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Simon Green (Moto-Lita)
One of the great survivors

Another great British business that is intrinsically linked with the Mini Cooper story is that of Moto-Lita.

Simon Green started his career in the motor industry as an apprentice at the Cooper Car Company back in the early 1950's where he was eventually tasked with making the steering wheels for their single seat racing cars. When he left Cooper's he worked for a number of other racing car manufacturers before setting up "Simon Green Ltd" in 1956. Originally based in a redundant chicken shed in Esher, where he began to make racing car specification steering wheels for road cars.

From those small beginings Moto-Lita have grown from strength to strength & are one of the few companies who have continued to represent quality & value in a world where so much is transitory.

Click on the image to the left for a copy of a brochure from the mid 1960’s.

15" Deep Dish  (non standard boss)

14" Medium dish

15" Wood Early "Simon Green"

A tiny Moto-Lita approx 7"

Early Flat 13" leather bound wheel with small boss

Early small boss dished

Motolita Dished / small boss

Motolita 14” Wood

Motolita 15” Wood

Motolita 13” Wood

Motolita 14” Wood

Simon Green 13” Wood

13” Flat Large Boss early

15” Semi Dished Satin Black

Flat Leather bound 14.5”

Deep Dish 13.5” From Broadspeed GT

Moto-Lita 15” Wood Rim