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Tilling Automotive Brochure.

An original brochure detailing the Tilling Automotive window / door conversion for Mini models.

Tilling Automotive Quotation. .

An original quotation for the supply of a set of pre painted / tinted wind up doors, dated 1974.

Tilling Automotive Brochure.

Another example of a brochure from this interesting company.

Tilling automotive are typical of the companies that spring up in the 1960's. Run as a subsidiary of a much larger & older motor distributors "Motorhouse Ltd". They offered a range of conversion equipment & luxury car add ons for a wide range of models.

Early on they recognised a gap in the market for a wind up window conversion to fit standard Minis and supplied these very successfully for many years.

As is illustrated by the letter reproduced below, they were still offering their conversions long after the standard Mini was supplied with wind up windows as standard.

Tilling Automotive
Suppliers of wind up window conversions