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Harespares AKA Autorama were not themselves a tuning company and as far as I am aware they didn't offer any of their own parts.

They did however offer a superb (possibly the best of the lot) colour mail order catalogue which detailed tuning equipment from many of the leading 60's tuning houses.

The short lived AUTORAMA catalogue is by far the best collection of tuning equipment in a single publication seen during the 1960's. Their range included Aquaplane, Speedwell & Taurus amongst others. Its in the Autorama catalogue that you find the first reference to Speedwell Alloy wheels!

This is a great catalogue and well worth buying if you get the chance.

For edited highlights in one easy to open PDF, click on the image opposite.

I recently received the following mail;

Funny how i came across this site as i used to work at Harespares Sevenoaks when they opened a shop. I was 15 then and it was quite exciting. I got to know every item in the catalogue, there were two, Motorama and Autorama . It was all Cortinas, Anglias, Minis, Imps and even tuning kits from Derrington for the 100e Anglia and Prefect. Also when they made the film Grand Prix at brands we had some publicity from that. Nigel  

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