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Austin Se7en Van (Pub No:1875)

This very early simple flier was one of the first to promote the benefits of the Austin 1/4 ton Van. There appears to have been a "two pronged" strategy as far as advertising the utility models was concerned, during the same period there were always two types of brochure, the simple no nonsense one, as typified by this four sided 11 x 8" one and . . . .

the flashy full colour one.

Austin Se7en Van (Pub No:1937)

promoting exactly the same vehicle as the brochure above at exactly the same time, this brochure is beautiful! Lavish colours with good illustrations, it opens up to . approx 22 x 8" and is packed full of persuasive info.

Austin Mini Van & Pickup (Pub No: 1874)

Put the flags out! Austin have finally managed to make a better brochure than Morris. This is a totally beautiful Van & Pickup brochure from the early 60's. The illustrations are of excellent quality and the brochure opens up to 22 x 16" with loads of information too.

Morris Mini Van (Pub No:607)

Not the first Morris Van brochure but an early one from March 1960. This early poster / brochure opens up to give lovely images of the outside & inside of the Van. Their explanation as to why you only get one seat as standard is great.

Morris Mini Van & Pickup (Pub No: 6057)

Produced in May 1960 this brochure is extolling the virtues of these diminutive Trade vehicles. To begin with BMC were not optimistic about the sales prospects but as anyone who was around at the time will remember every  high street in the country used to be thick with both.

Austin Mini Van & Pickup (Pub No: 1874)

Very similar on the face of it to the brochure 3 up, even the Publication number is identical! But this one is for the Austin MINI Van not the Austin Se7en. Identical in all other respects though.


Australian Mini Moke (Pub No: 1076)

The very first incarnation of the “Aussie Moke” the Small wheeler 998 had a very limited life before the first true Aussie Moke came on stream in 1968.  This MK1 Moke shared most body details & the 10” wheels with the original UK produced Mokes.

Australian “Big Wheel” Moke (Pub No: 1076)

Once the Moke had been available in Australia for a while, it became obvious that it was not really suited to the rugged terain found in the Antipodes.  To help to alleviate the obvious problems the Moke made the transition to the much larger 13” wheels in an attempt to help with ground clearance.

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