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This page is dedicated to one of the most famous & bizare Minis ever run in competition, the BMC built & Downton entered Twini-Mini.

Developed & built by the competitions department but entered in the 1963 Targa Florio the twini Mini never lived up to it's initial promise. 178 BHP & 4 wheel drive was no advantage once the rear engine overheated and turned into a dead weight. The project was finally killed off when John Cooper was almost killed in a very serious accident at the wheel of a twini, making it an unusual & interesting, all be it fruitless dead end, diversion in the history of the BMC Mini.

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The First Twini Mini.

These are a few rare picture of what, as far as can tell was the very first Twin engined Mini. Built over the winter of 1962 by that most resourceful and ingenious of car designers Paul Emery.

It featured twin 948cc A series engines and was due to be raced at Goodwood  with John Campbell-Jones at the wheel, but I can't find any record of it competing there.

Emery claimed that with a few further mods it would eventually be capable of a maximum speed in excess of 180mph. . . . . .

I have recently been contacted by a former employee of Paul Emery, Mr Lester Beedel who did some work on the Twini-Mini project.  In particular he worked on the gear change which was hydraulic.

Mr Beedel was kind enough to send me the three pictures opposite featuring the original Paul Emery Twini - Mini.

The Emery Twin Mini.

Thanks to Jan I can not add a short contemporary review of the Paul Emery Twin Mini, click on the image opposite for the full text.

The Twini Mini.

This is by far the most detailed article I have found on the Twini-Mini.

I believe that the car featured could possibly be the car that nearly killed John Cooper, but I have not been able to confirm this

Click on the image opposite for a very detailed cutaway drawing or hit the links below for the full story.


The Twini Mini (German Magazine Article).

The Twini created much interest all over the world, here’s an article produced in a German motoring magazine.


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The Twini Mini
One of the most unusual Mini Derivatives of all time. The one that nearly killed John Cooper.