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Although not strictly a tuning company SPQR did manufacture some of the best quality mini accessories available throughout the 1960's. A few of their products are still available today although manufactured by other companies. Having said that, as was usually the case back then, they were also responsible for some of the worst atrocities ever seen. If you follow the links below you can see both the best and the worst that this company had to offer.

Click on the image opposite to download a copy of their catalogue from 1965.

CLICK here for a copy of the PRICE LIST.

A small range of high quality accessories

SPQR Flier

Click on the image to the right for a copy of a very nice 2 sided flier depicting a range of SPQR products. From the height of their popularity.

SPQR "Major Change" Fitting Instructions .

For a complete set of fitting instructions for the SPQR "Major Change" gear lever conversion, click on the image opposite. Thanks to MK1 FORUM "Slowboy" for supplying these.


SPQR becomes Speedograph.

In the early 1970’s SPQR was sold to Speedograph, who continue to manufacture some SPQR products to this day.

To the right is a flier that gives details of some of the SPQR products that Speedograph continued to manufacture.


Another flier from Speedograph.