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Competitions Department & Special Tuning
The BMC in house tuning concern.

Of all the tuning companies offering parts to make your BMC car go faster, you would expect that the BMC Competitions department and later the Special Tuning or S.T. Department would have been one of the most influential and long lasting.

If you thought this, you are wrong. For many years BMC were not interested in selling tuning equipment to the general public, the Comps. Dept. had an ongoing policy of telling people to go away.

Eventually, BMC did realise the benefits of marketing "their own" products. These tuning offerings were to a great extent manufactured for BMC by Downton.

Below you will find a selection of the paperwork detailing this equipment

Where it all began.

Early Comps. Dept. Tuning sheet (approx 1963).

This very brief sheet was one of the very first Mini offerings from the Competitions Department, as you can probably tell from its somewhat curt text, they weren't very interested in selling to the general public in the early days. How things changed later :-)

ST Tuning sheet (1964).

This is a comprehensive set of tuning sheets from 1964, I have saved them as a high definition PDF.

These can be saved & printed out as a great addition to any collection, or if you are a scumbag you can print them out & sell them on ebay.

BMC Special Tuning Sheets.

Mini Cooper 'S' 970, 1071 & 1275 (approx 1968).

If you follow the links below you will find a complete set of very early BMC Special Tuning Sheets. These date from approximately 1968 and predate both the Special tuning binder (AKD 5601) and the well known BMC Special Tuning logo.

For more sheets of a similar period, CLICK HERE


BMC Special Tuning Sheets.

Mini & Cooper 848, 997 & 998, (aprox 1969).

The links below go to a complete set of Special tuning sheets for the small bore mini variants.

BMC Special Tuning Sheets.

Stage 1 Tuning Kits For Small Bore Engines (aprox 1968).

The links below go to a fairly complete set of sheets relating to the Downton produced Stage 1 kits sold by BMC Special Tuning from 1968. There are also a few other parts listed too.


BMC Special Tuning Sheets (USA).

So special tuning sheets were produced by BMC from their Abingdon base were they. Well think again, the same sheets were duplicated by other BMC franchise holders around the world. Click on the picture opposite for an example of the very colourful US sheets.

By the way, the contents of the sheets, right down to headings and issue numbers were the same everywhere.


BMC Special Tuning Sheets (Canada).

Another example of ST data sheets that were produced somewhere other than the UK. This set are from Canada and apart from their appearance were identical to the UK ones.

The best thing about this Canadian set is that they dated their sheets! This makes it possible to build up a chronology of these BMC data sheets, something that is impossible to do with the UK ones as they were never dated!

This is a huge PDF download of some 200+ pages


BMC Special Tuning Sheets (Australia).

A usual, BMC were shown the way by one of their non UK off shoots. This is the Australian version of the BMC special tuning sheet. Have a look, there is a better selection of equipment, and it is better presented than the UK item (reproduced above).

Special Tuning Sheets (Leyland ST).

This is a very complete copy of the Leyland ST sheets published in the late 70’s & early 80’s.  This was the absolute last gasp for what started out as the Competitions Department.

It is however a very comprehensive 33 page booklet.

Click on the picture opposite for a very nice clearly labelled picture of the Dash and instrumentation in AJB 44 B. To get a translation from German to English CLICK HERE

To read the text that accompanies this picture,

        CLICK HERE.

Stage 1 Kits for BMC A Series Powered cars.

A really nice example of one of the handouts produced by BMC to promote their new Stage 1 tuning kits in 1968. These kits were manufactured by Downton and were of a very high quality.

A good article on the preparation for the 1966 Monte.

A close look at the preparation of a works team attempt on a big international event.

The original Special Tuning LSD.

Read a little more about the very first LSD manufactured for the Mini. This really was an item that demanded full concentration and a very firm grip! Click on the image for more.

British Leyland “ST” Flier (1969).

A single fold out flier, giving a decent overview of the tuning offerings made by BMC in 1969. This is actually a re branded & reprinted flier that was originally branded BMC.

(Courtesy of Rachel & Andy Nelson)

British Leyland “ST” Brochure (1972).

A far more comprehensive brochure extolling the virtues of BL’s tuning kit range. Some nice images, but it’s distinctly short of “current” sporting triumph.

(Courtesy of Rachel & Andy Nelson)

Special Tuning Handbook (Danish)

Special Tuning Flier (German)

Assorted ST related PDF files

AKD 3509 - ST Supplement to Cooper S Parts List

ST Amendments - Updates & Amendments to ST Tuning Sheets

ST Letter 1968 - Letter from Basil Wales re ST

ST 1964 - More Cooper S ST Tuning Sheets from 1964

ST 1965 - More Cooper S ST Tuning Sheets from 1965

ST 1968/1 - Even more Cooper S tuning sheets from 1968

ST 1968/2 - As above

850 & 998 MINI - Related data Sheets

SPRITE & MIDGET - Related ST Datasheets

1100 / 1300 - Related ST Datasheets

1800 - Related Datasheets

MGB - Datasheets

MGC - Datasheets


MGB - ST Sheet from Mid 70’s

ALLEGRO - Special Tuning (Believe it or not)

MINI - Mid 70’s Mini tuning from ST

TOWING AIDS - Now that’s what I call tuning.


BLMC SPECIAL TUNING - A rehash of a much earlier BMC leaflet.

1100 / 1300 - 1976



MAXI - Urgh

PRINCESS - Can it get any worse


TOWING - Again