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Spark Plug Identification Labels.

Available again after a long absence.

A set of 4 Yellow HT lead / Spark Plug identification labels. These slide over the HT lead & heat shrink to the correct size. Now supplied with comprehensive fitting instructions.

£4.00 +P&P

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Reproduction Disposable Floor Mats.

Copied from items in the MK1 collection, I am pleased to be able to offer 3 designs of original dealer floor protectors.

These are the paper mats used by dealers to protect your car during a service.  Professionally printed on good quality paper these make a great addition to any classic 1960’s car.  Giving it that final period detail.                                           


Reproduction Speedwell tacho Pods

An exact reproduction of the classic Speedwell tacho Pod.  All features are exactly as originally supplied by Speedwell.  Traditionally manufactured in England.




Reproduction Tuning Company Posters

A Range of TOP QUALITY reproduction posters from 1960’s Tuning companies.  All my posters are faithful copies of originals & are produced to the very highest quality with accurate colour rendering & detail.  All posters are professionally  PRINTED IN THE UK.

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Tuning Posters

Speedwell Tuning Products.

From my own restoration & recomissioning of a number of Speedwell products, I am able to offer a small number of hard to find items from the Speedwell range.

All these items are exclusive to MK1 Performance Conversions & are as good or even better than the original items.


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A Word or two regarding Postage.

In the vast majority of cases the prices charged by me for postage cover recorded delivery within the UK & REGULAR Airmail for international purchases.  The cost of regular airmail invariably costs more than I charge, but I am happy to subsidise international purchases to some extent.

HOWEVER! Any purchases made that are sent by regular airmail services ARE NOT INSURED.  This means that in the event of non delivery no refund will be made.  If you would prefer that your item is sent by a guaranteed method, contact me & I will add the cost of this service to your invoice.

All recorded delivery items posted to a UK address are covered by a full money back guarantee in the event of non delivery.

By placing an order you are explicitly accepting these terms.

PH Grille Buttons.

These are identical to the originals, turned from high quality aluminium alloy & deeply knurled for an easy grip. Perfect finishing touch for that easy access grille or can be converted for use with rocker cover. (Supplied c/w suitable bolts & washers)

These are FAR superior to the "Speedwell" items offered by many companies as they bear directly onto the grille backing not the grille itself, thus avoiding bending or damaging the grille slats.

LIMITED NUMBERS!                                        

 Grille Buttons (PHGB-01) £28.50 +P&P

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Give your modern Rosepetal wheels that “authentic” 60’s look.

For a few years now, good quality Rosepetal wheels have been available from major Mini Spares suppliers.  However, some owners have not taken to them as they differ from the 60’s variants as they have have a 2” hole in the centre, to allow the wheel to be balanced on modern machinery.

Following a recent discussion on the MK1 Forum, I have decided to make available a converter to give your modern Rosepetal wheels that “authentic” 60’ look.

Available in sets of 4, secured with a grub screw from the inside for easy removal.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to production variations on the John Brown /MWS version of Rosepetal Wheels, I can no longer guarantee that these reducers will fit straight on JB Wheels.  They are 100% GUARANTEED to fit Minispares Rosepetals.

£56.40 / Set of 4 + P&P       


Speedwell Wheel Centres.

Perfect copies of the original Speedwell Wheel Centres.

For some years now Speedwell Alloy wheels have been very popular, both original sets & the replicas available new.

These centres are perfect copies of the original glue in centre.                                     

Speedwell Wheel Centres (SWC-01) For Original 60’s wheel £40.00 +P&P

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Speedwell Key Rings.

Reproduction Speedwell keyrings.  Copied from an original in my collection. Real leather, Foil blocked on both sides with a 1” key loop. Available in 3 colours.

Speedwell Key Fob (Yellow) £6.50 + P&P

Speedwell Key Fob (Grey)    £6.50 + P&P

Speedwell Key Fob (Black)    £6.50 + P&P

Why is the telephone number printed SPEedwell 2226?

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Early Floor Start Button “Mushroom” 5 L 24

Accurate reproductions of the early pattern floor start button.  This is the actual starter button that sits on the top of the floor starter switch.  Correct shape & once fitted identical to the original. (Original on Left, repro on right)

5 L 24 Mushroom (£5.99 + P&P)

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AKD 1975 Document Envelopes.

When you bought your new Cooper S in the mid 1960’s all the owner documentation was contained in one of these envelopes.

Originals are very rare & if still in existence, are usually in shocking condition.

I am pleased to be able to offer an ACCURATE reproduction of this rare item.  Suitable for all BMC cars from 1964 - 1969.

AKD 1975 Document Envelope

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