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Read a review of Richard Longman & Company.

This review was originally published in Car & Car Conversions in the early 1970's.

It gives details of one or two of Longman's innovations and asks the question;

Richard Longman luck or Genius?

Richard Longman & Company Catalogue.

Longmans were never much into advertising or publicity material of any sort, this is the only copy of a catalogue of their products that I have ever come across.

The reason advertising material is so light is that for once Richards conversions & craftsmanship spoke for itself.

Richard Longman & Co
British Saloon Car Champion & Premier League A Series tuner.

Of all the mini tuners & tuning houses there is one that stands head & shoulders above all the rest.

Richard Longman started as a junior employee of Daniel & Bunty Richmond at Downton engineering, throughout his time there he showed himself to be not only a very talented driver but also a superb engineer.

It was only natural that eventually Richard would start his own company & in 1971 he left Downton along with George Toth, Downtons number 1 cylinder head man & Steve Harris another long time Downton stalwart, to form Richard Longman & Company Limited.

"Longmans" became legendary for the quality of their work & the speed of their cars, the legend only becoming stronger when Richard won the British Saloon Car Championship 2 years running in 1979 & 1980.

Richard continued in the tuning business until early 2009 when the company was finally closed down. Leaving many other newer "A series Specialists" with a few problems amongst which was where to source "their" modified cylinder heads from!