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BMC 850 Launch Press Pack (1960)
The complete press pack for the US launch of the Mini in 1960.

The Press Pack

On the 11th of April 1960 The Hambro Automotive Corporation, the main importers of BMC cars in to the States announced the introduction of a new model. The Austin or Morris 850.

The revolutionary car had many features not previously seen on any car, let alone one 10 feet long. Reproduced here is the entire press pack that accompanied the launch of BMC's new baby in the USA.

The press release folder was, for its time quite a glossy affair. Shiny card with an internal pocket containing information, photos and even sample advertisements for the new BMC baby.

The first US Brochure.

This is the first, very modest brochure designed to promote the NEW BMC baby in the States.

Detailed Technical information

Eight sides of Foolscap paper were considered enough info on the new car, with different items described as Introduction, Specification, Fact Sheet & Fillers.

Press Release Photographs

A good selection of glossy 10 x 8" photos were included.

Advertisement Blanks

Finally, there were a selection of sample advertisements, both sample plates and copies of the adverts were included.