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Introduction to

Catalogue 1963

Introduction to

Catalogue 1964


Speedwell Letter

Dated Oct. 1965

Letter Aug 64

Compliments Slip

Speedwell Car Sales

Speedwell Distributors 1971

Introduction to 71 Catalogue

Intro Letter late 1971

Speedwell Distributors late 71

Letter regarding the purchase of shares 1962

Letter regarding Share certificates 1962

Share Certificate for 100 Ordinary Shares

Receipt for purchase of shares 1962

Letter regarding Dividend Payment 1965

1970’s Speedwell of
Speedwell Documents
An archive of original material.

The First Speedwell Badge.

This is a very, very rare example of the original Speedwell badge that was designed by John Sprinzel.  Engraved brass, which was then enamelled & plated. Seen on early Sprites & A30s & 35s particularly.

Early badge fitted to A35 Rocker Cover, in period.

Etched Speedwell Badge.

Just to prove that you learn something new every day I have recently come across this Speedwell badge that I have never seen the likes of before. It measures approximately 2" x 2" and is plated etched brass, it fixes with two 4BA screw threads on the back and is finished in yellow and black enamel with silver plated highlights. I am sure that this is correct but would love to hear any further info.


Cast Speedwell Badges.

There were two types of badge sold by Speedwell throughout the 60's, they were both identical apart from the fact that one had a black paint background and the other had a light matt yellow background (not unpainted as previously stated). (Part No: AC 175, Price £0, 7, 6)

Learn how to spot a fake HERE

Speedwell Rocker Cover Badges.

I have found two types of original Speedwell rocker cover badges. These differ greatly in detail from the reproductions sold regularly on ebay. The 3 pictured opposite are all originals, from the top these are 1) Very worn A Series, 2) Fairly normal wear B Series badge very similar, but NOT identical to the A Series, and finally 3) A new old stock original. Compare any of these to the ebay offerings and the differences are self evident. The most notable feature is that all 3 are etched, where as the ebay ones are simply printed.

Speedwell Catalogues
Complete Brochures including equipment & cars.

The Speedwell Sprite

Speedwell Sprite

Speedwell Austin 7

Speedwell A40

Mini Range Brochure 1961

Speedwell Sprite

& Midget

Speedwell A35

& A40

Speedwell Mini

Speedwell B Series

Speedwell Riley 1.5

1300GT Brochure

Mini Cooper

Road Tune

Gp2 Mini Cooper

Gp3 Cooper

Speedwell 1152 Elf

Mini Cooper Tuning

1152 Special

Competition Tuning 1963

850 Mini Tuning

Speedwell 1082 TT

Speedwell 1152 TR

Speedwell 1082AR

Press release

Press Release

1100 / 1300


The Speedwell


Review of

Speedwell 1963

A Look Around


Tuning Brochures
Brochures concerning specific models of vehicle.

Speedwell Exhausts 1965

Speedwell Exhausts 1960

Speedwell Exhausts 1964

Suspension Guide 1960

Speedwell Sprint Kit


Suspension 1961

Equipment Brochures
Brochures for specific equipment ranges.
Price Lists
Copies of price lists by part number.

Speedwell Car

Price List 1966

Price List 1965

Price List 1971

Retail Prices 1971

Speedwell Badges
A variety of original Speedwell badges
Showroom Display Material
Standees & display equipment.

“Special Equipment” Sign (1965)

Information display rack (1965)

Instrument display (1965) one of 2 types available.

Small Catalogues The Big Speedwell Catalogue
1963 - 1965
1965 - 1969
1969 - 1973

Sprint Kit Fitting


Oil Pump Instructions

Tacho Cowl Instructions

Offset Rocker Instructions


Oil Pressure

Vacuum Gauge

Fitting Instructions
Instructions for fitting Speedwell products.
Original letters & correspondence.
Speedwell Posters
Showroom Posters produced by Speedwell.





Speedwell News
The short lived News roundup from Speedwell.

Speedwell News

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Speedwell Photos
Photographs taken in & around Speedwell.

Press Picture of

1152 Engine

Ken Lee’s

Speedwell Cooper

Ken Lee’s

Speedwell Cooper (2)

Ken Lee’s

Speedwell Mini

G.Hill & Directors of

R. Sturgess

accessory shop.

John Poole’s Rally Cross

Cooper S

The Speedwell Dyno Facility

Speedwell A35

Speedwell A35

The Speedwell Dyno Facility

Dyno Cell

Speedwell Test Facility

Speedwell Test Instruments

Speedwell Test Instruments

Speedwell Memories

Peter Eva recounts his time at Speedwell in the 1960’s.

Speedwell Advertisements

Speedwell Articles & Adverts
Other items of interest