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Taurus Reviews
Contemporary Reviews of Taurus Products & Services

That something extra No: 8

Taurus were another of the tuning companies to benefit from a feature in this long running series in Autocar.

In this article Peter Garnier looks round Taurus & meets Ted Marchant.

Taurus Tested

A single page review from 1963, this gives a good overview of the products and ideas coming from Taurus in the early days.

Taurus Tuned Mini & Cooper.

Another later single page review now including modifications for the Cooper as well as the 848 Mini.


A Taurus Mini Cooper.

This is a truly glowing review of the "new" Taurus Stage 1 conversion for the Mini Cooper.

Once again proving that Taurus really were one of the prime movers in the tuning of cars during the 1960's it is a real shame that they have been almost totally eclipsed by the likes of Downton & Speedwell who’s products were only marginally, if any better at all than the products offered by this great London based company.  One of my real favourites!

Taurus Tuned Cooper S & 1100

Another review of a couple of excellent Taurus converted cars.