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Nerus Cylinder head flier

An original flier published by Nerus promoting their modified cylinder heads.


Nerus General Tuning flier

A more comprehensive flier on general engine tuning from Nerus, including some info on models other than those made by BMC.

Saftey Fast article

This is an article about living with a Nerus modified mini published in the MG / BMC magazine "Safety Fast".


On test with a Nerus modified Mini

Extracted from the prestigious publication "Motorsport" this is another very interesting article about what it is actually like living with a Nerus modified car.


Four page article on NERUS modified cars.

This is a very good 4 page article on Nerus, their history, equuipment and facilities taken from the 1965 "Harespares" catalogue. This provately published tuning catalogue is a mine of information on all things motoring from the 60's.


One warm Baby.

Another review of a Nerus tuned 850 from Small Car & Mini Owner' Volume 1 No.3 November 1962. Thanks to AndyB for scanning the copy.

Invoice for modifications.

An invoice from a Nerus agent for the supply & modification of a Morris Mini dated 1967.

Price List for some non A Series conversions.

Situated on the South Coast of England in Rye, Sussex.

The Nerus Engineering Company had a devoted following of both competition drivers and road drivers who wanted a bit more out of their standard car. Nerus were brought into being as a subsidury of Rother Iron Works a company with a long history of selling into the car industry. Nerus was seen as an opportunity to take advantage of the higher profit margins offered by selling tuning equipment directly to the public.

Nerus soon developed a good reputation for equipment that worked well, although their prices were appreciably higher than some of their better known competitors.

Like so many tuning firms, Nerus seem to have dissapeared towards the end of the 1960's.

Purveyor of “Bolt on Horses”