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MK1 Mini Handbook

(AKD 3886G)

This handbook dates   from September 1966 & is a pretty generic version. It covers most aspects of most models.

Very Early MK1 Cooper Handbook (AKD 3029)

This handbook dates from September 1961 and is the very first edition of the Mini Cooper Handbook

Very Early MK1 Cooper Handbook (AKD 3028A)

This handbook dates   from November 1961 and is the secondt edition of the Austin Cooper Handbook

Cooper S Suppliment

(AKD 3798A)

This is the very first handbook supplement for the 1071cc Cooper S. Only issued in 1963.

1964 Modifications   (AKD 4231)

A Handbook Supplement   for the 1964 Mini Cooper & S mainly concerning the introduction of hydrolastic suspension.

Late Spec MK1 (AKD 3891G)

Published March 1967 this is more or less the final version of the MK1 Cooper & S handbook.

MK2 Mini Handbook Supplement (AKD 4953)

This is one of the rarest supplements seen. AKD 4953 was a supplement issued with the MK2 Mini before the official MK2 handbook had been published.

Mini Moke Handbook Supplement

(AKD 4130)

Supplement to the standard Mini handbook covering the MK1 English built Mini Moke.

Australian Cooper S

(TP 766A)

Something different, the Cooper & S Supplement for the first Ausie built Coopers.

Morris Mini Minor


A nice early manual, not in the best condition, but complete with original annotations.

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