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SU Needle Recommendations.

Click on the image to the left for a link to a new page giving lots of useful info on SU Carbs & Fuel pumps.  Including a full needle & pump specification ()as of 1967) for all BMC & other vehicles using SU equipment.

Reece Fish Carburettor Instructions.

Made famous by Clive Trickey the Reece Fish Carb was very popular on tuned Minis of the 60 and early 70's, particularly the Mini se7ens. Click on the image for a small archive of related paperwork.

Amal Carburetter Hints & Tips.

Here’s a copy of the original hints and tips leaflet supplied with your Speedwell Amal Carb conversion. Admittedly not much use to most people but still quite interesting.

Zenith / Stromberg Carburettor Literature.

Here you will find reproduced the full technical specification of the Zenith Stromberg (CD, Constan Depression) Carburetter. It goes through all the technical detail you are ever likely to need regarding these popular units.



Second are the fitting instructions for the early Mini Zenith / Stromberg conversion kit. This kit was designed as a straight replacement for the standard fitment SU and was supposed to give better performance & economy.

Special Tuning H4 Carburettor Specifications.

Reproduced here are all the pages from the original Mini Cooper S Mechanical parts list regarding the Twin H4 conversion. You will find both general arrangement drawings as well as parts lists c/w part number. Most of the parts are available from Burlen Fuel Systems, with the exception of C-AHT1 (Carb abutment bracket) & C-AHT2 (Return spring abutment bracket).

Special Tuning H4 Carburettor Fitting Instructions.

A full set of fitting instructions to fit the Special Tuning H4 Carb kit to your Mini.

SU Specifications.

A truncated list of  SU carbs specified for most Mini models and some other BMC cars. This list gives the carb fitted as well as the specified needle &spring. The list does include some of the better known conversions as well.


Tecalemit Jackson Fuel Injection Complete Manual.

I have recently embarked on a crazy scheme to build a TJ injected 8 port A series engine. After buying most of the stuff I realised I hadn't got a clue how it worked. Mr Dennis Obee very kindly sent me a copy of the complete installation and maintenance manual in PDF format. Click on the image to begin the download. As far as I am aware, this publication is not available anywhere else on the web and you can download it for FREE! Thanks Dennis!


Tecalemit Jackson Fuel Injection Short Manual.

A copy of a 4 page short form brochure and manual for TJ injection, produced by Richard D. Atkins.


Tecalemit Jackson Fuel Injection Letter.

A two sided letter regarding TJ fuel injection equipment.


TJ Fuel Injection Competition System Fitting Instructions.

Download a complete set of step by step instructions for the fitting of the competition version of the TJ system.


Click on the image opposite for a downloadable PDF file.


Article on TJ Injection.

Originally taken from a 1968 issue of Hot Car magazine, this very clear, easy to understand article explains the ins & outs of the TJ fuel injection system. Thanks to Mike Mark for sending me the copy..


Special Tuning News.

Often teamed up with TJ injection the Arden 8 port head was one of the most successful competition A series heads of all time.


Weber 45 DCOE Carburettor Parts List.

The comprehensive parts list for the definitive competition Carb. Thanks to Pete Flanagan for this addition to the site.

Tuning of SU HS Type Carburetters.

The comprehensive & official guide to tuning HS type carbs. Courtesy of BL / SU. Thank you to Tommaso Geronzi for another excellent scan.

More Tuning of SU Carburetters.

The definitive guide to tuning SU’s.

SU Needle Specifications AUC 9618 D (Dec 1964).

A complete list of all SU needles including all sizes dated 1964.

Nikki - Carburetor Instructions.

The NIKKI was a popular after market Carburetor marketed by BG in the late 60’s & 1970’s.  It offered performance improvement & fuel savings over standard Carbs.

I’m not sure how good it actually was, but if you have one & want to give it a try, you will need these comprehensive instructions.

Needle Selection Tool

I am very pleased to be able to offer a truly exceptional needle selection tool that you can download and use for free.

This tool has been developed by Ian Hamilton & is offered to help people select the correct needle for their application. This fantastic tool covers all SU & Zenith / Stromberg Needles & Jets. Simply right click on the image to the left and save the ZIP file to your computer.

The program is in LibreOffice format & will not work correctly in Microsoft Excel or other similar programmes. Office Libre software is both free and easily available.


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