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Les Leston
Steering Wheels

15" Les Leston

          Grand Prix in leather (6 hole boss)

15" Les Leston

          Grand Prix in Leather (4 hole boss)

15" Les Leston

          Grand Prix in Wood (4 hole boss)

15" Les Leston

          (Tulip Boss)

15" Les Leston

          Wood, Small Boss for 11 / 1300

13" Les Leston

          Leather (6 hole boss)

13" Les Leston

14" Les Leston

Les Leston 15" (small boss for 11 / 1300)

Les Leston 15" "Sterling Moss" in wood

15" Les Leston "Sterling Moss" in Wood

15" "Sterling Moss" in Wood

15" Slotted Wood

5 Hole 15" in wood

13" 6 hole leather bound

Les Leston 15” Wood Rim

Les Leston 5 bolt small boss

Les Leston 15” 5 bolt small boss

Unsurprisingly the self acclaimed “King Of The Accessory Business” Les Leston was a prolific retailer of after market steering wheels throughout the 1960’s.

Never a manufacturer, the vast majority of Les Leston wheels were manufactured to a very high standard in the Midlands by “Walsall Wheels”.

Although LL wheels are by no means the strongest on the market, they are still highly sought after as the designs are both highly stylish & practical.

A good range of both leather & wooden rims in a huge variety of designs.