The most comprehensive resource for the early mini fan anywhere

This has top be the most motley selection of stick on boy racer accessories available anywhere, anytime. Or I would like to think it is.

Looking through any old magazines you will regularly come across the name of "Super Accessories" in the classified or Parts and accessories sections. They specialised in the supply of particularly "Cheesy" bolt on and stick on accessories.

However as well as the real boy race tut, they were also agents for a good range of Tuning equipment from some reputable and well known tuning companies.

Below you will find two copies of their catalogues, both from the mid 1960's these two contain a good deal of stuff that is exactly the same, but some items have been added & subtracted between the two.

The earliest of the Super accessories catalogues in my collection

A later version of the same catalogue. Unfortunately neither catalogue is dated.

I believe that this "all makes" catalogue dates from after 1966 as there is a listing for a JV Murcott "Minifin" rocker cover which came out in this year.

Super Accessories
L.R. Montgomery & Co. Ltd.367 Lewisham High Street, London SE13