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Paddy Hopkirk Comprehensive Accessories Catalogue(Circa 1967)

This is the first look I have ever got of a truly comprehensive Paddy Hopkirk Accessories catalogue from the mid 1960's. It is conspicuous by its inclusion of a great deal of truly motor sport related equipment, as well as the more common tow balls & aerials. This is a large PDF download at around 25mB but it is in excellent definition & makes a very interesting read. It has to be said that this version of the Paddy Hopkirk Catalogue bears a remarkable resemblance to the les Leston one of the same period!

Thanks to Andreas Klein for the loan of the brochure.

Paddy Hopkirk Accessory Flier (Circa 1969)

This is one of the more comprehensive fliers produced by PHA in the late


Paddy Hopkirk Accessory Flier (Circa 1969)

Paddy Hopkirk Accessory Flier (Circa 1969)

Paddy Hopkirk Accessory Advert.

Paddy Hopkirk accessories were one of the main players in the popular motor accessories market for many years. This was in no small part due to their very heavy advertising in the popular motoring press. Here’s an example of one of their adverts from the late 60's.

Paddy Hopkirk Accessories Mobile Shop.

As well as advertising regularly, PHA appreciated the benefit of appearing at motor sport events throughout the country. The PHA mobile shop made regular appearances all over the country.

Paddy Hopkirk Accessories Brochure 70’s..

A later version of the Paddy Hopkirk products accessory brochure.

Although Paddy Hopkirks name will forever be associated with the competition success of the Mini, Paddy Hopkirk Accessories (PHA) always had an assuredly popularist feel to them.

Far from offering true performance equipment PHA invariably stuck firmly to the chequered tape & leather driving glove end of the market.

For fans of performance tuning, the galling thing about this is that there will always be more money in selling go faster goodies to the masses than there is in offering true speed equipment to the few.

Paddy Hopkirk Products
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