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Speedwell Short Form Catalogues
Short Form Catalogues from Speedwell

Speedwell Short Form Catalogues

Although the original large format, loose leaf  Speedwell catalogue was very popular, it was also expensive to produce & the idea of sending out regular updates never really got going, so in 1965, in an attempt to save some money & target their advertising budget a bit more carefully it was decided to abandon the original yellow catalogue.

The result of this cost saving was the introduction of short form catalogues that reflected a specific model or range of parts.

These are the 6 different catalogues that were first produced in 1965 & continued in service until the end of Speedwell Performance Conversions Ltd in 1969.

I have reproduced all 6 in relatively high definition, to see the contents of any of these brochures, simply click on the title & the PDF file should open automatically.

These catalogues were initially free, but a charge of 2’ 6 was introduced, again in an attempt to save money.

Instead of sending out updates, Speedwell also introduced the “Speedwell News” at this time.  Another short lived advertising device, that I believe only stretched to 3 issues covering some of 1966.

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