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Of all the alloy wheels fitted to the Mini throughout procuction, only one has become a synonym like hoover. That wheel is of course the 8 spoke known as the Minilite.

Originally produced by Tec Del Ltd. from about 1966 the Minilite is still by far the most popular alloy wheel fitted to Minis.

Originally only available in Magnesium alloy and very expensive they are still available today although the original Magnesium alloy has been dropped in favour of less expensive & more durable alloys.

Read all you will ever want to know about Magnesium Minilite wheels here, most of the info on this page dates from their original 1967 sales brochure.

Minilite Wheel Brochure (1967)
Data Sheets & Price Lists (1967)

10" Magnesium


12" Magnesium


13" Magnesium


14" Magnesium


15" Magnesium



Magnesium Racing


Price List

Technical Data Sheets (1967)
Catalogues & Brochures

Minilite into the 1970's.

This is a later version of the catalogue for Magnesium Competition wheels this version dates from the very late 60's / early 70's.

Another view of the Minilite Factory in 1967

The ultimate Magnesium Racing Wheel