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BMC Mini Saloon Brochures
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Austin Se7en Preliminary Specification (Pub No: 1824)

This is a brochure that was only ever circulated to dealers, it was never available to the general public. It gave the preliminary specifications of the Austin Se7en saloon. possibly the most boring artwork ever, but a very, very rare and interesting beast non the less. For a full scale scal of this very rare brochure click on the links.

Morris - Mini Magic (Pub No: H5948)

A very early promotional brochure for the NEW Morris Mini Minor dated Dec 1959.

16 Pages, full colour.

New Austin Se7en Specification & Price (Pub No: n/a)

This is another very rare & unusual brochure / price list dating from the very early days of MK1 production. I am afraid I have no more information on this one as there is no publishing details on it at all. Very unusual.


The "Revolutionary Morris Mini-Minor" (Pub No: 5971)

This is an unusual publication for a number of reasons, firstly, it is very early, second it has been published in Denmark. This brochure was sent in by Richard Marr who says;


" I think I collected this at the employee's launch of the Mini at the Morris Engines factory in Coventry. Not sure why it included a printed copy of the specification. I notice unlike all other Morris brochures it is printed in Denmark; this might have been for security purposes."


I would like to say thank you to Richard for sharing this interesting piece of Mini history.

Morris Mini Minor Saloon (Pub No: 23182)

"Wizardry on Wheels" With a publication date of August 1959 this was the brochure that heralded a whole new style of motoring for the British public, who could have seen where it would end. This fantastic brochure opens up as a poster almost 24 x 36".

Austin Se7en Saloon (Pub No: 1792)

As usual with Austin no date, but this is the Austin equivalent to the Morris brochure above. First published in 1959 this "poster / brochure" goes through every aspect of the new Austin Se7en. It makes great play of the "revolutionary" features and how these can be a benefit to the "common" motorist. In my opinion, this Austin version is graphically far less interesting than the equivalent Morris brochure, something that becomes a feature throughout the brochures of the 60's. It makes you realise just how separate the two company identities were at this time.

Austin Mini Saloon (Pub No: 1792/D)

The first Major relaunch!

The Mini sold very badly for the first year or so, this brochure was published in 1961 at the time the Mini-Cooper & Traveller were first brought out. These other two models are also mentioned in this publication, but in a box 2" square!.

Austin Se7en Saloon (Pub No: 1793)

This 16 page booklet was also produced in 1961, crammed full of pictures of "beautiful" (in an early 6's way) women enjoying there new Austin Se7en. This was the year that Austin dropped the Se7en identity and adopted the Mini name.

Austin Mini Saloon (Pub No: 2286)

This publication became the "Standard" Austin Mini brochure between 1964 the introduction of Hydrolastic suspension and the end of MK1 production in 1967. It ran to at least 8 versions all practically identical apart from minor changes to the text.

Morris Super Saloon (Pub

          No: H. 6162)

The "Rarest of the Rare". In 1961 BMC introduced the very short lived Super Mini. This was a Mini Saloon with all the "Cooper Bits", trim, carpet etc. but no powerful engine. They sold very badly as they cost nearly as much as a Cooper. The model was discontinued in mid 1962.


Morris Super Saloon (Salesmans data)

A complete copy of the sales mans crib for the new Super & Cooper Models.

Austin Super Se7en (Pub No: H. 2050)

Austin version of the very short lived "Super Mini". Not only were these cars not popular when new, but their rarity has been vastly increased by the fact that they were so easy to convert into a Cooper. In the past 40 years almost every one of these cars has been Cooper-ised, making a genuine Super a very rare beast indeed!


Austin Super Mini (Pub No: H. 2050/A)

An incredibly rare brochure. During the very short production life of the ill fated "Super", the designation of our favourite little cars changed from the Morris Mini Minor & the Austin Seven to the Austin & Morris Mini. This is the only example of this particular brochure I have ever come across. . . . Austin Super Mini!

Engineered Mini - Magnificence (Pub No: 61651)

Typical BMC penny pinching at its worst! Instead of immediately releasing a new set of brochures to promote the new "BMC Hydrolastic" suspension system. BMC opted to produce this rather sad single page flier to explain how the new system worked, this was simply slipped into the obsolete model brochure.

Morris. Great Little Cars (Pub No: 6304)

This brochure, first published in April 1963 took over where the original "Wizardry on Wheels" campaign left off. This colourful "poster brochure" opens up to reveal pictures of "Gay Happy Go lively" motorists and the technical aspects of the Mini.

Morris. More Mini Magic (Pub No: 6509)

This became the standard post Hydrolastic Morris brochure. Basically a reworking of the "Great little Cars" version, with more emphasis placed on the new Hydrolastic suspension. This version ran to at least 4 versions with only minor detail changes.

Morris. Today's Car Is a Mini (Pub No: 2354)

Today's car but yesterdays brochure! This was the last outing for the MK1 Mini. This brochure published in March 1967 was the very last Morris Mini MK1 brochure published. Although superficially similar to the previous one, the size and content were totally different. I do feel sorry for the blonde haired little boy, though he has been fascinated by that front wheel for 3 Years, and I bet his Dad's back is Killing him!

Morris Mini MK2 (Pub No: 2456)

The beginning of the end! In 1967 the Mini MK2 was introduced. Morris attempted to make this interesting by harking back to the style of the first Mini Cooper Brochure from 1961. But you couldn't hide the truth, the "New Mini" was just an old mini with a new grille and slightly larger rear window. WOW! I think not.

Austin Mini MK2 (Pub No: 2438)

The MK2 Mini was supposed to herald a bright new future for BMC and its cars. In my opinion the brochure says it all, no nice artwork just a boring photograph of a boring Beige car, with the bright red one pushed into the background forever.  

Morris. New Colours (Pub No: 39037)

Just how stupid can one company get? Published in September 1961 this small, some would say totally insignificant black & white flier was published to promote the new colour schemes available for  the Mini range. What more can I say?