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John Sprinzel - Mini Magic

Another Sprinzel flier detailing conversions available for the Mini. Not how John managed to get Castrol to pay for his advertising by putting their products on his flier!

John Sprinzel - Mini Tuning

A very nice all be it rather brief flier detailing a range of conversions for a Mini ranging from Stage 1 (£1.18.0) to stage 4 (over £20.0.0)

John Sprinzel Compliment Slim (late 1960's)

Brochure for Rallye Seats

Price list For Rallye Seats

Of all the people closely associated with the tuning boom of the 1950's & 60's no single person has a larger claim to be the father of the whole movement than Mr John Sprinzel.

John started tuning cars in the mid 50's and was one of the founders of Speedwell, he sold his stake in 1959 and then after a short period of employment with Don healey went on to offer products & services under the "John Sprinzel" banner.

I have only a tiny, tiny amount of Sprinzel related material, but for a much better overview I can recommend Johns Book "The Sprintely Years" most highly.

John Sprinzel
Legendary A Series tuner