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Grafer Tune was based in Chapel St Royton Lancs. Described as looking like a scrap yard. It was actually a compound full of finished and half finished projects. Old Jags, MGs and Minis seemed to be flavour of the day. Grafer Tune was run by Stuart Whitehead & his brother.

The Garage was demolished in the late 80s or early 90s to make way for new houses.

Grafer Tune
Another Lancashire Tuning Company
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Outside Grafertune in Royton April 64.

Cadwell park mid 60’s, Stuart’s brother giving last minute intructions.

Grafer tune were racing for Allan Rothwell at the time who played David Barlow in Coronation St, as Allans TV contract stopped him driving over 30 MPH for insurance reasons.

Outside Grafertune in Royton April 64.


“We penetrate the North”

A short article about tuning in the Manchester area that mentions Grafer Tune as well as their much more famous neighbours BRT.

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