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First Copy Of Speedwell News (1964)

This appears to be an sort of experimental version of Speedwell News, produced in 1964.

Speedwell News

By 1965 Speedwell had realised that their much sought after catalogue was costing way too much!

To remedy this problem they abandoned the loose leaf catalogue that they had used since 1963 and introduced new short speedwell catalogues that were mailed out with a copy of "Speedwell News".


This format of Speedwell News didn't last that long. To be honest I doubt it lasted until the end of 1966, these are the only copies I have ever seen.

The thing of most note in this particular issue is the launch of the famous Speedwell accessories for the VW Beetle.


This is the final copy in my collection, suggesting that this particular publication didn’t make it out of 1966.

Speedwell News
A short lived publication to keep customers up to speed on new products & offers