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Taurus Equipment
Performance parts, equipment & accessories offered by Taurus.

Complete Taurus Catalogue (1964)

High definition scan of the entire Taurus catalogue for 1964.

Complete Taurus Catalogue (1965)

High definition scan of the entire Taurus catalogue for 1965.

Taurus Catalogue 1966.

Not the most comprehensive catalogue, but this is more evidence that Taurus were the "Funkiest" tuners of the 60's. Check out the crazy 60's artwork.

Taurus Accessories

The flier opposite falls more into the spars and accessories category, featuring a wide range of "Bolt on" goodies for a whole range of different vehicles. This flier was supplied by AndyB.


Taurus Tuning .

A full set of data sheets.

Taurus were one of the first companies that realised the futility of publishing an all encompassing catalogue. Instead they produced a series of data sheets for their full range of products. Therefore if someone wanted info on a specific item, they could send that or if the customer wanted a full set they could send the whole lot. This must have saved a heck of a lot of money.

Reproduced here is a full set of data sheets from around 1968.

Taurus Performance Cylinder Heads.

Taurus flier on their modified cylinder heads for A series vehicles.

Taurus Mini Conversions.

Data sheet on Taurus "Mini Conversions"

Taurus Mini Conversion Price List Jan 1963.

The revised price list for a range of conversions suitable for the Mini range of cars dated 1963.

Performance Engine Services.

PES were the Taurus agents in Birmingham, this is a copy of one of their promotional fliers. Their main catalogue was simply a standard Taurus one that had been stamped with the PES details.

Taurus Engineered Performance

By the early 70’s Taurus had started it’s travels round the country.

This is a catalogue for the company that was based in Wimborne Dorset.

The Last Taurus catalogue (1971)

By the early 1970’s Taurus had not been owned by it’s founder Ted Marchant for a number of years and after the new owners embarked on an ill fated sortie into pre packaged tuning sales the company was close to bankruptcy.

The last shake of the dice was in 1971 when a new company “Taurus - Engineered Performance Products was formed using the Taurus name under licence.

An impressive catalogue was produced but like so many other tuning firms in the oil starved 1970’s the new entity failed to thrive in the long term.

From it’s early days in a mews in London, Taurus had been a bell weather tuner, if Taurus was doing well the industry was doing well.

By the mid 1970’s neither was doing very well at all.