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Gear Ratio Comparison & Analysis Tool.

This is another fantastic tool written by the great friend of the MK1 site Ian Hamilton that enables you to compare & contrast all common gear sets, drop gears & final drive ratios.  Enabling you to choose the best gear options for your specific application.

Can be downloaded as a ZIP file, with comprehensive advice on how to use the tool.

Make your own Hydrolastic tooll.

Another great step by step guide by Peter Laidler.

Radius Arm Repair & Improvement.

A detailed article on the repair & improvement of Mini radius arms.

Fix For Early Coil Spring Clutches.


If you click on the image opposite you will find a really good solution to a slipping early coil sprung clutch. The pre 1964 cars were fitted with these clutches. They weren't very good when new and as they are used they get weaker and weaker. Replacement springs have not been available for years. By following the instructions given you can convert your early coil spring clutch to use the standard selection of Diaphragm springs. This is the only real solution to this problem.


Torque Settings For The MK1 Mini, Cooper & S.

Copies of the workshop manual giving all the relevant torque settings for the MK1, the MK1 Cooper & Cooper S, Most settings are listed in the Mini section. Anything different is listed under the specific model category. As you will see, the Cooper & S sections are a bit thin!

BMC Service Tools.

A complete list of all specialist service tools for the early Mini range. Containing part numbers, descriptions & illustrations of every service tool you will ever need. Useful for identifying unknown tools or as a guide to making your own if needs be. The PDF also contains all the service tools required for the Aussie Moke too. Oh, & the lubrication chart as well, but that wasn't deliberate.  


Make Your Own Hydrolastic Suspension Tool.

Culled from an old copy of Car & Car Conversions Magazine. Heres an article on how to build your own Hydro suspension sucker. The Hydro inflation units are fairly easy to find and are relativley cheap, but this home made unit will evacuate your hydro system ensuring it will inflate and work as BMC designed it to. Thanks to "Ronnie" for the scan.  



A comprehensive list of most transverse A series gearboxes along with their major features.


Thanks to Bart Theelen & Nick Rogers for allowing me to publish this original reference list.


Gear Details.

A breakdown of different types of A series gear sets giving the number of teeth type etc.

Thanks to Nick Rogers & Bart Theelen for allowing me to publish this original reference list.


Hydrolastic Units.

Details of all Hydrolastic units used on Minis throughout production.


Thanks to Bart Theelen for allowing me to publish his original reference list.



What fasteners were used where & how to identify them.


Thanks to Bart Theelen for allowing me to publish his original reference list.


Early Oil Cooler for the MK1 Mini, Cooper & S.

Details of the early MK1 Oil cooler. This was also an option on the standard MK1 Mini.


Dunlop Tracking Gauges (User Manual).

The original Dunlop tracking gauges are still as good as they ever were. Still going strong in many commercial garage as well as enthusiasts homes. Something I am asked regularly is exactly how to use these. Well thanks to Bob Davies a regular contributor to the MK1 site I am pleased to be able to post a copy of the instructions here.


Spare parts are also available from the supplier detailed on the instructions.


Click on image to download a PDF.

SPQR "Major Change" Fitting Instructions .

For a complete set of fitting instructions for the SPQR "Major Change" gearlever conversion, click on the image opposite. Thanks to "Slowboy" for supplying these.


Lockheed Hydraulic manual.

The official service manual & parts list for Mini Hydraulic systems. Thank you to Tommaso Geronzi for another excellent scan.

Lucas / CAV Parts list.

A comprehensive list of Lucas / CAV electrical equipment fitted to BMC vehicles. Thank you to Tommaso Geronzi for another excellent scan.

Twin SU Inlet Manifolds

A comprehensive breakdown of all twin SU inlet manifolds used on Minis, Coopers & S’s.

Armstrong Roadholder - Suspension Tuning Specialists

An excellent publicity brochure produced by Armstrong promoting their range of shock absorbers, but with some excellent info on Suspension in general.

BMC Seatbelt Fitting Instructions.

Full instructions for fitting your BMC seatbelts.

Servicing Data (Early 70’s).

A full range of general service data for the BMC/BL range of cars.

Lockheed 5 1/2” Servo Service Manual.

A complete & unabridged service manual for the Lockheed 5 1/2” servo as used on MK1 & 2 Cooper S’s.

Smiths Speedometer S/N Numbers.

A comprehensive list of Speedos used across the Mini Range throughout early production.

MK1 Forum Tips & Tricks Section.

You can find a lot more fantastic technical articles as well as many useful tips & tricks on the MK1 Forum Technical pages.  Click the image to go there direct.

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