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BMC Special Tuning Rocker Cover Labels.
A New Range Of Super Accurate Reproduction ST Labels.

For long enough people have been offering their own interpretation of these original 1960’s Rocker Cover Labels.

Some have been multi coloured, some have been printed on foil.  Without exception, they have been WRONG.

I am pleased to be able to offer the full range of these labels reproduced accurately for the first time.

All examples are photo etched in red onto rigid aluminium sheet and have self adhesive backing, just like the originals.

Comparison: (Original Top, Reproduction below)

BMC / Downton Stage 1

Reproduction label as supplied with Special Tuning supplied Stage 1 Conversions.

BMC-DTN-01 - £7.50 + P&P

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BMC Stage 1

Reproduction label as supplied with Special Tuning supplied Stage 1 Conversions.  Alternative to label above.

BMC-ST1-01 - £7.50 + P&P

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BMC / Downton Stage III

This is a Stage III label, describing a Downton / BMC conversion to stage III..

DTN-BMC3-01 - £7.50 + P&P

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Prepared By BMC Special Tuning


This label was used when cars were modified to an unspecified but more advanced state than a given Stage by Special Tuning.

BMC-PREP - £7.50 + P&P

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