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CUD Accessories
The finest key rings & Accessories.

CUD (Castle Union Developments of Leicester were throughout the 1950’s & 60’s the premier supplier of custom key fobs.

I first noticed this company as they were the supplier of the original Downton Key Fobs, I then noticed that the superb range of Alexander Gear Lever Knobs were actually supplied & manufactured by CUD.

Today many of their original key fobs command astronomical prices as the combination of great style, superb quality & rarity stands out.

Sadly CUD went into liquidation in the early 1070’s. Some of their old stock badges & equipment were bought by a Company called “Craftsman” who for a short time continued production which fizzled out some time shortly after.

Sales Information (Keyrings).

This is a single sheet sales leaflet from 1966 detailing 3 types of “Key Holders” supplied by CUD.

The styles featured are the simple oval “Key Guard”, manufactured in “Real Morocco Leather”, The Pig Skin Key Tone & the budget Key Pilot manufactured in plastic.

All could be supplied with a huge range of logos or badges on the front & could also be supplied with the dealer info printed on the reverse.

Gear Shift Knobs (Flier One).

Your Gear Shifts “Crowning Glory” - a jewellers’ enamel car emblem accurately reproduced in authentic colours, enhanced by smooth optical glass and mounted in a light weight knob that has been polished, nickelled & chromed to a mirror finish.

What more could any driver want?

As supplied by Alexander amongst others.

Gear Shift Knobs (Flier two).

Featuring the same range of “Chromed” light weight gear knobs as described above, with the addition of a range of wooden gear knobs too.

Other Accessories.

No doubt made to the same exacting standards as other CUD products, this flier details some of the other products offered.  These include;

Chrome Bonnet Flashes,

National Plaques

GB Insignia

Comprehensive Price List Dated February 1966.

This is the bit that always makes me sick.  Look at all those prices!

If only I had a time machine!

The list also includes a comprehensive list of all the “standard” Car Brands offered from Stock. I have been collecting for many years & have never seen some of them!