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Shorrock Illustrated Brochure (Mid 1960's)

Click on the image to the left to see a copy of the most comprehensive catalogue ever produced by Allard to promote the Shorrock range of blowers. This catalogue was produced in the late 60's or early 70's and in all honesty was a bit of a last gasp attempt to sell these blowers. The company finally closed in the mid 70's.


Allard / Shorrock Brochure (1968)

A very comprehensive extract from the Allard Motor Co’s tuning catalogue from 1968.

Allard’s were Ford main dealers by 1968 so were almost exclusively involved in the tuning of Ford engines & vehicles.

The Shorrock section of the catalogue, does still have some BMC content though.

A Series Engine Fitting Instructions

Here you will find a complete copy of a fairly typical set of fitting instructions for a Shorrock Blower, this set actually refers to the Austin Healey Sprite, but I am sure you will get "the drift" from them.

For lots more great information on Shorrock Superchargers with an emphasis on all things Sprite, visit


C75 B Stripping & Rebuilding Instructions

These are the Dismantling & reassembly instructions for the C75B as well as the larger C142B, you will also find the details of all the specialist tools needed, as well as technical specs. tolerances etc.

Shorrock Flier from the mid 1950's.

A nice copy of an original Promotional flier.


Another Flier from the mid 1950's.

Another copy of an original Promotional flier.


Compliments Slip.

A copy of an original Shorrock Compliments slip.


Fitting Instructions for BMC Mini / Cooper & S.

Here is a complete copy of the "official" Shorrock fitting instructions for a Mini, Mini Cooper or Mini Cooper S. Believe it or not, some folks would charge you £8.00 for this!


The Allard "Dragon" Anglia

The Dragon was a promotional car that was built by Allard to promote their Shorrock range of superchargers. Allard were the main distributor for Shorrock Superchargers throughout the 1960's & 1970's.

The Dragon appeared all over the country at Drag Race meetings and was always guaranteed to create a stir.

The Dragon was fitted with a MASSIVE C200 Shorrock Blower.

(These pictures were taken in 1966, courtesy of Gary Ranson)

Shorrock Press Releas Picture.

An original Shorrock Press release picture of one of their fitting kits. I believe this is for an early Ford.

(Courtesy G. Ranson)

The Shorrock Archive
An archive or original material relating to Shorrock Superchargers