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Tacho Fitting Instructions.

Smiths Impulse Tachometer

One of the most common questions I get asked is "How do I wire up a Smiths Impulse Tacho? Well you can now download a full copy of the instructions, just follow the links below. Both pages are scanned and saved at 150dpi, so its a BIG easy to read copy too.

Speedwell Weston Racing Tachometer

These fall into the holy grail category! If you click on the image to the left you will find a complete set of fitting instructions for the Speedwell Weston "Racing" Tachometer. The copy is not very good so I have reproduced them at quite a large (120dpi) size. They give all the information you will need to fit this fantastic tachometer to any car wether its positive or negative earth. I hope they come in useful.

Speedwell / Smiths (IT/TCS)Tachometer


The Speedwell IT/TCS is a Smiths made induction loop tacho that wires as the Smiths version above. But here are the original Speedwell fitting instructions as supplied in 1966. Thanks to Al Brass for the copy.

The Complete Smiths Guide To The Care

        Of Instruments

This cracking little publication gives the full sp on all aspects of care, maintenance & calibration of a whole range of Smiths gauges.

A brilliant little publication that no fan of 1950's & 60's British cars should be without.

Click on the image opposite to download the entire PDF.

Smiths Instruments Product Data.

General Data including how stuff works and "current" prices.

The Complete Range of Smiths Accessories

        (circa 1966)

A very interesting publication that gives info on the Smiths range of accessory gauges, switch panels etc.

Lucas Generator & Control Box Tests.

How to test your Lucas Dynamos & Control boxes are working correctly.

Lucas Fault Diagnosis.

How to trace those pesky electrical faults in your Lucas wiring.  Don’t let that Lucas Smoke escape too easily!

The Complete Range of Smiths Accessories

(circa 1970)

Another  very interesting publication that gives info on the Smiths range of accessory gauges, switch panels etc. This is a few years later than the one above & has a far more comprehensive range.

Thanks to Tim Beazley for sending me this superb copy.

Converting from Dynamo to Alternator.

Here’s a quick easy guide to converting your Dynamo charged car to a brand spanking new alternator in no more than a few easy steps. Thanks to Mini59 for the scan.

Wiring Diagram (MK1 Moke to 1967).

Another "hard to find" technical diagram, this is the complete wiring diagram for the MK1 Moke. Although nearly all Mini derivative wiring diagrams are given in nearly all "Haynes" type manuals, the Moke is always the one they forget! Well here it is. For the key to the wire colours click HERE.


Fitting instructions for fitting Lucas

        Roof Light.

As featured on 33 EJB you are very lucky if you have one of these roof lights, they are so expensive now, very few ever find them onto the roof of a car.

Anyway, here’s how to fit it if you dare!

Fitting instructions for Triplex Heated Screens.

A full set of instructions for fitting the new Triplex heated windscreens as used on many of the "Works" cars.


Wiring Diagram For 11AC Alternator when Wired Negative Earth.

Wiring Diagram For 11AC Alternator when Wired Positive Earth.

Lucas BMC Products (1964).

The full Lucas catalogue covering all Lucas parts used in all BMC cars from 1964.

Lucas Coil Data.

A useful collection of info on Lucas coils dating from 1959.

Thanks to Matt Hipwell.


Technical (Electrical)

The section dealing with instruments, lighting & all things electrical