTON sections, along with the GENERAL section.  New items available for the first time include a very small number of ORIGINAL 1960’s Speedwell Showroom “S”s, and a quantity of NOS 12A402 unvented oil filler caps.  This is an item that is becoming harder & harder to find & I have secured a small stock at a very sensible price.

01.03.17: Due to a couple of recent problems regarding international delivery, I have had to clarify & formalise my postal policy.  Please see here for full details. POSTAL POLICY

17.02.17: All Cooper & S Brochures in the BROCHURE archive, now has high quality PDF’s linked to them.

10.02.17: I have started to do an update in the FOR SALE section.  I have added a few new pages including a page dedicated to SPEEDWELL & one dedicated to DOWNTON.  Although these pages will usually offer reproduction items, occasionally I will be offering genuine items too.  There will be many more updates in the near future, please remember to check back soon. Thanks, Mark F

08.02.17: Lots of new material added today, courtesy of Nick Rogers of Min-E-Bits I have added a copy of the full mechanical & Body parts lists for the Elf & Hornet to the MANUAL section, a copy of a full Lucas Parts list to the ELECTRICAL Technical section & a very interesting letter to the COMPS DEPT section. Thanks Nick.

30.01.17: There have been some exciting additions to the FOR SALE section recently.  New items include a new batch of the ever popular MK1 “Speedwell” Tachometer Pod, a wonderful Reproduction Downton Showroom Poster & a new batch of Downton Key Fobs based on the original CUD “Keytone” design.

23.01.17: JV MURCOTT added to the tuning & Accessory archive. Thanks to Martin Bell.

11.01.17: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The first addition for 2017 is a copy of the fitting instructions for Speedwell Rockers. These are in the SPEEDWELL ARCHIVE and were submitted by Nuno Moita. Thanks Nuno!

16.12.16: Today I have added info to the RJV section & the YIMKIN Section.

14.12.16: The booking line for Blyton 4 is now closed.  We have an unrivaled selection of 57 fast road, race & modified Minis all on track on April 30th 2017.  Why not come down to see the action.  Entry is FREE.

I have also added a new flier for the STYLA range of Mini accessories to the archive today.  This very nice brochure is courtesy of Matt Hipwell.

15.11.16: Today I have begun to incorporate more info on the Mini’s Big Brother the ADO 16 range of cars.  This highly successful range shared a design philosophy with the Mini as well as many common parts.  The first addition is the beginning of an ADO 16 BROCHURE ARCHIVE.  All stored brochures are available as high definition PDF files.  All Mini brochures will also shortly be available in this new format too.

02.11.16: The date for the 4th MK1 Performance Conversions Action Day has been announced! Next years event will take place on Sunday April the 30th with a social evening & guest speaker on the evening of Saturday 29th.  All details will be announced HERE first.

On a separate note, I have added a copy of the comprehensive instructions for the NIKKI Carburettor to the TECHNICAL section.

31.10.16: Another addition to the TUNING & ACCESSORY archive today. I have added a section on the legendary accessory manufactures CUD. You may not have heard of this superb company, but they manufactured some of the most sought after accessories of the 50’s & 60’s.

19.10.16: New info added to the NERUS section today & I have added a very nice “COOPER” key ring to the FOR SALE section.

22.09.16: It’s a funny old game this collecting bug!  For months I struggle to find anything of use to add to the site & then all hell seems to break loose.  I have just finished uploading the first batch of very interesting brochures to the ARDEN CONTINENTAL ACCESSORIES section.  With Much more to follow.  Arden are one of the oldest Accessory manufacturers in the country & have outlasted most of their opposition. Thanks to Matt Hipwell, for the wealth of archive material sent to the MK1 Perf Cons site.

21.09.16: Thank you to Tomas O'Cuplae for some more great Manual PDF uploads.  These include AKD 1152 Austin Se7en Service Parts list, AKD1178B A 1959 dated workshop manual & the long awaited AKD3502 MK1 saloon Mechanical Parts list. These can all be found in the PARTS LIST & MANUAL archive. A massive thank you to Tom for these great additions.

15.09.16: Lots of updates & news today.

I am pleased to be able to announce that our charitable fund raising on around Blyton 3 raised over £2300 for our chosen charity Cancer Relief UK.

I have also added some new material to the site.  I have added a copy of the Allard Tuning catalogue for 1968 to the SHORROCK archive.  All the tuning stuff was Ford, but the Shorrock section is interesting to us BMC fans.

I have also added a new name to the Tuning & Accessory Archive.  That of ARDEN CONTINENTAL ACCESSORIES. You may not have heard of them, but they made many popular tuning products & accessories for a huge range of cars throughout the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and continue to do so today.

Lots more to come soon. Mark F

24.08.16: I have been adding lots of new items to the MK1 SHOP.  Please check it out, most of the profit goes towards the running of the MK1 Performance Conversions Web Site. Thank You!

07.06.16: I have just added a late brochure to the SPQR section.

02.06.16: A couple of good additions today.

1st I have added two useful wiring diagrams to the TECHNICAL ELECTRICAL section today. These are the wiring diagrams for the 11AC Alternator in both Positive & Negative earth configurations.

2nd I have added another new product to the MK1 Items for sale section. After a long hunt, I have found a reliable source for the long discontinued Champion WC348 HT Caps. These caps were standard fitment on ALL MK1 Minis, Coopers & S’s throughout the early & Mid 1960’s. These are Champion Branded & of equivalent manafacture to the originals. CHAMPION WC548

And finally, MK1 Performance Conversions are very pleased to be sponsoring Class C19 at this weekends HAREWOOD Classic & Vintage Hillclimb. HAREWOOD HILL.

09.05.16: Here’s your chance to win a great prize & donate to this years MK1 Action Day Charity.


Enter or Great Charity Raffle & you could win one of Len Chandler’s beautiful Steering wheels or a selection of MK1 Performance Conversions goody bags.

Tickets are just £3.00 each & you can buy as Many as you want. Just click on the image below to go straight to the page.

07.04.16: Today I have added a large catalogue to the TAURUS section.  This was the last catalogue produced by this legendary tuning firm & it dates from 1971.

29.03.16: New item added today.  GUIDE TO BMC PLANTS. Courtesy of Doug Jenkins in Aus.  You can find this in the BMC FACTORY DOCUMENTS section.

22.03.2016: I am very pleased to be able to announce the introduction of a brand new product to the MK1 Items FOR SALE SECTION.  I can for the first time offer an Accurate reproduction of the full range of SPECIAL TUNING ROCKER COVER BADGES.  These are priced very reasonably and will look great on your car or make great collection fillers as originals are almost totally unobtainable.

07.04.16: Today I have added a large catalogue to the TAURUS section.  Thjis was the last catalogue produced by this legendary tuning firm & it dates from 1971.

21.03.16: I have just uploaded the full MK2 Mechanical & Body Parts lists to the PARTS LIST section. Thanks to Daz carr for the copies.

18.03.16: I have made a few updates & amendments recently. In no particular order, these are.  More info in the PAINT section, an update to the MAMBA section & various attempts at cleaning up my terrible spelling & typos.  More to come soon.

03.03.16: New brochure added to the YIMKIN section today.

24.02.16: A couple of items of news today. Very sad to report the passing of one of the last of the original British tuning pioneers and no mean racer to boot Harry Ratcliffe on 21st February 2016 at the age of 80.

Harry as many will know was the main man behind what became British Vita Racing , winning the European Touring Car Championship in 1968 with John Handley.

Starting from his modest garage in Littleborough Harry first became known for his successful racing Morris Minor before moving on to Minis. Apart from tuning many customer cars for drivers such as Tony Fall and Brian Redman he raced Minis throughout the 60s at club level, national level and even at the Targa Florio. He built the Buick Cooper, hillclimbed on the continent and won the Northern Saloon Car Championship in 1968, after which he retired from the sport in 1969 preferring to concentrate on his other great passion - sailing.

Harry had been suffering from dementia for some time. Rest in peace.

And on a much happier note, I am pleased to confirm the release of Ian Hamilton’s latest version of his SU spread sheet.  This superb tool can help you compare & contrast all SU & Zenith needles & jets making selection of exactly the right needle for your carb much easier.  The latest version of NEEDLES is available to download from the TECHNICAL - FUEL METERING SECTION.

05.02.15: Another good couple of updates today. 1st there is a new section added to the VARIANTS section.  This covers GTM, thanks to Andy B. And I have been able to add a very interesting document to the BMC DOCUMENT archive. This is the full Audited accounts for 1969. BLMC were in a very healthy financial position at the end of the 60’s. See for yourself.  Thanks again to Tom Geronzi.

22.01.15: A new parts list has been uploaded this morning, this is the very useful AKD3105 “A Series Engines” parts list.  Giving all specific engine info across the non Cooper range. Thanks again to Tommaso Geronzi.

22.12.15: I have been able make some excellent additions to the site this morning thanks to my most faithfull contributor Karsten Stelk, in Germany.  Karsten has sent me some great material including the following.  1965 Monte Carlo Rally Information.  This is in the RALLYING SUCCESS & FAILURE section. There a number of interesting items regarding Mini & Sprite tuner PADDY GASTON as well as a very interesting original letter about the OGLE SX 1000. I would once again like to thank Karsten for his brilliant contributions. I would also like to wish you a very Happy Christmas & Prosperous New Year. Mark F

14.12.15: More new items have been added to the MK1 For Sale section.  This time I am pleased to be able to offer a range of Reproduction floor mats.  These are all professionally printed & feature a variety of original 1960’s designs.  Have a look at them HERE.

17.11.15: 2 New fliers added today, both are late BL “ST” related & both can be found in the BMC COMPETITIONS DEPT. Section.  Courtesy of Rachel & Andy Nelson.

03.11.15: THE DATE IS SET!

Action Day 3 will take place over the weekend of the 30th April - 1st May 2016. Check out the Action Day Page for more info. MK1 ACTION DAY 3

28.09.15: BACK IN STOCK ***   A second new product in less than a week! I can now offer a high quality reproduction of the best grille button ever made!  MK1 “Paddy Hopkirk” grille buttons are identical copies of the original. Available for the first time in many years.  See them HERE. *** BACK IN STOCK

23.09.15: NEW PRODUCT AVAILABLE NOW! I am pleased to announce that I have a limited quantity of reproduction Speedwell Wheel Centres available.  These are of superb quality & will fit either original Speedwell Wheels or the reproduction wheels that are currently available.  An accurate finishing touch to your restoration.

17.08.15: New RILEY Paint Chip card added to the Paint Chip card archive today.  Thanks to Stuart Watson, again!

28.07.15: New items added to the PAINT CHIP archive today.  Amongst the most interesting items are a couple of cards from the BMC / Leyland transition.  One of which is offering MK2 Minis in a range of MK3 colours.  Some of which are known to have been produced.  Thanks again to Stuart Watson for the submission.

10.07.15: I have been able to add a couple of new items to the FOR SALE section today.  1st are the last few stickers from this years Blyton event.  These are available for the very cheap price of just £2.50 each with free postage.  Second is something I have been working on for a while.  REPRODUCTION SPEEDWELL STICKERS that are actually good representations of the originals.  These are copied from originals in my collection & are perfect copies.  They may be a little more expensive than the ones you will find on ebay but these are accurate, not something dreamed up in the last couple of years.  I will be introducting a number of other new products very soon, so remember to check back regularly.

20.05.15: Homologation papers for the SPI & MPI Rover Cooper added to the HOMOLIGATION PAPERS section.  Thanks to Hartmut Sanger.

15.05.15: Today I have added a new name to the TUNING SECTION.  That of PAUL EMERY. Paul was most noted as an IMP tuner, but gains a spot in our hall of fame as the first builder of a Twin Engined Mini. I have also added 3 new images of Paul’s Twini-Mini to the TWINI-MINI section.  These were sent in by former Emery employee Lester Beedel.

20.04.15: I have been able to update the SPEEDWELL NEWS Section today. I now have 3 issues of this very rare publication in my collection.

07.04.15: The latest addition is a cracking scan of the 1974 edition of the JANSPEED CATALOGUE. This has been added to the JANSPEED section of the tuning archive.  This scan is courtesy of John Askew.

02.04.15: Today I am very pleased to be able to make one of the most interesting additions to the MK1 Performance Conversions site for a long time.  I have managed to obtain the original BMC blueprint for the 998 Cooper “12 G 295” Cylinder Head.  This is the official technical drawing that details all material & machining specifications & revisions from the heads inception in Jan 1963 right through to the end of the heads life in July 1975 when it was being used on the Innocenti Minis.  This very interesting drawing has been added to the BMC Factory Documents Archive.

31.03.15: The order line for Blyton Tee Shirts is now closed.  All Tee’s ordered will be posted out at the end of the Month or will be available to collect from Blyton.

18.03.15: I have added a useful guide to shell repairs to the TECHNICAL (PAINT & BODY) section today.

11.02.15: Just one small addition today, once again thanks to Stuart Watson.  I have been able to add comprehensive paint & trim details for all models to the TECHNICAL (PAINT & BODY) section.  This gives comprehensive info on all paint & trim combinations for all MK1, MK2 & MK3 models.

09.01.15: I am now taking orders for immediate shipment of the new MK1 Performance Gear Knobs.  CLICK HERE for details.

23.12.14:        The second MK1 Performance Conversions Track Weekend IS ON!

Following the great success of the first Track day held at Blyton Park in Lincolnshire last May I am very pleased to be able to announce the date for our event in 2015.  This will be held over the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd of May 2015 & will feature Track action over both days, static car displays, feature cars from the worlds of rallying, racing & Custom, an unrivalled of GRP Specials including Unipower GT’s, GTM’s marcos’s & many other one off & low production cars.  We also have lined up a superb array of guest speakers for Saturday night, and many famous names from the Mini Universe will be around all weekend.  Our Action day is absolutely free to attend, but there will be a collection taken on behalf of an Alzheimer’s Disease Charity at the gate.  To book your place or to find out more go to THE MK1 FORUM or the ACTION WEEKEND PAGE of this web site, where we will be announcing more info as it becomes available.  If you want to take part, BOOK NOW!  The booking line has been open less than 24 hours & already 1/3rd of all the places have gone.

On a separate note, I am pleased to be able to make another addition to the Main MK1 site with the addition of an early AKD1174C Handbook to the HANDBOOK ARCHIVE.  This is once again thanks to Garry Honywill.

18.12.14: Another great addition today.  I have just uploaded a complete PDF file of AUC9618D which is the full specification for all SU needles dated Dec. 1964. This has been added to the TECHNICAL CARB section. Thanks to Garry Honywill for sending me the item.

16.12.14: I have been able to add a very complete copy of the late Leyland / ST tuning sheets to the COMPETITIONS DEPARTMENT archive today.  This is thanks to Julian Harber.

15.12.14: 3 excellent new articles added to the BROADSPEED Archive today.  Thank you to the sites old friend Pete Flanagan.

10.12.14: I had a rather unusual experience this week, I received the same info on the same company from two different people!  I am therefore very pleased to be able to add NETLAP / PLANET ENGINEERING to the TUNERS ARCHIVE.  This is thanks to both long time friend of MK1 Perf Cons Pete Flanagan & slightly newer contributor Per Wilborg.  I have also been able to add a number of excellent new items to the BROADSPEED section, this is thanks to MAJOR_UPSET a member of the MK1 FORUM.

17.11.14: Thanks to Per Wiborg Wold a Forum member from Norway I am finally able to add something that the site has lacked since day one.  In the TECHNICAL (PAINT & BODY) section, you will now find detailed many original BMC paint colour codes & mixing formula covering a period from 1965 - 1970.  This is not a complete list & misses many early colours, but finding reliable paint code information is extremely difficult.  I would like to thank Per for taking the time to scan this information.

11.11.14: Today I have made a small update to the TUNING ARCHIVE with the addition of HALDA the famous manufacturer of the 1960’s mechanical rally trip meters. Thanks to Peter Wright who sent some of the material for this new entry.

06.11.14: I have just added a useful info sheet on the details of 1275 GT stripes. This can be found in the TECHNICAL BODY section. Thnaks to Stuart Watson.

03.11.14: I have just updated Ian Hamilton’s brilliant new “RATIOS” Spread sheet.  You’ll find it in the TECHNICAL MECHANICAL section.

24.09.14: A nice new addition to the HANDBOOK ARCHIVE. The 1964 Supplement thanks to a member of the MK1 Forum, who’s name I have lost.  If you are the kind contributor, please get in touch so I can say thank you.

19.09.14: I have just updated Ian Hamilton’s brilliant new “RATIOS” Spread sheet.  You’ll find it in the TECHNICAL MECHANICAL section.

15.09.14: A very nice scan of the fitting instructions for a set of Speedwell 1.5 ratio rockers added to the SPEEDWELL ARCHIVE Today. Thanks to Luis Martelo.

12.09.14: A nice addition to the TUNING & ACCESSORY ARCHIVE today.  COX Safety seats.  This update is courtesy of Adam Howard.

11.09.14: This morning I have uploaded a fantastic addition to the TECHNICAL MECHANICAL section.  This is a new tool written by great friend of MK1 Performance Conversions, Ian Hamilton.  His NEW Gearbox Ratio tool enables you to compare & contrast a wide range of common & less common gear sets, drop gear options & final drives to simulate how these sets will behave in the real world.  The very compact ZIP file can be downloaded to keep & comes with comprehensive instructions. I would like to thank Ian for making this superb tool available to readers of the site.

09.09.14: Just a couple of small additions today.  I have added some very nice images of the Speedwell tuning facility to the SPEEDWELL ARCHIVE & Have added a new name to the TUNING ARCHIVE, Cox of Watford, manufacturers of Racing & after market seats.

29.08.14: I have just completed a massive update to the JANSPEED section, this is thanks to Pete Flanagan who has supplied all the new material.

28.08.14: I have added a new documentary to the MK1 MEDIA archive today. Belfast to Monte follows Paddy Hopkirk as he re traces the route of his 1964 Monte victory.

21.08.14: I am very pleased to be able to announce that I have just updated two of Ian Hamilton’s great selection programmes.  First is the excellent Carb Needle Selector, that can be found in the TECHNICAL CARB section.  The second is the Gear Ratios tool which is in the TECHNICAL MECHANICAL selection.  Thanks again to Ian for this great work.  

14.08.14: A couple more brilliant images added today, once again thanks to the sites great friend Karsten.  First is in the COMPS DEPT PHOTO section, its of AJB 44 B and is an official press photo.  The second is a great shot of a Downton tuned Mini Cooper S campaigned by Roy Fry This is in the DOWNTON CAR PHOTOS section.

11.08.14: Today I have been able to add a number of new images to the “PRESS PHOTO” & “COMPS DEPT PHOTO” sections.  All the new images are thanks to my long time contributor Karsten Stelk.

07.08.14: A few small but useful additions today.  I have added to useful Lucas publications to the TECHNICAL (ELECTRICAL) section.  The first is a Lucas fault finding guide, the second is a manual on testing Lucas generators & control boxes.  Both these publications should be a good help in sorting wiring & electrical problems.  The second is the definitive guide to tuning SU Carbs.  This can be found in the TECHNICAL (FUEL METERING) section.

09.07.14: Today I have completed the uploads to the RACING CAR SHOW guide section. I hope that you find the copies of these original guides either interesting or useful.

04.07.14: During the afternoon of 3rd July the MK1 site had a major melt down & many hyperlinks were either lost or damaged.  I have attempted to rectify the damage, & have re loaded the site. However if you find any broken links I would be very grateful if you could e-mail me and give me the location. Thanks, Mark F

03.07.14: I have nearly finished my mammoth scanning session of the RACING CAR SHOW guides from 1960 - 1969.  There is now only 1 year left to do. 1969 will follow shortly. I have also managed to make a number of great additions to the site, once again thanks to Stuart Watson.  These include a nice copy of the Austin Cooper Brochure added to the BROCHURE ARCHIVE, a number of excellent additions to the WARRANTY & ACCESSORY section.  A Schedule of repair times for the early MK1 Cooper to the BMC ARCHIVE & a copy of another lube chart that has been added to the POSTERS section.  Thanks Stuart.

29.06.14: Another 2 RACING CAR SHOW guides added today. 1964 & 1965.  The downloads are larger than previous ones as I have been trying to improve the quality of the scans & these guides are now over 120 pages ling!

27.06.14: Another 2 RACING CAR SHOW brochures added today. 1962 & 1963. More to follow soon. I have also been able to post a number of original short newsreel clips about the racing car show to the same page.

26.06.14: After much frantic scanning last night, I am pleased to tell you that the first 2 RACING CAR SHOW programmes are up on the site.  I have also been able to include copies of the original show posters & the free stickers that everyone got on entry.  Although not directly Mini related these programmes are a brilliant source of information on Motorsport for any given year in general & they always have a terrific amount of information on tuning companies of the day. Also, once again thanks to Stuart Watson I have been able to add an original POSTER for the 1968 Brands Hatch Mini Festival to the RACES & SHOWS section, along with the original brochure already posted there.

25.06.14: More great updates today.  First is the addition of two more great lubrication charts from Shell, these have been added to the bottom of the POSTERS page & are fully downloadable.  Thanks again to Tom Geronzi for these great additions.  I have also re introduced the ITEMS FOR SALE section after a long absence.  There are only a few items available at the moment, but I will be increasing the number of items over the next few weeks.  All the stuff I offer will be top quality, accurate reproduction items with some original automobilia all at sensible prices.

24.06.14: This morning I have added a secret download link to one of the MINI POSTERS in the BMC Factory Poster section.  If you hunt around using your cursor, you will find that you can download a High Definition copy of one of these fantastic original BMC factory posters.  This link will be in place for 1 week from today.

23.06.14: I have just completed updating the BMC POSTER section.  It now contains a much wider selection of original BMC posters.  Copies of all these posters are available for £18.00 each plus postage & packing.

8.06.14: I have been able to make a few new additions today, mainly thanks to Stuart Watson.  I have added a couple of new brochures to the NON UK BROCHURES section, I have also started another new section, this one is entitled “RACES & SHOWS” it will be a collection of catalogues, brochures & posters from Mini & non Mini based tuning events from the 1960’s. I have (Thanks to Stuart) already added a full copy of the brochure for the 1968 Brands Hatch Mini Festival, I will also soon be adding a collection of Brochures & Posters from the Racing Car Shows from throughout the 1960.  This section is very much a work in progress, but I have the brochures, I just need to complete the scanning & collation.  Check back soon. Mark F

11.06.14: I have been able to make another superb addition to the PARTS LIST & WORKSHOP MANUAL section today. I have added a full PDF of the AKD 3503 Body Parts list, once again this is thanks to Tommaso Geronzi.

04.06.14: I am pleased to be able to tell you about some really excellent additions today.  These are ALL thanks to Tommaso Geronzi in Switzerland who has submitted some great scans.  First are complete & excellent copies of an EARLY & LATE MK1 Workshop Manual. AKD4935B & ADK1181D  these can be found in the PARTS LISTS & MANUALS SECTION.  Second are a couple of great publications one from Lockheed about hydraulics & one from Lucas / CAV, these are in the “TECHNICAL - MECHANICAL section there is a brilliant publication from BL / SU on Tuning SU HS Carbs in the TECHNICAL - CARB section & finally there is a lovely scan of a Swiss brochure for the MK2 Cooper & S in the NON UK BROCHURE archive.  These are all large downloads & well worth a look. Thanks Tom!

29.05.14: I have just completed another new section, MK1 ACTION DAYS gives a review of the first MK1 Action Day held in May 2014 as well as news and info on any forthcoming events.

23.05.14: I am pleased to be able to announce the first brand new section of the MK1 Performance Conversions site in many years.  Today I initiated the BRAND NEW  MK1 MEDIA ARCHIVE. A collection of original promotional films & clips that I think are either interesting or informative.  They are all available elsewhere on various web sites but in the MK1 MEDIA archive you will find the best copies of the most interesting films about.  Whats even better is that you can download them too.

21.05.14: As most regular visitors to the MK1 site & forum know, I have always been very reluctant to ask for donations to run the MK1 Site & Forum.

However with the recent exponential increase in Bandwidth for both the Site & the Forum I have had to reluctantly concede defeat and ask for donations.  Any money received will go directly towards helping to pay for bandwidth & hosting for the MK1 Site & Forum enabling us all to know that MK1 Performance Conversions will be able to go forward into the future without the need for pop ups, sponsors or other commercial considerations.

Please click on the following link for more info.


I really regret having to do this, but I now feel that it is the best option currently available.

Thank you, Mark F

21.05.14: Today I have been able to make a few interesting additions thanks to a submission made by Steve Bates.  Firstly, there are 3 new Price Lists added to the PRODUCT PRICES page, these are from 1965, 68 & 71.  Second, there is a very interesting short press statement made about the correct Ocatne rating of fuel used in BMC Engines.  This can be found at the bottom of the BMC DOCUMENTS page. Thanks Steve, your submissions are much appreciated.

20.5.14: Today I have increased the bandwidth available to the MK1 site from 24Gb/month to 150 Gb/month.  There should never be any interruptions to service due to excess band with use again, or at least not for a very long time.  This was due to particularly high traffic this month, due in part to the interest created around the 1st MK1 Performance Conversions Action day held at Blyton Park, but also by interest in Downton caused by the transmission of the Channel 4 programme “For The Love Of cars” that featured the restoration of a Downton tuned Mini Cooper. Anyway, on to updates.  I have added a small clip of the channel 4 programme to the DOWNTON INTRODUCTION & I have also added full copies of the BMC Promotional Films “Wizardry On Wheels” & “The Incredible Seven” to the site, but you will have to hunt for these yourself. I hope you enjoy the latest updates & apologise for the break in transmission earlier this month. Thanks, Mark F

07.04.14: I have just added a new image to the PRESS PHOTO archive.  This is a particularly rare photo as it depicts an Internal petrol tank, steel bodied Traveller.  They were only built for about six months and very few if any original examples survive. The all steel bodywork was launched in April 1961 for the export market and the fuel tank was relocated under the floor in October 1961.

04.04.14: A new addition to the BMC archive this morning. I have added a small A5 sized flier that details a number of promotional films produced by BMC to promote their vehicles.  This flier dates to 1967. And can be found at the bottom of the BMC FACTORY DOCUMENTS PAGE.

28.03.14: I am very pleased to report that I have been able to add a new PRESS REVIEW to the Downton press review section.  This one is very early dating from July 1958 & concerns the tuning of an Austin A35.

Also in other Downton related news I would like to highly recommend a new book containing a marvellous chapter about Daniel & Bunty Richmond.  “An encyclopaedia of myself” by Jonathan Meades is a wonderful glimpse into a British Childhood in the 50’s & 60’s.  Mr Meades father was a fishing friend of Daniel & Jonathan’s reminiscences give a totally new glimpse into the strange world of Daniel & Bunty from a totally non Mini tuning point of view. JONATHAN MEADES WEB SITE

24.03.14: A new Smiths Catalogue has been added to the TECHNICAL - ELECTRICAL section this morning.  Thanks to Tim Beazley in Aus for sending me this excellent addition.

17.03.14: I am pleased to report on a couple of very nice updates today, these are all thanks to Stuart Watson, who has very kindly scanned some material for the site.  The first item is an interesting US Specification flier for the NON UK BROCHURE section.  Second are a couple of new PAINT CHIP cards in the Paint Chip section.  Thanks Stuart.

28.02.14: GRAFER TUNE added to the TUNING ARCHIVE today.

26.02.14: Many improvements made this morning.  I have fixed a number of broken links in the TECHNICAL MECHANICAL section & sorted out the TWINI MINI section. I have also updated & improved two DOWNTON IMAGE GALLERIES.  The PEOPLE & THE WORKS & THE CARS .

25.02.14: The page about KARSTEN Stelk’s Targa Florio / Downton Tuned Mini Cooper S has been updated today.

24.02.14: This morning I have updated the US PRESS pack page.  This can be found in the BMC ARCHIVE and is a complete copy of the original US launch press pack from 1960.

21.02.14: The new look & much improved BROADSPEED section is now complete.

20.02.14: I have now almost completed the major phase of the site upgrade, with all but 1 of the sections of the TUNING ARCHIVE to change over.  I have also added a very unusual version of an AUSTIN COOPER S brochure to the COOPER & S BROCHURE ARCHIVE. Thanks to Jamie MacRae. I have also added a new 12Mb PDF of the entire SPEEDWELL CATALOGUE from 1963 / 4.  I have however also left the original broken down listing of the Catalogue on THIS page available too. WORKS BUILD SHEET page amended & improved.

14.02.14: I am continuing to make progress with the site upgrade. I hope you like the new layout.  I have attempted to try & keep it simple & easy to navigate like it always has been & would appreciate any comments you may have.

12.02.14: Over the last couple of weeks I have been steadily moving site pages over to the new layout.  This is proving to be a heck of a job, with the DOWNTON section alone taking some 30 hours to complete.  It is however giving me a chance to tidy things up & transfer a lot of the multiple page JPG’s to single file PDF’s which makes them easier to read & download.  I am continuing to work through the TUNING ARCHIVE, so I hope you like the changes & you check back soon. All comments are most welcome.


07.01.014: I have just finished updating the ALEXANDER section, this has been totally re vamped & has had many new PDF’s added. I hope you like it.

06.02.14: Newly updated ARDEN ENGINEERING section. New layout & new information added.

05.02.14: This morning I have been able to add some new information to the NEAL DAVIS RACING entry in the TUNING ARCHIVE. I was able to add this information thanks to a former employee of Neal Davis Racing Mr. John Norton.  Thanks John!

01.02.14: This morning I have been able to add a number of beautiful scans of Non UK Brochures to the NON UK BROCHURE ARCHIVE I would like to thank Bengt-Olov Andersson for taking the time & effort to send me such fantastic quality scans. These are really appreciated.

22.01.14: Many changes today, I am continuing to give the whole site a face lift, but have also added a few bits too. First is a link to another interesting site, this is a link to some more information on Shorrock Superchargers, you will find it in the Shorrock Supercharger Archive. Second is a new item added to the BMC Archive, this is an excellent catalogue detailing some of the Formula Junior equipment offered through BMC.

21.01.14: I have begun the first major update of the MK1 site since 2006, I hope you like the new style.  All pages will be updated with a new fresh look & improved content over the next few months, I hope that you will find this a big improvement eventually.  However, unfortunately when I updated the forum’s look, I lost all the hyperlinks that went to the specific items referred to in the What’s New section.  These will not be replaced for Archived updates. However, from today any new updates will include specific Hyperlinks as before.

I hope you like the new layout. Mark F

15.01.14: A very nice copy of a carb needle selection guide has been added to the TECHNICAL CARB section. Thanks to Garry Honywill for this addition.

14.01.14: Today I have added a very comprehensive new CATALOGUE to the PADDY HOPKIRK section. This is an early publication that contains a great deal of true motor sport related accessories. I would like to thank Andreas Klein for the loan of the original to scan. I have also started to do a total re vamp on the entire MK1 site. I am having to do this off line & it is expected to take some weeks to complete as I have to transfer in excess of 300 individual pages as well as thousands of images, pdf's and other downloadable files. I hope you like it when its complete.

07.01.14: Today I have added a very interesting PDF relating to the history of ALEX MOLUTONS MINI COOPER S. This was recently sold by his estate & is being offered for sale at Cotswold Classic Cars. Who I would liek to thank for supplying this very interesting PDF.

06.01.14: Today I have finished a massive update to the PAINT CHIP & BODY COLOUR section. I have been able to add a comprehensive archive of paint, body & trim colour from the begining of MK3 production through to 1980. While some of this archive does not strictly fit in with the MK1 Perf Cons time window, the info is too much use & too sought after to exclude. Thanks again to Stuart Watson for these excellent new additions.

22.01.14: Well, I hope you had an excellent Christmas & New Year. With the help of another MK1 Forum stalwart Stuart Watson, the MK1 Forum hits 2014 running. This morning I have added a number of excellent items. A number of pricelists to the PRICELIST page, an excellent selection of Paint Chip Cards to the PAINT section & a couple of excellent brochures for the CLUBMAN 1275 GT to the brochure archive. I would like to thank Stuart for taking the time to send me his excellent scans.

23.12.13: I have just completed the BROADSPEED update using a massive amount of material supplied by Pete Flanagan. This is just the firtst in a large number of similar updates I hope to be able to complete over the next few months. I hope you enjoy this one. Thanks to Pete. & A Happy Christmas to everyone.

20.12.13: Today I have withg the helkp of Pete Flanagan completed the new improved BROADSPEED section. This now has a superb selection of original pics all annotated in great detail by Pete. Make sure you check back soon for more fantastic updates. I have also uploaded a couple of very interestinmg documents to the BMC ARCHIVE. First is a comprehensive repair Schedule booklet, giving the chargeable time for almost any job imaginable. Some seem very optimistic by modern standards. Thanks to Mark Parrott for this little gem. Second is a comprehensive breakdown of all fasteners used by part number, this gives part number & complete specification, essential for that 100 point restoration.

18.12.13: Today I have completed most of the uploading of a massive amount of new matrerial to the BROADSPEED section. I still have a few captions to complete, but most of the Donkey work is complete. Thanks to Pete Flanagan for sharing some of his superb archive pics & information.

17.12.13: Today I added a complete parts list for the Weber 45 DCOE carb to the CARB TECHNICAL SECTION. I have also started to update the BROADSPEED section with loads of information. Thanks to Pete Flanagan.

04.12.13: A new leaflet added to the ARDEN ENGINEERING section & an interesting article on the Speedwell Streamliner added to the SPEEDWELL DOCUMENTS section. Thanks to Kartsen Stelk again, one of the most long standing contributors to the MK1 web site.

03.12.13: Today I have added a new section with a small amount of material on WOOD & PICKETT The coach built Mini specialists.

02.12.13: Today I added a set of fitting instructions for teh Speedwell IT/TCS (Smiths) rev counter to the TECHNICAL ELECTRICAL section. Courtesy of Al Brass in NZ.

26.11.13: Today I have added a very early Morris Brochure to the MINI BROCHURE ARCHIVE. I would like to thank Richard Marr for sending me the copy.

19.11.13: Today I have uploaded a new version of Ian Hamilton's excellent SU needle selector spread sheet. This is an invaluable tool that will help you choose the correct needle for your application. You can find this in the CARB TECHNICAL SECTION. Thanks again to Ian for sharing this superb tool.

14.11.13: Today I heard that my Dad John died while on Holiday in China with my Mum.

Dad was a very, very young 76 and was living life to the full right up until the last minute. It was Dad's encouragement & inspiration that helped me to do so many things in my life, this site amongst many others. Some of my first memories are accompanying him & Mum to Harewood Hill Climb where he competed with varying success in a variety of single seaters, it was then that the smell of the Castrol R really got under my skin. However, motorsport was just a passing interest for my Dad.

He built his own sailing boat & passed all his Maritime navigation exams, he also learned to fly & had his own plane for a few years, this was all while he was working all hours there are in the day building up a successful Electrical Wholesaling business that he was still involved in every day right until the end. Just in the last couple of years he has rebuilt / restored a 1930's MG J2 from a rusty chassis to absolutely mint condition and was designing an improved supercharger installation for it immediately before he went on holiday. He and Mum also restored a beautiful Victorian Flat in Filey for them to enjoy if they ever did start to slow down a bit.

Throughout his life & his many and varied interests, his one massive & abiding love was my Mum Pauline, who he met at the age of 13 and from almost that first day they were inseperable, sharing 63 very, very happy years. I cannot begin to describe how much we all loved my Dad & how much we will all miss him. My Dad John was the greatest inspiration & guiding star in my life & his death has left me feeling completely hollow. I will miss him so much.

17.10.13: Today I am pleased to be able to make a very important announcement!

For the first time ever, MK1 Performance Conversions is making the transition from the virtual world into reality. With the very first MK1 Performance Conversions ACTION DAY.

To be held at Blyton Circuit in Lincolnshire. The first MK1 Action day will feature a sensational range of Minis & Variants in track action all day along with a show & shine comprising some of the rarest & most interesting early Minis in Europe. We are also hoping to be able to announce shortly the attendance of a few major 60's racing personalities.

For more information on the First MK1 Action Day, follow the link above.

18.10.13: Today I have added MAMBA DEVELOPMENTS to the TUNING ARCHIVE.

9.10.13: Today sees the first of a massive number of updates to the MK1 site. Thanks to my mate Pete Flanagan I have been able to add a massive number of period advertisments to the site, these will be found added to a large number of different tuning & accessory manufacturers detailed in the TUNING ARCHIVE. What has been uploaded so far is just the begining, there is MUCH MORE TO COME. Check back soon. M

19.09.13: Another very rare & early Austin Se7en flier added to the Mini SALOON BROCHURE archive this morning.

18.09.13: After a very slow few months on the site, I have resolved to get some new material up. I a still really struggling to find new material that I can afford, so have decided to improve what is already there. o this end have decided to excellent quality PDF copies of the sales brochures I have in the collection The fist new addition are the very early& are Morris Mini-Minor Super & Austin Seven Super. Both these brochure & the vehicles are incredibly rare as the model as very short lived. I will be attempting to ad new content every day for the next few weeks, so check back soon. You can find these new additions in the SALOON SECTION of the BROCHUE ARCHIVE. I have also added a copy of the original salesmans guide to the same page.

22.03.13: Today I have been able to add some very interesting information about GOY 764 D the Stewart &* ardern Minisprint GT that featured in their original brochure. Check out the VARIANTS section for more information.

08.03.13: A very nice DOWNTON group added today. There is a LETTER & SPECIFICATION SHEET for the range of B Series conversions available in 1961.

13.02.13: Today I am pleased to be able to tell you about a couple of really nice additions to the MK1 Performance Conversions site. First is a superb addition to the BMC ARCHIVE, This is an 18 page publication entitled "12 MONTHS OF ACHIEVEMENT" it was published in 1960 as part of the relaunch of the Mini after sales failed to initially take off. It make very interesting reading. Second is the addition of another priginal PRESS PHOTO of the Mini Beach Car. These beach cars must really be the rarest of factory variants. I would like to thank Dai Thomas for these most welcome additions.

15.01.13: Happy New Year!

To start the year I am pleased to be able to point you in the direction of a very interesting article written by an original Downton customer, Mr Barry Broomhall about a FISHING TRIP he took with Daniel Richmond. Barry was a very successful Mini racer in Australia who took advantage of the Downton touch on more than one occasion. I would like to thank Barry for taking the time to write this piece as it is first hand accounts like this one that give a real insight into Downton & Daniel Richmond.

10.12.12: Today I have made a much overdue addition to the TUNING & ACCESSORY ARCHIVE by adding a small section on MOTO-LITA.

06.12.12: Today I have added a short section on the SPEEDWELL STREAMLINER This contains a number of very nice original images supplied by the very good friend of the MK1 Site Karsten Stelk. I hope you find this mini article interesting.

27.11.12: The CARBURETTOR TECHNICAL section has received a major upgrade. As well as the original archive documents, I am very pleased to be able to offer a truly exceptional NEEDLE SELECTION TOOL that you can download and use. This tool covers all SU & Zenith / Stromberg needles & jets. The entire tool was developed by Ian Hamilton & is offered via this site to help people select the correct carburettor needle for their application. I will also be shortly publishing another tool developed by Ian, this helps calculate gearbox & final drive ratios. Check back shortly for this update.

19.11.12: As a littlke pre Christmas teaser I have added a free download to the POSTERS Page. Can you find it?

14.11.12: Today I have added a copy of the instructions for the SPQR MAJOR CHANGE gearlever conversion kit. You will find this in the SPQR section or the TECHNICAL section.

I have also added a link to "ZIP" copies of both the Mechanical & Body parts list for all MK1 Cooper & S models. These are two massive downloads that will be of use to all early Cooper owners. They can be found at the botom of the BMC ARCHIVE page. Or you can follow the direct links here PARTS LISTS

25.10.12: This morning I have added a couple of very nice examples of BMC showroom poster to the POSTER section. Thanks to Kees en Nelleke

24.10.12: Thanks to Martin Bell another good friend of the MK1 Performance Conversions site I have been able to add a number of brilliant additions. You will find new material in the following areas. MK1 TUNING ARCHIVE, TAURUS, TILLING AUTOMOTIVE, TERRY HUNTER SEATS, SPQR & JOHN RHODES AUTOSPEED while in the VARIANTS SECTION there is a new entry for the Mini Jem. I would like to sincerely thank Martin for taking the time to send me such interesting copies to share with other Mini fans.

12.10.12: After many months inactivity I am very pleased to be able to announce a new addition to the 60's TUNING ARCHIVE. Some may say this latest addition is long overdue, but JA PEARCE the manufacturer of the legendary JAP Magna wheel are the latest addition. I would like to say a big thank you to Roger Butt for this latest, very interesting submission.

17.7.12: For some time now I have been experiencing problems with the e-mail address. I have therefore decided to discontinue using this address. From now on all the links on the site point to my personal e-mail address mark(youknowwhat) you should be able to contact me much more easily using this address. I can only apologizes to anyone who has used the old address recently & not received a reply. Thanks for your patience. Mark F

10.5.12: I have recently renewed the web hosting for the MK1 PERFORMANCE CONVERSIONS site & the associated MK1 FORUM. This latest renewal cost me in excess of $550. I now find myself unable to continue to subsidise things to this extent & have therefore decided to ask for voluntary contributions towards the running of the site. Please click HERE for more information. I would like to make it clear that any donations received will go directly towards the running of the MK1 Site & Forum & will also help to keep the sites advert & popup free. Thank you, Mark F

27.02.12: This morning I have added some new items to the TUNING ARCHIVE section. These refer to the BOB SOPER range of tuning products & were very kindly submitted by Angelo Bortesi.

16.02.12: Today I have been able to add to major additions, both od which are thanks to my regular contributor Andreas Klein. First is a very complete catalogue produced by AUTOSPEED the accessory company owned & run by Smokie John Rhodes. This is by far the most complete catalogue of its type I have ever seen. You can find this is the TUNING ARCHIVE. Second is a very interesting German press release from SPEEDWELL promoting their new 1100 & 1300 conversions. This has been added to the SPEEDWELL section.

8.2.12: I have been able to add a decent amount of new information to the PADDY HOPKIRK ACCESSORIES secvtion of the tuning archive today. This is thanks to my good friend Pete Flanagan.

7.2.13: Today I have added a new item to the BMC DOCUMENT archive. This details precautions that should be taken when storing vehicles outside. Thanks to Doug Jenkins for the copy.

23.01.12: Today I have added a copy of the instruction manual for Dunlop Tracking Gauges to the TECHNICAL MECHANICAL section. Thanks to Bob Davies for sending me this PDF copy.

24.01.12: I don't know what's happening just at the moment. After months of inactivity I have received so many good submissions recently I don't know how I'm coping (Ha,ha) Today, I would like to thank my good friend Pete Flanagan for sending me something I have been looking for for a very long time. In the early 1960's Autocar magazine did a series of articles on various tuning companies, many of which are reproduced on the site. However, one article that has until now illuded me is the one Downton. Well as from today I am very pleased to announce "That extra something . . . . No2 " has now assumed it's rightful place in the DOWNTON PRESS REVIEW section. Thanks Pete!

23.01.12: Thanks to Mr Anthony Hines for sending me some superb additioons to the MK1 site. Today I have been able to add a new brochure to the DERRINGTON section, this mainly concerns equipment available for the A series engined cars with an emphasis on the Cooper & S. The second item has allowed me to correct a glaring omission to the TUNING & ACCESSORY archive. I have now been able to add the most illustrious LES LESTON to this section with the addition of a complete catalogue dating from 1968. I am also selling a large part of my collection at the moment. Check out what is currently available HERE. I have also been able to upload a searchable version of the BMC Service & Technique Bulletins (1961 - 1967) to the BMC DOCUMENT ARCHIVE. This is courtesy of Christian Amhof who carried out the conversion of my original PDF file.

20.01.12: I am sorry to announce that I have decided to close the MK1 Performance Conversions shop. Over the next few months I will be selling the majority of my collection of early Mini tuning parts, memorabilia & ephemera. Please do not e-mail me to ask if I have this or that part available, I will be listing these items either on the MK1-FORUM for sale section or ebay.

18.01.12: I have been tidying up the Downton section recently & have just converted the Interview with Daniel & Bunty Richmond to an MP3 file, this will makew it more easily accessible than it was before. It's still very hard to listen to, but if you persevere its well worth it. You can find the interview in the DOWNTON SECTION. I have also added a copy of the original fitting instructions for Triplex heated windscreens. These can be found in the TECHNICAL ELECTRICAL section. These instructions were submitted by Ronnie Anderson a member of the MK1 Forum, I sincerely thank Ronnie for taking the time to submit this very interesting item.

10.01.12: For my first update of 2012 I am very sorry to have to report that Mr Ray Sheppard passed away at 9.15am on the 28th December 2011. Ray worked for the Richmonds from the late 1950's right through to the closure of the works in 1976. Making him one of their longest serving employees. Ray described to me how he used to go past the old Hedlands Garage site on the school bus. He would ogle the old Rolls's & Bugattis parked outside and promised himself he would work there one day. Upon leaving school Ray approached the Richmonds who set him on. Ray spent most of his time at Downton as the Forman in the "Top Secret" experimental shop. My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

11.11.11: The second update in a week! Miracles will never cease. I have been lucky enough to have received a set of 6 images taken during the 1963 Targa Florio. These depict the 2 Downton entries 176 NWL & 931 RFC. None of these shots have previously been published anywhere. I would like to thank Mark Beattie who submitted the photos which were taken by his late Uncle Denis Beattie. Denis was a keen motor racing fan and chums with a few drivers of the time, especially Innes Ireland. He ran the Goodwood Arms during the late 1950s and was also a Goodwood circuit pit marshall. You can find Denis's pictures in the DOWNTON CAR PHOTOS section.

9.11.11: A few new additions today, I know they are the first for a long time, but I put stuff as & when I find them, it's just getting a lot harder to find interesting stuff that I haven't seen before & that I can afford. Anyway, the new additions today are all in the BMC POSTER section. These are namely an original poster from 1959 announcing the introduction of the Austin Se7en, this uses the slogan "by world demand" which is a bit strong considering how slow initial sales were. The second is, as if to prove the publicity boys right a poster celebrating the 1,000,000 Mini off the line. The final one is a poster offering to give your car a new lease of life by fitting a replacement engine. As usual all these posters, and any others on that page top quality professional reproductions can be purchased for £25 each plus postage.

27.07.11: A small adition today. I have added a brochure entitled AUSTIN ADVERTISING containing a list of advertising signs & equipment that was available for Austin Dealers to the BMC ARCHIVE. This is complimentary to the Morris one that is already in the archive.

12.04.11: Some really nice new additions today. I have added 3 very interesting publications to the BMC FACTORY DOCUMENTS section. There is an original Salesmans guide & promotional postcard dating from 1959 as well as another salesmans guide to the "New" Super & Cooper models dating from 1961. You will find these at the bottom of the page. I will be re organising this section very shortly to improve readability as it is a bit of a mess at the moment.

29.03.11: Just a couple of additions today. I have uploaded a very nice early price list for the "New" Austin Seven to the BMC ARCHIVE. and have added some info to the TUNING ARCHIVE on a firm called NEAL DAVIS RACING. I am afraid all the info I have on this firm is on the site. If you can add anything, please contact me.

23.2.11: A couple of small but perfectly formed updates today. First is the addition of a very nice flier detailing a range of Mini tuning options offered by JOHN SPRINZEL, second are a couple of new additions to the ARDEN section. These are a new press review of an early tuning kit & a quotation for the same.

17.2.11: First update for a long time. Sorry,. but I have been very busy on other projects & a general lack of new material to add to the site has slowed things down for a while. I have however just updated my DOWNTON ROGUES GALLERY section as a number of fake Downton items have been apearing on ebay so I thought it was about time I clarified that particularly waffly page. Please read it & steer clear of fake Downton stuff!

06.12.10: A new original Works Build sheet added to the WORKS BUILD SHEET archive today.

02.12.10: Today I have added a number of new images to the ALEXANDER PICTURE gallery & to the COMPETITION PICTURE gallery.

26.11.10: Lots more handbooks added to the new HANDBOOK & MANUAL section this morning.

25.11.10: Another interesting update today. I have added a copy of the original press release from Alexander regarding their range of conversions for the Austin & Morris 1100, as well as a small flier regarding engine conversions for the Minor, A40 & Sprite. These can be found in the ALEXANDER BROCHURE section.

18.11.10: I have started the first major update to the site for some time. The TUNING PARTS & ACCESSORIES section has undergone a major change. This has been broken into various sections including BMC approved & non approved accessories, as well as Tuning parts & the ever popular steering wheel archive section. The hope is that this will be easier to navigate when complete. I have nmot added new content yet, but it will be following shortly. Second, I have started a totally new section that will contain an archive of common & not so common HANDBOOKS & MANUALS. This will be very download heavy when finished & I hope that you will find it useful. Any comments regarding the changes would be appreciated.

16.11.10: Today I have updated the INTERESTING CARS section of the site. I have added some details of my latest restoration as well as a very small amount of info on my Minisprint.

4.11.10: No action for a long time recently, but heres some consolation. A small accessory brochure for SUPER ACCESSORIES has been added to the TUNING COMPANY section today.

18.8.10: OK, so there hasn't been much activity here for a while, for this I appologise. However, I am now back & with something thats REALLY worth having a look at! I have just added a complete 1959 LAUNCH BROCHURE to the BMC Archive. This is a fantastically interesting document that gives absolute chapter & verse on every aspect of BMC's new "Baby". This is a very rare document that no Mini fan should be without, it's just a shame that they are so few & far between.

24.06.10: After many months of problems I have taken the very difficult decision to more the MK1 FORUM yet again. It is now hosted on a paid for platform that offers 99.9% availability and many new features when I learn how to use them. I know its hard to get enthusiastic about a new web forum, but with your help the new MK1-FORUM can become a thriving friendly space for like minded people to discuss early Minis and anything else.

25.05.10: Today I have made a major addition to the BMC DOCUMENT archive. I have added a copy of the original 11 page press release made in April 1963 announcing the introduction of the "New" S type model. This makes for particularly interesting reading when examined in conjonction with the preliminary specification reproduced above.

14.05.10: I have just added a complete copy of the OSELLI Tuning manual to the Oselli section. Without a doubt Oselli were one of the most successful tuners of the late 60's & 70's. Still in business today but concentrating on more up market marques like Aston Martin.

11.05.10: Another tiny update, I have added an original BMC share certificate to the BMC ARCHIVE.

28.04.10: A very small update today. A Downton price list from January 1967 has been added to the DOWNTON LITERATURE archive today.

08.04.10: Homologation papers for the 1275 GT added to the HOMOLOGATION PAPER archive today.

07.04.10: After the first forced deletion from the site I thought I had better add some new stuff to make up. First there is a very interesting article regarding the history of Springall, my favourite steering wheel manufacturer. This is an article entitled "Around for 25 years" and is an extract from "Auto Accessory retailer" that was first published in 1982. You will find this in the STEERING WHEEL ARCHIVE. I would like to thanks Steve Springall the son of Peter Springall, the companies founder for taking the time to send me it as well as a lot of interesting backgrouind information on his fathers company. Second are a few images and a short description of a beautifully restored Prototype MGC that was fitted with a Downton tuning kit in 1970. Needless to say you will find this in the NON MINI DOWNTON CARS section. I will be adding more new items soon, but just at the moment, even I don't know what they will be.

06.04.10: Sadly I must report a new first for the site. Today I received a mail from BROWN & GEESON one of the few accessory companies who are still operating, requesting that I remove all material relating to their company from the TUNING & ACCESSORY ARCHIVE. This has duly been done.

26.03.10: This is the first update for a while. Sorry about this but I have really struggled to find new stuff to add recently. Any donations are always gratefully recieved. Having siad that I received a request from a reader who suggested I added a complete SERVICE TOOLS list to the MECHANICAL TECHNICAL section. So I did. It includes all service tools for the MK1 range of UK built Minis as well as a supliment covering the Aussie built Mokes. Oh & there are also the full lubrication details as I accidentally added that section when I was doing the scans. I hope that they come in handy.

10.02.10: I have just uploaded a copy of the brochure giving details of interior trim across the entire BMC range. All the favourites are there, Grey / Gold Brocade, Cumulus Grey, Dove Grey etc. Beware of trusting the colours too much, the accuracy depends on your monitor. You can find this in the TECHNICAL BODY section.

09.02.10: Today I have added a little about TILLING AUTOMOTIVE a London based company who could offer conversion kits to change your "old fashioned" sliding windows to wind ups. Funny how everyone is going the other way 40 years on isn't it.

02.02.10: Today I have added a copy of the homologation papers for the 998 Cooper to the HOMOLOGATION PAPER archive. Thanks to Christian from Switzerland for this excellent addition.

01.02.10: Some people have been having difficulty logging onto the MK1 PERFORMANCE CONVERSIONS FORUM. I'm not sure why, but if you use THIS LINK it should take you straight there. I have altered the link on the main MK1 INDEX page too. Sorry about this.

To make up, I have just added a number of new Race & Rally pictures to the BMC COMPS DEPT PHOTO ARCHIVE & one to the TWINI MINI section. I hope you like them, they have come courtesy of my good friend Karsten.

22.01.10: Another large addition this morning, I have added a BMC corporate brochure to the BMC ARCHIVE. This is a large format publication packed full of interesting text & some brilliant images.

21.01.10: Just one new addition this morning. I have scanned the entire contents of a publication entitled "BMC Service Technique Memoranda" This file is a comprehensive list of all sorts of specialist tools, & equipment all approved by BMC for use within their dealerships. A very large & comprehensive document. Probably not everyone's cup of tea but interesting none the less. This document is in the BMC DOCUMENT archive.

20.01.10: I have recently invested in a large A3 scanner c/w sheet feeder, hopefully, this will give me the ability to scan a lot of the other large documents that I have not been able to scan in the past. First off we have a large publication entitled "Forward with BMC". This is the complete design brief for your new BMC premises. Published in 1959, it's hard to believe how little the principals have changed in 50 years. This is a large scan at over 6Mb but it's large format & in full colour too! You will find this in the BMC DOCUMENT section. More to follow soon.

06.01.10: Thanks to Jan Wulf, I have been able to add a PDF of the complete Cosmic catalogue dated 1972. This is available in the COSMIC section.

05.01.10: I have just added a complete PDF copy of the Homologation papers for the 970 S to the HOMOLOGATION PAPER section.

24.12.09: In what is positivley the last addition before Christmas, I have added a brochure to the BMC ARCHIVE section entitled "Assembly at Cowley" this brochure takes the reader around this very modern efficient car plant. As an asside, it is this plant that the new BMW Minis are produced.

22.12.09: Just one small addition today. Thanks to Mike Mark I have been able to add another interesting article on TJ fuel injection to the TECHNICAL CARB section. This is one of the clearest & most understandable explanations of how this little understood system actually works. Thanks Mike.

As this is probably going to be the final update of 2009,

I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy Prosperous new year!

17.12.09: Today I have uploaded a number of technical bulletins to the DOWNTON LITERATURE section. These were publioshed by Crypton and give full tuning details for the following cars that have been fitted with a wide variety of Downton conversions. Models included are Mini range, 1100 range, Sprite / Midget & 1800, a number of different kits are detailed for each model.

On a seperate note, I have very few of the MK1 Christmas special offers left. The Tacho pod is sold out, I have about 8 mirrors, 10 calenders & just 4 clocks left. So if you fancy any of these items I would suggest you don't wait too long, as I am sure they will have all gone soon. For full details & other interesting items check out

02.12.09: A large update in the MECHANICAL part of the TECHNICAL SECTION today. I have just uploaded 4large PDF's of all sorts of excellent information including part numbers, specifications & uses of various Mini components. These list include a comprehensive breakdown of Gearboxes, Hydro units etc. All this very useful infomation is courtesy of Bart Theelen from the Netherlands who has very kindly given me permission to publish them here. Thanks Bart!

On a seperate note. Both the calendars & clocks are selling very quickly, both of these items are available in limited numbers, I would strongly suggest that you buy sooner rather than later to avoid dissapointment.

26.11.09: Following the recent introduction of tghe new MK1 SHOP, I am very pleased to be able to tell you about a number of new & exclusive products available exclusivley from MK1 Performance Conversions. Firstly, we have an accurate replica of the REV COUNTER PODS used in the Cooper Car Co. Racers of the mid 1960's. These pods are moulded from an original and are, just like the original moulded in self couloured gloss black. These tacho pods are a real authentic 60's item but at a fraction of the cost of an original. Second there is the "MORRIS Quality First" CLOCK. Once again an authentic copy of an original 1960's Morris showroom clock, finished in blue Perspex with a professionally printed white design on the front. This clock is a superb addition to any workshop, showroom, den or garage. These clocks are limited to an edition of only 25 pieces, when these have gone, there won't be any more, so buy now! Finally, I am offering our first MK1 PERFORMANCE CONVERSIONS CALENDAR. This is an authentic copy of a calendar produced by Dunlop in 1966 and features AJB 33 B on its way to winning the 1965 Monte Carlo rally. This is another professionally produced item and will be available for a limited time only. All the above products & more can be found in the MK1 PERFORMANCE CONVERSIONS SHOP. Thanks for your continuing interest in my web site. Regards, Mark F.

18.11.09: Well, have I been busy over the last few days!!!! If you are a regular visitor to my little corner of the WWW and visit the MK1 FORUM you can't fail to have noticed the chaos that it's been in over the last week or two. This was down to the previous board having many technical problems that appear to have been un-fixable I have therefore very reluctantly had to abandon that board & start a new one HERE. Hopefully the new board will offer a more stable platform for the MK1 Forum to be able to grow. It has received over 200 members registering in the first 2 days so it looks like it could thrive. If you haven't tried the forum, I would urge you to do so. There are a huge number of Mini & 60's tuning fans who regularly post, offering a fantastic depth of knowledge in many, many areas. And you will find it a very friendly place to visit too!

On a separate note I have just uploaded a pile of stuff from BLUEMEL's LTD. Bluemel's were a massive supplier of parts and accessories to the likes of Rolls Royce & Bentley in the 1920's & 30's. However by the 60's the bulk of their business was number plates Not exactly "tuning" literature, but a valuable reference as to what number plates were available in the mid 1960's. I hope that you find it of some interest.

28.10.09: Thanks to Roger Ellis I have been able to add a lot of new tuning brochures today. This is the biggest single update of these brochures for a long, long time. I would like to thank Roger for taking the time to dig these out for inclusion in the site. First off a press release from S&A regarding the S&A Mini Sprint, this was released to coincide with the 1967 Racing Car Show, this is in the NON BMC VARIANTS section. Next is a 2 sided flier for the Speedwell Conversions offered for the "New" Morris Mini & Austin Seven models, this is in the SPEEDWELL DOCUMENTS section. A new Taurus filer for the Mini Cooper Range has been added to the TAURUS LITERATURE section. Next is a flier produced by YIMKIN in 1960 promoting stage 1 kits for 850cc Minis. Then there is a flier from JOHN AILED CONVERSIONS offering a ready to race "Scrawnier proof" 850 Mini racing car. This was long before John started making his famous Aleybars rollcages. I have also added a letter & brochure to the COBURN AUTOMOTIVE section, this is another detail in the Coburn story, one which I am hardly acquainted. If anyone can shed any light on this company it would be appreciated. There is a flier for what must be the most ugly body conversion ever offered for the Mini newly added to the OLD CURIOSITY SHOP. Finally today, I have added a copy of the original regulations for the original 850cc Mini Seven championship. If only current racing regs could be condensed to one & a half sides of A4! These can be found in the COMPS DEPT & ST section.

26.10.09: The MK1 Forum is currently down. This is a problem that is being experienced by the hosting company. Hopefully it will be sorted very soon. Sorry about the inconvenience.

On a more positive note, I have just added a very interesting letter from Daniel Richmond to WV Appleby head of Power Units of BMC about the "new" AEG163 cylinder head. It refers to "problems" regarding exhaust valve size :-) You will find this very interesting letter in the DOWNTON ARCHIVE. I have also added a couple of excellent pictures of the Coldwell Twincam to the COLDWELL section. I would like to say a massive thank you to Bill Needham the twincam's designer / builder for these pics. Hopefully more on this excellent Mini based special will follow. Finally today I have added a great picture of a NOS SPQR Speedbrace to the SPQR section, thanks AndyB. Finally today I have added a nice image of an original set of BVRT Racing Cufflinks from the late 1960's. These are a RARE little item. I have only ever seen 2 other sets.

23.10.09: A new Alexander brochure for the range of tuning products offered for the Sprite & Midget range of small BMC sports cars. This can be found in the ALEXANDER BROCHURE archive. Thanks again to Andy B.

20.10.09: Well it seems like weeks since I added anything to the main MK1 Performance Conversions site. So I suppose I had better get my finger out hadn't I! The second half of summer has been busy to say the least. First there was the Goodwood Revival, then I was off on holiday for a couple of weeks & it seems like I have been catching up since. So here it is, the first addition for nearly two months! Today I have added a really interesting little booklet. The publication added to the BMC LITERATURE section today was first published in 1961 & promotes a massive array of BMC promotional items, from Signs & posters through to all sorts of complimentary giveaways. Its saved as a decent quality PDF so I hope you enjoy it. More to follow soon, hopefully.

16.08.09: The only addition today is a really interesting PDF of a short book entitled BMC in Aistralia. This details the setting up of the Victoria Park Plant as well as the entire BMC operation in Australia. A really interesting read in the BMC DOCUMENT section.

17.07.09: Just one minor addition today, I have just uploaded a copy of the Downton information sheet for the MG C Numbers 43 & 45 conversions, to the DOWNTON BROCHURE ARCHIVE. Thanks to Mark Saylor for this submission.

08.07.09: The first addition today is a copy of SPECIAL TUNING NEWS. This is an official publication that details the Arden / BMC 8 Port head. Packed with useful data regarding these eternally popular cylinder heads. Thanks to Graeme farr for copying it for me. You will find this in the COMPS DEPT & SPECIAL TUNING section. I have also added to the VARIANTS section a very interesting contemporary review of the MINI SPRINT RACER writen by John Blundsden for Motor Racing Magazine in March 1966. Thanks to Stephen Dalton for sharing this interesting article. The final addition for today is a very rare Issigonis signed Photo which I have added to the BMC DOCUMENTS section. Thanks to Doug Jenkins.

06.07.09: New info on MANGOLETSI added today.

25.06.09: Today I have added the first items from a large archive of items lent to me by my friend Andreas Klein. The first item is a catalogue in the German language promoting the JOHN RHODES / AUTOSPEED range of accessories, then there is a full colour KAROBES catalogue, the nextitem in the first lot is the fitting instructions for the Lucas roof light as used on the 1964 Monte winning car 33 EJB. This can be found in the TECHNICAL ELECTRICAL section. I have also added a full set of documents regarding the Speedwell Sprite, the link to them can be found in the SPEEDWELL DOCUMENTS page, the next addition for today is a full copy of an Alexander Catalogue & a full copy of a Springall steering wheels catalogue dating from 1972. Both these can be found in the ALEXANDER DOCUMENTS section. An interesting German language catalogue next from a prolific importer of UK made tuning equipment ROTARY SPEED, this 33 page PDF catalogue has been added to the TUNING ARCHIVE. The final additions for today are RALLYE-SHOP & JURGEN WORTMAN, both these tuning importers can be found in the TUNING ARCHVE. All the above are thanks to Andreas!

24.06.09: I have added a new copy of a SUPER ACCESSORIES catalogue today.

I have also begun to build the all new MK1-performance-conversions shop. This is not your run of the mill e-shop, but something pretty special that I am sure many classic tuning fans will find of interest, check out THIS PAGE for more details.

04.06.09: Note how the updates have slowed down now the decent weather has arrived! It's also a very busy summer for all types of Mini related activity, if you didn't know already the Mini was introduced 50 years ago this year, and this occasion will be celebrated all over the world. MK1 Performance Conversions will be making an apearance at some of these events so you ay see me about. Anyway, thats enough of that. The only update for today is the addition of a full set of fitting instructions for the Speedwell Tacho Cowl. This highly sought after item was one of Speedwell's best sellers & they still command very high prices. The instructions can be found in the SPEEDWELL DOCUMENTS section as well as the TECHNICAL ELECTRICAL section.

19.05.09: Only one small adition today and that is to the ancient and untouched for years BROCHURE ARCHIVE. I have added a copy of a very rare & unusuual brochure, this is for the Austin Super Mini, a very short lived model in "Seven" form let alone in Austin Mini form. Thanks to Peter Orpin for this brilliant brochure. I will be updating this entire section shortly adding the contents of the fliers as well as the existing small images of the front page.

09.05.09: Today I have uploaded a complete copy of the full accessories catalogue for 1965. This covers absolutely every accessory for every model across the BMC range. You will find it in the BMC ARCHIVE section in the ACCESSORIES sub heading. Or you can go direct by following this LINK.

07.05.09: Today I have added some more copies of original Works car build sheets to the BMC BUILD SHEET archive. There are now 3 of these very interesting documents all available in PDF format for download. Thanks to Steve Entwistle for letting me publish these very interesting documents from his collection. Also another donation from Steve is a series of very interesting rally car pictures, these are all contemporary images taken on Club & International events during the mid 1960's. You can find these images in the COMPS DEPT PICTURE section. The other addition today is the inclusion of a "map" to show where the MK1 servo should be fitted on the inner wing. I have been asked for these details many times & now thanks to my good friend Rich Hawcroft I have been able to add an accurate drawing to the BODY TECHNICAL SECTION. Thanks Rich.

30.04.09: A full set of homologation paopers for the cooper S have been added this morning, you will find them in the BMC ARCHIVE, under the HOMOLOGATION PAPERS section. Some of the more interestying items included are alloy panels & 12 x 7 Minilites. Thanks to Ben Tebbutt for submitting these very interesting papers.I am also very pleased to be able to have added some information & specifications on the Fletcher GT a variation on the Ogle SX100 to the VARIANTS section. Thanks to Paul Stanworth.

26.04.09: I am usually very happy to be able to add a new company to the TUNING ARCHIVE. However, todays addition produces nothing but sadness. I am very sorry to be adding another company to the archive of past tuning experts, todays entry is for RICHARD LONGMAN & CO. Without a shadow of a doubt, Richard and his band of genuine specialists have contributed more to the field of A series tuning than most of the other put together. Starting in the early 60's at Downton and working continuously within the tuning business until early 2009, Richard not only picked up a couple of British Saloon car Championships along the way but was the supplier of choice for cylinder heads for the majority of the serious tuning market. Many "trick" heads marketed by a variety of companies were born in Richards modest premisses in the South West of England. The passing of this gtreat company is a tremendous loss to all fans of A series engine tuning.

08.04.09: Just one small, but very interesting update today. I have added a second version of the original documents for the Biota to the VARIANTS section today. This dates from 1972 and was submitted by Mini guru & all round early mini parts expert Nick Rogers of Min-e-bitz in Sheffield England. Thanks, Nick.

02.04.09: I have added a massive amount of new images to the COMPETITION PICTURE GALLERY today, these are from a variety of people who have all been kind enough to submit their own pictures for inclusion. I'm afraid I'm too slack to have kept track of who sent what, so if you see your picture there & would like a credit, please contact me direct & I'll put my omission right. I have also added a Delaney Gallay seatbelt brochure that came from Andy B to the CLASSIC TUNING PARTS section. This section will be receiving a major update before long. Bye for now, mark F.

24.03.09: A small flier for the little known, but well connected outfit COBURN AUTOMOBILE IMPROVEMENTS added to the tuning & accessories archive today.

23.03.09: A complete build sheet for AJB 44 B when competing on the 1964 Tour de France rally has been added to the RALLYING SUCCESS & FAILURE section this morning. Thanks to Steve Entwistle for this excellent document.

10.03.09: Just one small update today. I have added a copy of a Speedwell flier to the SPEEDWELL DOCUMENTS section. This is an early one from 1959 or 60 dedicated to various anti roll bars etc.

05.03.09: A bit of a change from the recent picture updates, today I am pleased to have been able to post to the COOPER CAR CO. area a couple of bits of info on Formula Junior & F3, both these items have been sent in by Len Chandler, thanks Len. Also from Len came a much better copy of the Pearson 8 port leaflet that can be found in the PEARSON section and a leaflet on Nerus heads in the NERUS section. Thanks again.

04.03.09: A number of brilliant images of the Morris Cooper 833 TFC added to the PHOTO ARCHIVE today. Thanks again to Karsten.

03.03.09: Another massive influx of photos today, 3 new additions to the PRESS PHOTO section, these are 2 x Travellers & 1 x xMoke. The rest are RACING PHOTOGRAPHS. Once again it's a big thanks to Karsten.

02.03.09: Once agaion thanks to the generosity of contributors I am able to add some interesting stuff to the site today. First there are some more press photos courtesy of Karsten, these are of the factory and a few mwchanical shots too, you will find these in the PRESS PHOTO section, then there are 10 absolutely fantastic imagesd of a Works supported car 16 BOJ, these have been sent in by Peter Gilbert who ran BOJ between 1962 & 1966. Thanks also to Simon W for dropping me a line regarding a number of captions that were wrong. Input liek this is particularly appreciated. If you see something that is not correct on my site, please let me know, I would rather correct any misinformation than have it continue to circulate.

27.02.09: I have added a number of new images to the COMPETITION PHOTO archive today, there are also a few added to the ALEXANDER PICTURE Page. I particularly like the one where Harry Ratcliffe of BRT is overtaking both the Alexander car & the Broadspeed Anglia :) For anyone who is interested in Harry & his brilliant northern based team, I can't recommend the following site more highly. Thanks again to Karsten for these great pics.

17.02.09: I have just uploaded something that you may find very useful to the TECHNICAL PAINT & BODY section. Its an abridged BMC publication on paint finishes. I have included all the common Mini colours that I can along with paiont codes & formulae. I hope this is of some use.

10.02.09: A TAURUS tuning leaflet added for the "Harry Potter" Ford Anglia today.

09.02.09: Today I am very pleased to report that I have been able to add a new page to the TAURUS section. Former Taurus employee Richard Gwynne-Evans has been kind enough to write down some of his MEMORIES of his days working at Taurus in the mid 1960's. It was his first job after leaving school! I would of course like to thank Richard very much for taking the time to write this very interesting article giving a first hand account of Taurus in their hey day.

02.02.09: Today you will be able to find a couple of new items, first is a very nice PDF copy of a DERRINGTON catalogue dating from 1970. This is a fairly comprehensive list of all the equipment supplied by Derrington for the A series powered cars. Second is a small card filer produced by Downton to promote their 1100 Touring & Motorway conversions. This is in the BROCHURE ARCHIVE section.

22.01.09: This morning I have slightly altered the COMPS DEPT PICTURE section, I hav enow opened it out to general racing & Rallying of the 1960's. I am currently receiving so many fantastic previously unseen pictures that it seems to be the sensible way to go. If the general 1960's motorsport archive continues to grow, I will probably split the section into works & non works cars sometime in the future. As far as this morning is concerned though, I would like tothank Ian Cross for submitting to the site a fantastic set of pictures taken at Oulton Park in the mid 1960. Featuring cars like The Lotus Cortinas, Sir Gwaine Baillie's Mustang and possibly of most interest to people reading this, the Broadspeed Racer BOP 242 C. I have also added some more pictures from Karstens colection, there are a number taken at the start of the 1965 Monte and other general Brands Hatch racing pictures, lastly is a very fine picture of Mick Clare that has been added to the ALEXANDER PICTURE archive.

21.01.09: Once again I am lucky enough to be able to add yet more press release photos to both the WORKS PHOTO section as well as the PRESS PHOTO section, this is once again thanks to Karsten. I have also been able to add a short contemporary review of the Paul Emery Twin Mini to the TWINI MINI page. Thanks to Jan Wulf.

19.01.09: A short guide to converting your car from Dynamo to Altenator has been added to the TECHNICAL ELECTRICAL Sectioon this morning.

16.0109: The MK1 FORUM seems to be up & running again, hopefully this will be an end to the recent troubles. As some sort of consolation for all the messing about with the forum over the last few days, I am pleased to be able to say that I have added another large number of photographs to the BMC PRESS PHOTO section as well as the COMPS DEPT & ST PHOTOS section. In both these sections you will find a massive number of archived photos some of which you will probably have seen before, but a lot of which you almost certainly won't have. I hope you like them. Thanks again to Karsten for most of the submissions.

14.01.0: If you are a visitor or contributor to the MK1 performance Conversions Forum you will almost certainly have noticed that it has become unacceptably unstable recently. I have contacted the forum hosts and they have assured me that the problems will be sorted out shortly, however as far as I can see the situation is continuing to deteriorate. I am currently looking into a number of possible solutions to this problem, including hosting the board myself or trying to find other 3rd party hosts who can offer a more reliable service. The major drawback with moving the forum is that we will loose almost 20,000 good posts forever, I want to avoid this if at all possible. Please bear with me during this very tricky time, I am doing what I can, but remember I am on my own & I do not do this as a living. I can only appologise for the inconvenience caused & hope that everything will return to normal very soon.

13.01.09: Once again, I have been able to add a number of very interesting pics to the site today thanks to my mate Karsten. These pictures can be found in the WORKS PICS section, the DOWNTON CARS section, and the BMC PRESS PHOTO section. I have also been able to start a complete new page on the TWINI MINI I have so many pictures of it! Watch this space, there are more changes coming soon!

12.01.09: Another 10 pictures added to the WORKS PHOTO section and the DOWNTON CARS section this morning. All these are from Karstens collection again. I have also added one pic to the FORSPEED page, thanks to Kevin.

08.01.09: For the 3rd day running I am lucky enough to be able to add more great pictures from Karstens amazing collection. Today we have another US Press Pic in the PRESS PHOTO archive, a pic of Paddy Hopkirk at the wheel of a CCC racer in the ST PHOTO ARCHIVE and finally a brilliant action shot of Tony Lanfranchi driving his Alexander sponsored 1275 S in the ALEXANDER PHOTO section. Thanks again Karsten.

07.01.09: New pictures added today. a selection to the COMPS DEPT PICTURES section, then a couple added to the BMC PRESS PHOTO SECTION. Finally for today, I have added two more pictures to the DOWNTON CAR PICTURES section. Both were taken on the Targa, one is of 176 NWL the other of the Twini.Thanks again to Karsten.

06.01.09: This morning I have completed the latest set of updates. You will find a lot more Smiths information added to the TECHNICAL ELECTRICAL section as well as an embryonic new section entitled BMC PRODUCT PRICING. I do have a few more price lists to add, but any submissions would be very much appreciated. I have also added a number of very interesting pictures to the site. There are a number of new images of the Fuel Injected race & rally cars of the late 1960's in the COMPS DEPT PICTURE archive. There are also two rather harrowing pictures taken shortly after Mick Clares accident at Aintree in 1964, these are in the ALEXANDER PICTURE archive. I would like to thank Alex & Karsten for sending me these images.

05.01.09: I have just completed the first part of a major new year upload of new material. You will find a very useful guide entitled CARE & MAINTENANCE OF SMITHS INSTRUMENTS in the ELECTRICAL TECHNICAL section. You will also find a few new companies added to the TUNING archive. These include JACK BRABHAM PERFORMANCE EXHAUSTS & BUTLER, the manufacturer of the Flex-Lite. I have also added a great deal of new material to the JANSPEED section. I have also added material on PECO exhausts & JOHN SPRINZEL, further items have also been added to the STEERING WHEEL ARCHIVE, the TAURUS section, and the PADDY HOPKIRK section. I still have more to come, so check back soon.

22.12.08: 14 New steering wheels added to the STEERING WHEEL PROJECT today. Thanks to Paul Lips in Italy.

17.12.08: I have added 4 absolutely brilliant images to the site today. Two to the DOWNTON PEOPLE & PLACES section and 2 to the COMPS DEPT & ST PHOTOS section. These are from a new contributor Barrie Broomhall.

10.12.08: I have continued to tidy up the site. The latest changes are that various pages that were made up of unwieldy individual JPG images have been consolidated as PDF's. These are easier to read & follow. Some of the MONTE CARLO RALLY 1966 stuff has had this treatment as has the entire HOMOLOGATION Paper archive.

09.12.08: Over the last few days I have been overhauling the look of some of the more popular areas of the site. You probably won't notice most of the changes, but I hope that they will make the site easier to follow in general. A have however totsally re vamped the ALEXANDER ENGINEERING section to make it more readable and interesting. I hope you like the changes. I have also added a number of new items to the TAURUS section, courtesy of Paul Lips. Thanks Paul.

08.12.08: Today I have added a copy of a brilliant promotional booklet to the BMC ARCHIVE. Entitled "THE INCREDIBLE AUSTIN SE7EN" It covers all aspects of the smallest BMC model. I have uploaded it as a complete PDF file, I hope you like it. I have also added some SU carb specifications to the CARB TECHNICAL section. Courtesy of Mark Featham.

05.12.08: I have just added a couple of new steering wheels to the STEERING WHEEL archive, there is a John Rhodes wheel, and the smallest Moto-Lita ever seen. I have also added a brilliant little brochure to the COOPER CAR CO section. This is entitled "Golden Years 1959 - 60" and is a promotional brochure published by Coopers. Thanks to Mark Featham for all these items. I have also added a new photo to the BMC PRESS PHOTO section, this is a US press release picture for the Cooper S. Thanks again to Karsten. I have also added BROWN & GEESON to the TUNING ARCHIVE. Finally I have had a bit of a sort out of the TAURUS section and added a new flier for the MG models. Finally, today I have added a new Morris Minor flier to the ALEXANDER BROCHURES section.

04.12.08: A few interesting additions today. First we have the addition of a technical specification sheet for a No: 51 Touring conversion for a MG 1300 GT, this has been added to the DOWNTON ARCHIVE. Also I have added 2 more pics of NWL 176 to the DOWNTON PICTURE archive. Finally I have added a new picture to the BMC PRESS PHOTO archive. Thanks to Will Grant & Karsten for these additions. Finally, I have just added a couple of new images of the Ogle SX 1000 to the VARIANTS section, these are from the US brochure for the SX 1000, thanks to Paul Lips for these.

28.11.08: More steering wheels & some literature added to the STEERING WHEEL ARCHIVE. Thanks to my good mate Andy B.

27.11.08: I have embarked on my first completely new page for some time. Tucked away in the CLASSIC TUNING section, you will find a link to the ALL NEW MK1 STEERING WHEEL archive. The idea of this section is to display some of the classic steering wheels offered by companies that have long gone. To keep it simple I am limiting this to wheels made to fit BMC cars, Minis, Sprites & Midgets, 1100 / 1300's etc. It is a work in progress if you would like to submit any images and text, please e-mail them to me at the usual address. Decent pictures 450 x 450 pixels are preferred.

26.11.08: Today I moved the stuff on ENGINE COLOUR from deep within the "Body" section of the Technical dept and put it somewhere people can actually find it. The reason it started life in such a stupid place is that at one time the "Technical Body" section was called "Paint". Anyway, now it has its own heading within the general TECHNICAL section.

21.11.08: New material added to the DERRINGTON section today. Info on their 850 conversion & a range of approved accessories.

13.11.08: I have just finished updating the section. Amongst the items on offer are the VERY, VERY Last of the Downton Reunion 2006 key rings MK1 Performance Conversions were the sponsors of this event, these key rings were commissioned as a limited edition batch done for the attendees of the first Downton reunion. I have about 6 left and once these have gone, they have gone forever. Now is a great chance to get you hands on a genuine bit of Mini history. There are also a number of other items that I am sure will be of interest to the Downton fan.

12.11.08: One item added to the backwater known as the OLD CURIOSITY SHOP today. Not much but it is quite amusing. Or at least I think it is.

11.11.08: Well for the first time in months I had a really concerted effort to add some new content to the site, and boy, was my scanner working overtime last night. In the TUNING ARCHIVE you will find 2 major new additions. COSMIC ACCESSORIES & DON MOORE. Cosmic were major players in the accessory market and Don Moore was one of the most influential tuners of the early 1960's. I have also added material to the NERUS & JANSPEED sections as well. Finally I have added an internal BMC Telex to the BMC DOCUMENT section. I hope you enjoy the new material I have added. I would like to say a big thank you to David Ross for supplying most of the content of this update.

10.11.08: Today I have added a new company to the TUNING ARCHIVE collection. CONVERSION & TUNING were one of the more successful tuning houses of the late 1960's & 1970's. I have added a copy of their Tuning Manual to the New C&T section.

03.11.08: A really interesting update today. I have just added a number of press photos of the Bertone Mini VIP to the NON BMC VARIANTS section. This was Bertone's take on a coach built luxury Mini. Very unique. Thanks to Paul Lips for the pics.

22.10.08: Just one small addition today. If you check out the TECHNICAL MECHANICAL section I have added an article from CCC On how to build your own Hydrolastic system evacuation tool. I hope this comes in handy for those people who have hydro cars.

13.10.08: I have begun a major revamp of the SHORROCK section & hope to be adding a lot of new material very soon.

01.10.09: Just a bit of housekeeping recently. Clearing out old links and having a bit of a freshen up. Hopefully I'll have some new stuff to add soon.

10.09.08: I have added a couple of Accessory companies Styla & Raydyot to the MK1 TUNING ARCHIVE. Not strictly tuning companies these two sold some of the most sought after accessories from the 1960's.

04.09.08: Very slight update to the PAINT CHIP CARD section today, I have added a paint chip card covering the mid range Austin colours.

02.09.08: New article on the demise of ALEXANDER ENGINEERING dated Feb 1975. Thanks to Russ Filby. It can be found at the bottom of the page. Also a nice picture of Bunty Richmond at Wiscombe from 1960 has been added to the DOWNTON CARS NON MINI section. Thanks Paul C.

01.09.08: Well I'm back after a weeks holiday and thanks to Steve Entwhistle I have made the first new addition. I am particularly pleased with this one. It's always a pleasure to be able to post some tuning literature that doesn't come from the UK. Steve has sent me a very nice Les Leston type brochure for a French company called RALLYE AUTO SPORT. If anyone can tell me more about this company, I would be very pleased to hear from them. You will of course find this new brochure in the TUNING ARCHIVE section.

21.08.08: I have just added 3 new Speedwell catalogues to the SPEEDWELL DOCUMENTS section. The first 2 date from around 1965 and are for the full range of Speedwell exhaust systems & manifolds & the full range of Speedwell instruments & accessories. The second could be described as Speedwells final fling. The original Speedwell Performance Conversions went into liquidation in 1969, this was closely followed by Speedwell (1969) Ltd. Later that year a new company was formed Speedwell of Chesham Ltd. Graham Hill was still Chairman but the managing director was Colin Hextal, under colin's management the emphasis changed from high performance tuning products to more the bolt on accessory end of the market. Undoubtedly a wise move as true Tuning was dying by 1971, but a shame to see so many good products disappear. The Company continued under various management structures until Graham Hills death in 1976, but Speedwell never really approached their hey days of the early to mid 1960's. All 3 of these documents are from my good friend Andreas Klein who was kind enough to let me have copies of these rare little brochures. Thanks Andreas.

07.08.08: Girling flier added to the TUNING ARCHIVE.

06.08.08: This morning you will find a new brochure for an Alexander "Knock on Wheel Conversion" added to the ALEXANDER BROCHURE section. I'm not sure this was the best idea they came up with.

02.08.08: Just a small update today. I have added a couple of rather interesting poress releases to the BMC archive today. The first is from 1966 & is entitled BMC Sales Development in France. This gives a break down of BMC's performance in France in 1966, you can find it in the BMC FACTORY DOCUMENT section. The second is probably more interesting and is entitled BMC Competition successes in 1966. This gives a partial breakdown of some of the well known & not so well known outright & class wins for BMC Race & Rally cars in 1966. You will find this in RALLYING SUCCESS & FAILURE.

By the way, some of you may have noticed that MK1 Performance Conversions was featured in Mini Magazine this month. I had a real laugh with Gerard Hughes the day he came to see me & I was quite horse with too much talking that day :-)

22.07.08: A massive update to the MINILITE section today. I have just uploaded the majority of a sales pack for 1967. The most comprehensive on line archive of Data on 1960's Minilite wheels available!

18.07.08: I have just added a massive amount of material to the COLDWELL section. I know you have probably never heard of Coldwell before, but the 1 off Twin Cam A series developed by Bill Needham of Coldwell has to be seen to be believed! I would like to thank Nick Rogers of MIN-E-BITZ in Sheffield for sending me the pictures and info. I would also like to thank my good friend Paul Curotto for the CCC article reproduced on the Coldwell page.

16.07.08: I am very pleased to be able to announce the opening of a fantastic new web site is the home of the original Neville Trickett designed Minisprint. It is packed with information on the original 1960's sprints, as well as an official History section that has been written by Neville Trickett himself. As well as this you will find a massive archive of original Minisprint material. All this info is free. But best of all, you can find all the details you will need to purchase your own original Neville Trickett Minisprint. That's right, for the first time in over 40 years Neville Trickett himself will convert your Mini Shell to full sprint specification. This has to be a very rare chance to have your bog standard mini become a genuinely historic vehicle. For full details visit Neville's new site. . .

2.07.08: Well only a week or so after I said that I would not be adding anything to the Downton section in the foreseeable future, what comes along? Another great press article that's what. In the DOWNTON PRESS ARTICLE section you will find a new review published in "The Times" in June 1968. Thanks to Marshal Peters for sending me it.

25.06.08: I have just added COLDWELL ENGINEERING to the TUNING ARCHIVE. I have been meaning to add this little remembered Sheffield based engineering company to the archive, but have been hoping to be able to find more info before I do. Unfortunately I have not been very lucky to this end & hope that adding a very small amount of info will encourage someone who knows the Coldwell story to contact me (Nick Rogers). In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what there is. I have also added a new addition to the NON BMC VARIANTS section, you will now find THE MINI-MARTINI a very pretty little GRP special that was built in Germany.

23.06.08: I have just added a new quotation & letter for an 850 Full race engine to the DOWNTON LITERATURE archive. This will be the last addition to the Downton section for the foreseeable future. Over the last year or so the Downton section of the mK1 site has become disproportionately heavy, this combined with the very disappointing lack of any copies of new material whatsoever offered to the site over the weekend of "Come Home To Downton", has made me decide to concentrate more on some of the other tuning companies to try and regain some of the balance that has been lost.

Although Downton played an important part in the Mini & A Series tuning story there are many, many other good stories to tell from other companies & sources. Watch out for more info on Alexander, Taurus, Aquaplane, Barwell & the like over the next few months. I will also be selling some of the duplicates in my Downton collection before long, so as they say. Watch this space.

13.06.08: Today I have added 3 new press pics to the BMC PRESS PHOTO section. Two depict Issigonis, one in the drawing office & one standing by a MK1 Mini. The second is a picture of one of the original orange box prototypes. Thanks to Josoa from France for sending me them for inclusion.

12.06.08: Just a quick heads up today. If you find yourself with an hour or two to kill, I couldn't recommended a better place to visit than "Historic" A superb free site on all aspects of historic racing.

11.06.08: I have just added a large amount to the TAURUS tuning section. Taurus have always been one of my favorite tuning companies mainly because they were so large & so successful in the 1960's but have now more or less disappeared off the face of the planet. Although I did get an e-mail from the Daughter of the founding Director Mr. Marchant, who I'm told is still well and living in retirement. Amongst the items added to the TAURUS section are a large number of new brochures & price lists as well as the full 1968 / 69 CATALOGUE, page by page. I have also added a brief history of BMC to the BMC DOCUMENT section, this is a 20 page PDF file.

10.06.08: I have just started a new section regarding the MINISPRINT. There is just a bare bones of a page with a bit of background to it. I will be adding to this in the near future. I have also added a new giveaway to the MK1 site, if you follow the link below you will find the FREE MK1 Aeroplane. Its an original giveaway from the KLG Spark Plug Company from the 1930's. Print it out on a sheet of thin card and off you go. I hope you like it.

Finally today, I have added a copy of a fantastic letter from the Cooper Car Co regarding the competition tuning of a 1275 S. This letter dates from 1964 and makes a fascinating read. Thanks to Ian Garmey in NZ for sending me a copy. You will find this letter in the COOPER CAR CO section.

5.06.08: Well its quite a decent update today. Thanks to ebay I can add a number of items; First, we have a new addition to the 60's TUNING ARCHIVE. No other than PADDY HOPKIRK PRODUCTS. Not really a true tuning company as Paddy Hopkirk's outfit specialised in the less interesting (more profitable) end of the car market selling chequered tape & driving gloves as opposed to true tuning equipment. This company deserves its place here though purely on the strength of Paddy Hopkirk's 1964 Monte win alone. In addition you will find a lot of new stuff has been added to the ARDEN ENGINEERING section, this includes pricelist's, spec sheets & a very nice promotional folder from 1965. Finally, there is another spec sheet that has been added to the BROADSPEED section, this one covers the MG Midget & AH Sprite. I hope you like them!

4.06.08: Well that's the longest break I have had for a while. I have been concentrating on things other than the web site that I will expand on some time in the future. I have just added an interesting promotional First Day Cover to the BMC DOCUMENT section. Thanks to Simon Wheatcroft for sending me the copy.

9.05.08: I am very pleased to be able to announce the addition of what is hopefully a very interesting update to many people. In the COOPER CAR COMPANY section, I have just added a PDF download of a complete Parts list for the Cooper Car Co. Formula Junior single seaters of the early to mid 60's. This list covers all models from 1960 through to 1964. Thank you very much to Ian Garmey in NZ for sending me this excellent info. Thanks Ian.

7.05.08: I have added a few interesting items to the site this morning. First we have a copy of a letter from a very angry Daniel Richmond after he was accused of cheating at Wiscombe hillclimb. This is an excellent insight into Daniels personality. You can find the letter in the DOWNTON LITERATURE section. I have also added a series of pictures taken by Tommy Jagerwall at the 1968 racing car show. These excellent colour pictures depict both the last of the Cooper Car Co racers and the first of the yellow Britax Downton Coopers. These pictures are in the DOWNTON PICTURE ARCHIVE. Finally there is an image of one of the Britax cars after it moved to Sweden in 1970. I would like to thank Tommy for allowing me to use his fantastic images.

6.05.08: I have just uploaded 5 new factory showroom posters to the BMC POSTER section. None of these are specifically Mini posters but they are all really nice examples of the artwork produced by BMC throughout the late 50's & early 1960's.

6.05.08: I have just returned from the first "COME HOME TO DOWNTON" event. A celebration of all thing Downton attended by many original employees, original cars and of course fans. If you would like to purchase a copy of the commerative brochure CLICK HERE for details. These are not available through the MK1 site. Sorry.

A full report on CHTD 2008 will however be posted here shortly.

29.03.08: I have just added a fantastic set of pictures taken on the 1963 Targa Florio. These mostly depict the famous Downton Targa car 176 NWL. I would like to thank Karsten Stelk for submitting them and the original photographer Enzo Manzo. These superb images can be found in the DOWNTON CAR PICTURES section.

19.03.08: As part of the up and coming "COME HOME TO DOWNTON" Celebrations, I am updating some of the existing DOWNTON section. I have added a new introduction and have also added a number of new pictures to the DOWNTON WORKS & PEOPLE section. There should be more new stuff to follow soon.

14.03.08: Just one small addition today. I have added a copy of the accessories brochure AKD 2217 to the ACCESSORIES & WARRANTIES section today. Check out those funky seat covers man!

13.03.08: I have started to add some of the DOWNTON MEMORABILIA I have managed to accumulate to a new Memorabilia section. This is only very small at the moment, but I will be adding to it very soon. And just to prove I haven't become totally Downton obsessed, I have just added a very nice copy of a German home market Mossis Cooper S brochure to the NON UK BROCHURE SECTION. Now that a place I haven't been in a while! I have also added a very nice image of a GRP prototype Mini to the PRESS PHOTO SECTION. Thanks to Simon Wheatcroft for the image and text. There is also a new addition in the SPEEDWELL DOCUMENTS section. Its a complete price list from 1966 for the supply of new BMC cars fitted with a range of Speedwell kits. Finally for today I have added a couple of items to the COMPS DEPT & ST section. There are some fairly grainy, but very interesting shots of some of the display carried by Special Tuning in the late 1960's & early 70's and a couple of pics of a C-AJJ 8835 which is a Special Tuning dual circuit brake system kit.

10.03.08: Two documents added to the COMPS DEPT & SPECIAL TUNING section this morning. A copy of a letter from Basil wales about stage 1 kits and a copy of the Stage 1 Kit flier.

06.03.08: I have just added 4 fantastic PDF files to the BMC DOCUMENTS section. These are a set of Austin Service Memos from the begining of MK1 production in August 1959 through to 1961. I would like to say a massive thank you to Martin Bell who took the time to scan these in for me to add to the MK1 archive. He has also sent me a really interesting set of pictures of the Orangebox & XC 9003 prototypes allowing me to expand the BMC PRESS PHOTO section to include a subsection dedicated to Pre Production & Prototype models. Thank you Martin!

05.03.08: On Tuesday the 4th of March Barry Hawkins was interviewed by BBC radio about "Come Home To Downton", you can here the interview on the COME HOME TO DOWNTON page. I have also received a couple of interesting e-mails this week from Tony Clevely of the MIDLAND MINI CENTRE one of the longest established of all the remaining Mini companies, who has the distinction of being one of the few companies to have fought BMW over his company name and has actually won! Why not visit his site by following the link.

28.02.08: I have just added a fantastic set of pictures taken at Downton in 1968. These are by far the best images I have ever seen, showing parts of the Works that rarely saw "the light of day. You can find them in the DOWNTON PEOPLE & WORKS PICTURES section.

08.02.08: I'm afraid there has not been much happening recently. I am preparing a whole load of stuff for the "Come Home To Downton" event that has been arranged for the wekend of the 3rd & 4th May & will be adding a lot more info very soon. In the meantime, I have added a very nice colour brochure to the bottom of the BMC DOCUMENTS section that has everything about the Cowley plant you would ever wish to know.

29.01.08: Today the nly upload is a copy of a newsletter from Alexander engineering to their agents and distributors with lots of good references to the new products for the Mini Cooper. You will find it in the ALEXNDER BROCHURE section. I have also added 4 very nice colour press photos of MK2 cars to the BMC PRESS PHOTO ARCHIVE.

23.01.08: Download a fantastic free copy of this BMC Poster . All you have to do is click the image which will take you straight to the download page.

While you are at it, you may like to visit the NEW MK! FORUM. A friendly forum for anyone interested in early Minis or A series tuning.

22.01.08: I have just added a new letter to the DOWNTON LITERATURE section regarding the conversion of an Austin 1300 Mk2. There will be more details of this car soon.

18.01.08: I have just added 3 more pictures to the Variants section in the PRESS PHOTO ARCHIVE. The NEW MK1FORUM is really taking off fast. Over 40 members aleady and a few interesting threads running. Why not drop in and have a look round. You would be very welcome.

16.01.08: I have just added a PDF of the Special tuning data Sheets AKD-5096 for the Mini Cooper S to the COMPS DEPT & ST section. I hope they are of interest. Also, I am pleased to see that the new MK1 BULLETIN BOARD / FORUM is already attracting a respectable number of hits. This is one of the few internet based boards that is unashamedly concerned with all aspects of pre 1970 Minis, their history, & the tuning of A Series powered vehicles in general. It is a friendly INTERNATIONAL board where all contributions are welcomed, why not drop in an give it a try.

15.01.08: Thanks to Iain Crockett I have been able to start a new section I have been meaning to get round to for a while. In the BMC ARCHIVE section there is a subheading called COMPETITION PICTURES. This contains a number of original BMC press department pictures of the Works Race & Rally cars taken throughout the 1960's. I will of course be adding to this again in the near future, and sorting what has already been posted into a more logical order too. In addition to this I have also been able to add an excellent selection of additions to the BMC PRESS PHOTO sections. I hope you like the new arrivals. I would also like to thank Iain for taking the time to send me this excellent selection of pictures.

ITS BACK! After much discussion I have decided to have another go at running a MK1 PERFORMANCE CONVERSIONS BULLETIN BOARD. Its a little ropey at the moment, but please think of it as a blank canvas. All mini fans are welcome to post anything on there as long as its legal, decent & honest. Feel free to post questions, comments or whatever! I look forward to hearing from you soon. This will inevitably be slow to start off with but with a bit opf luck it will grow into a vital friendly community of people who are interested in similar things. Mark F.

14.01.08: Well it's a new year and I have been driving my scanner to destruction again. If you check up on the BMC DOCUMENTS page, you will find two new additions. Both are the same, but different. I have reproduced all the early SERVICE MEMORANDA produced from the start of Mini production through to October 1960. These documents were distributed around BMC and its agents & detailed faults and fixes for any given range of cars. I have condensed all the Mini ones here. So if you want to see what BMC Recognised as "faults" with the Mini in the first year of production these documents make a facinating read. They also offer a few good, sometimes a bit home made, solutions to recognised problems that still occur today. I have seperated out the section on WATERPROOFING as this section is particularly large and will be of particular interest to those people who are restoring cars that have been dipped, as all this gunk will come off during the proces, this is a good guide as to where it should go back one. Both these documents are in PDF format but are only a meg or so in size.

10.01.08: I have just uploaded 5 fantastic photos, all of which were submitted by Toby Slebe. Four of the pictures depict the MK2 Cooper S and can be found in the BMC PRESS PHOTO section. The other is truly remarkable and is the most detailed underbonnet shot I have ever seen of a works 8 port on slide throttle injection, this can be found in the COMPETITIONS DEPARTMENT & SPECIAL TUNING section. Thanks Toby. I have also added another excellent photo sent in by long time Speedwell employee John Poole of his very potent Rally Cross Cooper S, not the cleanest car I have ever seen but a superb picture, this one can be found in the SPEEDWELL DOCUMENTS section. Thanks John. Finally today I have added a couple of really nice pictures from my own collection. First we have an image of Issigonis, John Cooper, Daniel Richmond & W V Appleby discussing the latest developments in engine design, this was taken somewhere at Cowley around 1963, you will find this picture in the DOWNTON PEOPLE picture section. Second is a superb photo of Mick Clare the successfull Alexander sponsored driver with his Mini Cooper MC 58, this can be found in the ALEXANDER PICTURES section.

09.01.08: I have just added more pictures and info to the BOB SOPER section. There are more & better images as well as a full brochure. I have also added a few more pictures of Jeff Goodliffes Vita-Min hilclimb car to the VITA-MIN page. The stuff you will find on my site about BVRT is only a fraction of the stuff available on my mate Paul's site MOUNTGREEN.CO.UK

07.01.08: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Well after a couple of weeks off for the Christmas & New year holidays, I am pleased to be able to post some interesting pictures I have had sent to me. The first is BMC Negative number 86637 and is another official press photo depicting the Minis A Series engine. This picture was sent by my good friend Karsten Stelk in Germany. The second 2 were both sent from Josoa in France and depict the BMC Team that ran in the Monte Carlo rally in 1964, one photo was taken before they set off the second was taken at the Hotel des Paris during the inevitable celebration after Paddy Hopkirks vistory. The engine pic is in the BMC PRESS PHOTO section, the Monte pictures are in the BMC ARCHIVE COMPETITION section.

19.12.07: I went to visit my mate Rich Hawcroft in Hospital last night and am pleased to be ablr to report that he is making good progress. He weights a bit more than he used to due to all the metal that has been used to screw him back together. But all things considered he is making a good recovery after his recent accident. I would like to thank all those people who have contacted me to wish Rich a speedy recovery.

On a different note, I have spent the last 2 nights cleaning up the site and getting rid of dead links and redundant images. You shouldn't find any pages that don't work now. I have also added material to the DOWNTON PICTURES section, the DOWNTON MINIS section as well as bits and bobs in other places. I have also split the DOWNTON PICTURE archive into two sections as the original was getting a bit big, I hope this makes it easier to navigate. Finally, I would like to wish all the visitors to the site a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2008. All the best, Mark F.

12.12.07: Many regular visitors to my site, my friends and people who used to visit the now non existent MK1PC Yahoo group will know or know of my closest friend and fellow Mini conspiritor Rich Hawcroft (aka "The Guru"). I'm very sorry to report that on Sunday night Rich was involved in a very serious car accident. He is currently in hospital suffering from multiple injuries. My thoughts and very best wishes go out to his family at this very difficult time.

Should you like to send Rich your wishes I would be very happy to pass them on. I can be contacted HERE.

As soon as I have some better news on Rich's condition I will post it here.

11.12.07: I have just finished re-doing the BMC ARCHIVE. I have broken this very popular section down into more digestable chunks. Hopefully, this will make it easier for visitors to see what is on offer. I hope you like the new format. The only slight drawback is that some of the very old links from this whats new section will no longer work. I will try to re connect these but as they are very old, it could be hard to find them. Any tips as to what links don't work would be appreciated.

03.12.07: For those of you interested in such things. This site has now received over 1.1 Million hits since I started using my current page counter in July 2005. That averages out at around 36,000 hits a month or an average of 1,200 per day. The highest single day I can remeber was just over 3,000 and around 90 people a day are returm visitors. I don't think there is a part of the world that I haven't received hits from.

I would like to thank all the people who visit my site & find it useful or interesting. I would also like to remind you that I am always happy to receive e-mails from visitors to the site, be it with a question, a suggestion or even info on an aspect of the site that doesn't work properly.

On a final note, I still receive mails from people who miss the old MK1 Perf Cons bulletin board. If you would like me to re-introduce such a free facility be it a BBS (bulletin Board), mailing list or whatever I would like to HEAR YOUR SUGGESTIONS.

3.12.07: New Exhaust brochure added to the FORSPEED section.

30.11.07: Another new press review added to the DOWNTON PRESS REVIEW section today, it's another take on a Downton-ised Allegro. Thanks to my good mate Graeme Farr in NZ. On a seperate note, I upgraded the amount of web space I purchased for the site again today, the space available has doubled to 1 Gig. This will allow me to post a lot more stuff than previously and in higher definition. Keep coming back if you want to see more. Regards, Mark

Also, an exciting development for christmas. I am able to offer a limited number of the BMC Monte Carlo 1967 posters, please see details below.

29.11.07: Newly uploaded this morning is a complete copy of the SALESMANS GUIDE to the Austin Se7en. The entire publication is available as a high quality PDF by following the instructions on screen.

28.11.07: Another new addition to the BMC ARCHIVE today. I have just uploaded a brochure entitled THE LEADING SIX this "lavishly" illustrated brochure was produced by BMC in early 1960 for the relaunch of the Mini. It is currently available in 2 forms the usual clickable HTML page and a downloadable PDF. This is a cracking 20 odd page brochure. I hope you like it. I have also added a couple more posters to the POSTER section.

27.11.07: Another addition to the Downton press rerview section today. I have added a review of the Stage 2 1750 Maxi to the Downton PRESS REVIEW section. Thanks again to Ian Nicholls.

21.11.07: I have just added details of a Downton modified Marina to the DOWNTON PRESS REVIEW section. Thanks again to Ian Nicholls. I have also received exciting news of a number of original Downton tuned vehicles that I hope to be able to add more details of very soon.

30.11.07: The US PRESS PACK has now been uploaded to the BMC ARCHIVE section. I have also just finished uploading a copy of the original pre launch press information pack for the MK1 Austin Countryman this can be found in the BMC BROCHURE archive, ESTATE section. Finally for the moment, I have just added a couple of new press release photos to the PRESS PHOTO section.

19.11.07: I'm afraid the free poster download has now finished. Don't bother trying to find them, as the files are now no longer on the server.

To say I was surprised at the reaction is a bit of an understatement. While most people who contacted me seemed to like them I was more surprised by the number of people who felt the need to mail me and for one reason or another grumble about it. Due to this I have decided to end what was always going to be a bit of fun, for a limited period early. As over this weekend both posters have been downloaded in excess of 1,500 times these images are now well and truly in the public domain am sure they will be fairly easy to find somewhere on the net. If you are really desperate go to the Minimania forum where some kind individual is offering to e-mail them to anyone to save the hassle of coming here to do it.

On a more constructive note, I spent the weekend scanning the entire 1960 USA launch press pack, as well as the Pre procuction brochure, folder & specifications for the Austin Countryman. I will be posting these to the respective sections today or tomorrow. I hope you like them. Regards, Mark.

15.11.07: Large update to POSTERS section today. I have added about another 10 BMC showroom & educational posters to this section. I hope you like them. Copies of all these posters are available, Contact me for details. For a bit of fun & for a limited time only, there is a hidden link on the poster page that allows you to download a complete file of one of the posters on that page. The download has no spoiler on it, so if you want to download the file and get it printed by someone with a large format printer, be my guest. I hope you like it. PS. You never know, there could even be more than one :-)

Oh and while I think about it. If you are particularly interested in the very early Minis of 1959, make sure you pay a visit to the 1959 MINI REGISTER site. There is a wealth of information on there that is of specific interest to those people specifically interested in the 59s, but I am sure that most MK1 Mini fans will find something to tickle their fancy.

02.11.07: New info and pictures have been added to the BARWELL section today.

24.10.07: If you check out the WORKING AT DOWNTON section, you will see a new link giving more info on MARTIN GOODALL, a former downton employee who went on to be one of the most famous Mini drivers of the 1970's. Who remembers "Martin's Marvolous Mini" in Tiger magazine. I know I do :-)

10.10.07: I have just updated the SPEEDWELL DOCUMENTS section with new thumbnails.

05.10.07: I have just re done the entire DOWNTON LITERATURE page. It now features thumbnails of all the images available. I hope you find this layout better than the previous one.

03.10.07: Just a bit of house keeping today really. I have tried to sort out some of the DOWNTON LITERATURE & DOWNTON BOLT ON KITS sections. Both these are extremely unwieldy and difficult to navigate. I realise what they really need is a total redesign butI am afraid I am lacking both time & inclination at the moment. In the meantime I have added a price list for June 1970 and a letter regarding the modification of a 1300GT to these sections respeclivley. I'll try and sort these out soon, but don't hold your breath.

24.9.07: I have just added another article about Downton to the DOWNTON PRESS ARCHIVE its entitled "Rural Developer". Thanks again to Paul.

18.9.07: Check out the DOWNTON PICTURE section for a new image of 777 MCG and the DOWNTON PRESS ARCHIVE for a really interesting article by Daniel Richmond. Thanks to my good friend Paul for both items.

14.09.07: New items for today are some additions to the variants section, these can be found on VARIANTS , in the BROCHURE ARCHIVE. Freshly added are some of the wackiest & not so wacky variants you have ever seen. Thanks to Dave Shreeve for submitting the images.

11.09.07: I have just added a wealth of new items to the Downton Section. Amongst these are spec sheets for the Austin A35, A40 & Morris Minor 1000, as well as price lists for amongst other things the Lotus 7A. All these can be found in the DOWNTON BROCHURE section. The most interesting is probably the Lotus 7 price list, Downton were only involved with Colin Chapman for a while, and briefly they became the "Lotus Centre" for the south west, but once Champan bbecame involved with Ford, Daniel Richmonds "Fordphobia" meant that all links were severed. There is also a new letter in the DOWNTON LITERATURE section signed by Valentine Gardner, dated 1963, concerning tuning products available for the 1100 BMC engines. I have also added a large amount of material to the SPEEDWELL DOCUMENTS section. Including a nice picture that was taken 1972, at the opening of a new Robin Sturgess Accessories shop in leicester. Robin Sturgess were Speedwell agents and also sold a fair bit of other gear including Mangoletsi and Downton. Thanks to Will Grant for sending me this picture. There is also a full accessories brochure for the A35 & A40 as well as all their Sprite & Midget accessories. there is a new review given away by Speedwell of one of their "Sprint" kits and a one page flier for their "New" Supertone exhausts.

I have also made a new entry in the list of 1960's tuning companies on the TUNING ARCHIVE page. YIMKIN engineering were successful London based tuners with possibly one of the most prestigous addresses ever for a tuning house. The information I have added all dates from the early 1960's but the company continued trading at least until the late 60's. I will add more info as I find it.

Some material on Radford, Wood & Pickett and a couple of new 1960's non BMC variants coming very soon!

03.8.07: I have modified the look of the Brochure Archive SALOON section and added a full scan of both sides of the original PRE PRODUCTION (P2) Austin Mini brochure, I hope you like it.

30.7.07: corrected link to "Tiger Tim" article below.

24.7.07: Newly added are a couple of very interesting brochures from Derrington. Both date from the late 50's. The first is a full catalogue feasturing many of the items offered by Derrington's, one of the very first tuning companies. The second is a Tuning guide refering specifically to the A series engine. Both these interesting items can be found at the bottom of the DERRINGTON page. Thanks to Andy B for copying them for me.

23.7.07: I have just added a collection of item dating from 1973 to the DOWNTON ARCHIVE. Amongst these are a complete PRICE LIST dated April 1973, a specification for the obiquitous NO's 4 & 5 Touring conversions, as well as a very interesting hand typed price list for the SPECIAL TOURING CONVERSION (Page 2). This is the conversion that was reviewed in Motor in 1970, read the review HERE. The Bronze yellow demonstrator was called "Tiger Tim". The covering letter is of particular interest (to Downton Annoraks), as the usual header, now has the postcode and "new" telephone number and is in very, very dark green, maybe even black ink, as opposed to the regular bright green.

20.7.07: I have just added a new picture of 860 MW to the bottom of the DOWNTON PICTURE ARCHIVE. This was taken in 1962 during the Brighton Speed Trials. Thanks to Ian Nicholls for the picture.

19.07.07: I have just re arranged the DOWNTON CARS section. I have split it into MINI & NON MINI sections. I have only done this to stop the page becoming to large & unwealdy. I have also added details of a very interesting Allard J2 that was worked on by Daniel Richmond in the late 50's, this car was actually owned by a good friend of the Richmonds Mr Peter Farquharson. This car was driven by Bunty Richmond at a number of Hillclimbs & Sprints during this period. It is not currently clear if this car is in fact Buntys Allard J2 called Butch that she owned in the early 1960's. Check out the DOWNTON CARS (non Mini) section for more details and previously unpublished pictures. I would like to thank Mr Roger Murray-Evans for sending me the details of his beautifully restored Allard J2.

09.07.07: Following the success of the reunion of former Downton employees organised in 2006, a further event is being considered for 2007. For the latest details visit the virtual DOWNTON SOCIAL CLUB. This event is exclusivley for people who were employed by Downton Engineering Works Ltd. Between 1947 & 1976.

06.07.07: I have just added a rather poignant article to the DOWNTON PRESS REVIEW section, it's taken from the December 1975 issue of Motor, and is entitled "GOODBYE DOWNTON" it is a single page report on the decision made by Bunty Richmond to sell Downton Engineering Works. It details some of their history and successes and mourns the passing of the greatest Mini tuner of them all. Sadly the sale was never completed and the works closed and contents were sold off in 1976 after the untimely death of Mrs Richmond.

Coincidental in the same issue dated December 4th 1975 there is a report on the sad death of Graham Hill, the former Grand Prix World Champion and Chairman of Speedwell Performance Conversions.

04.07.07: Following my recent run in with fake Downton items offered on ebay, I have decided to offer a selection from my own collection for sale via this site.

All items unless clearly stated otherwise will have been originally supplied by "Downton Engineering Works Ltd" the company that was founded and run by Daniel & Bunty Richmond in the Wiltshire village of Downton. There are only a few parts listed at the moment, but depending on the amount of interest, I may offer further items from my own collection in the future. You can find this new DOWNTON ITEMS FOR SALE section via the main DOWNTON INDEX page. Needless to say I am always interested in purchasing or swapping original Downton items of any sort.

28.6.07: I have added a very interesting letter written by Daniel Richmond regarding his Lagonda Rapier to the DOWNTON CARS section. This letter makes fantastic reading, I hope you like it. Should you have any information on Mr Richmonds Lagonda Rapier. I would be very pleased to hear from you. Thanks, Mark.

18.06.07: The MK1 Performance Conversions Yahoo group is no more. I have decided to close this group down through lack of activity. I feel I am better off directing my interest elsewhere. I would like to thank those people who took the time to post there and would like to assure all former members and readers of this site, I will always welcome e-mail enquiries. Please direct these to

04.06.07: I have just added a copy of a credit note to the DOWNTON LITERATURE section. The interesting thing to note is that it is made out from "Downton (London) Limited, Not Richard Miles (Downton) London Limited. The directors are also D. & V. Richmond. Richard Miles had by 1970 decided to part company with the Richmonds and go his own way. I have also added 3 Homologation variation forms to the BMC ARCHIVE section. These all adte from very late in the Cooper S's life and include the re homologation of the Rubber cone suspension for the Cooper S, the "new" 12G940 cylinder head and the Weslake "iron" 8 port head.Thanks to Will G for the copies.

17.05.07: New additions to the BARWELL MOTORS sectrion.

15.05.07:I have just added a wealth of new stuff to the ALEXANDER LITERATURE section as well as another letter to the DOWNTON LITERATURE section. All thanks to my good friend AndyB.

09.05.07: I have just added a little more information to the story of Daniel Richmonds Bugatti Atlantic which I have received recently, The car was rebuilt in the UK as an open Tourer in the style of Corsica coachworks. It now lives in the US with a collector. The car did not have a factory Atlantic body but one made by Corsica for the owner from new. You can see a picture of this car in the DOWNTON PICTURES section.

08.05.07: I have a horrible confession to make. The information I gave in the TECHNICAL BODY section regarding the colour of BMC Engine paint WAS WRONG. I can now confirm with 100% certainty that the colour used on BMC engines was BS Middle Bronze Green (BS 223). Not Brunswick Green as previously stated.

12.04.07: I have just added two new items to the DOWNTON LITERATURE section. These are a letter regarding cam choice on a 1275 S as well as the first half of a camshaft data sheet. Both these items have been submitted by Mr. John Astill.

4.04.07: I have made a few alterations here and their, mainly tidying stuff up today. I have also added another review to the DOWNTON PRESS REVIEW section.

28.03.07: A copy of the specification sheet for Broadspeed Road going Cooper S conversions added to the BROADSPEED section today.

27.03.07: I have added some more original BMC press release pictures to the PRESS PICTURES section today. Courtesy of Karsten Stelk in Germany.

19.03.07: Another Downton article added to the DOWNTON REVIEWS section this morning. Thanks to Graeme Farr in NZ for this one.

16.03.07: Please visit my new improved ebay store where I am pleased to be able to offer a few bits and pieces that you may find useful or interesting. As I am sure you are aware, the MK1 Performance Conversions web site is totally non money making. It does however cost me a few bob to keep up and running. If you purchase anything from my EBAY STORE it will go towards keeping the site running & free. Thanks. M.

15.03.07: A couple of new additions today, neither of which are directly related to the MK1 Performance site. First, I am pleased to be able to promote what I consider to be one of the best new web sites in years. gives a full unabridged history of the very famous racing team that was variously known as BRT, VitaD, as well as what is its most famous incarnation BRITISH VITA RACING & TUNING (BVRT). As you will probably already be aware BVRT very deeply involved with motorsport throughout the 1960's eventually running a 3 car team for BMC in the European Saloon Car Championship. The team founder and guiding light throughout the 1960's was my motoring hero Harry Ratcliffe. This site gives a blow by blow account of Harry's involvement in motorsport from his first race to his retirement in the early 1970's. If you are a fan of Mini tuning or 60's saloon car racing this is a site that can't be missed. Packed full of previously unpublished photos and articles from the British Vita in house magazine "Bubbles" this site is a true insight into what 60's motor sport was REALLY like.

12.03.07: I have just added a new picture to the DOWNTON PICTURES section as well as a reminissence from Dale "Clem" Clement in the WORKING THERE section. Dale worked at Downton in the early 60's and has kindly re told the story of the 1963 Nurburgring 6 hour race that he attended with the Richmonds when servicing "Sophie" the Downton 1275 S race car.

07.03.07: I have just added a new section to the ROUGES GALLERY. Another item sold as "Original Downton" on ebay, for a huge amount of money that is currently available from the latest incarnation of "New Downton"at what can only be described as a very reasonable price. I don't imagine my little rant here will bother the offending ebayer but it makes me feel a bit better. I urge anyone who is interested in Downton to read the BUYING DOWNTON & ROGUES GALLERY sections of the site as well as visiting the new incarnation of Downton to see what is what before parting with WAY too much money for something that is not all it apears to be.

27.02.07: New review of Downton MG 1300 added to Downton PRESS REVIEW section.

23.02.07: I have just fixed all the broken links on this page. I didn't know they were there until I did a test earlier today. I will probably have missed the odd one as I had to find and fix them all by hand. Still, its done now.

22.02.07: I have just uploaded 2 pictures of the Cooper Car Company stand at the 1969 racing car show to the COOPER CAR COMPANY section.

12.02.07: New copy of SPEEDWELL NEWS added to the Speedwell section. This marked the launch of the most sought after VW parts range.

08.02.07: I am afraid that updates are a bit thin on the ground at the monent, this is mainly due to me spending allmy free time working on the Racer. As soon as I have a bit more free time I will be posting a lot more info about it, but for the moment the practical stuff has to take precedence. In the meantime, I have added a number of original press release photos, both of the 850 & the 997 Cooper to the PRESS PHOTOS section. I hope you like them. I have also added a couple of new Alexander Engineering brochures to the ALEXANDER BROCHURES section.

22.01.07: A couple of items added to the SPEEDWELL DOCUMENTS section this morning. A letter c/w a nice Peter Eva signature and a Copy of the Speedwell Custome News letter from August 1964.

19.01.07: New tuning company added to the CLASSIC TUNING archive. MOTORPLUS, if you know anything about this company, I would really like to hear from you.

17.01.07: New picture of the Austin Beach Car along with a description added to the bottom of the BMC PRESS PHOTO section.

16.01.07: More stuff added to the REBUILD of the racer.

12.01.07: I have just added the latest update on the racer to the site. To check it out go to the RACER PROJECT section and click on REBUILD.

4.01.07: I have just added 2 new sections to the CLASSIC TUNING section. The first is a full catalogue & price list for Minilite Magnesium wheels. This dates from the late 60's or very early 70's, and probably gives the best overview of this very famous wheel manafacturer at the height of their business. The second is a huge amount of info regarding Wooding the main BMC / ST stockist in Germany during the 60's & 70's. Both these very interesting items were sent in by Christian Fritz.

3.01.07: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

added another review of a Downton tuned Maxi to the DOWNTON PRESS REVIEW section. These second 2 articles are courtesy of Graeme Farr in New Zeland.

11.12.06: I have begun to updat the WORKING AT DOWNTON section with some of the stuff gleaned at the recent reunion. This is very much a work in progress and I will add more soon. For the more observant of you, I admit to having cocked up and accidentaly uploaded an old version of this page. I have possibly missed som of the updates that were previously present, I will try not to do it again.

10.12.06: Check out the new article writen for the site by Mini Racing legend Gordon Spice. Gordon was a Downton employee in the mis 60's as well as a driver for the legendary Britax Downton Cooper team in the late 60. Gordon has been very kind to give me permission to pubish an extract from his forthcoming autobiography here. Read GORDON SPICE's story here first.

Below are details of all the site updates since January 2007.

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