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970 Race Engine Specification

See a full specification and pricing for a 970 S race engine supplied & built by Don Moore. Dated October 1965.

Letter Regarding 1071 S engine

Letter Regarding Purchase of 970 S Race Engine.

Don Moore Invoice

Invoice for the supply of final drive Crown wheel & Pinion.

Letter Regarding a 970 Race Engine

Road Engine Price List.

See the prices of engines across the range from 850 - 1275.

If only engines were so easy to get nowadays.

Race Engine Price List.

A price list / Specification sheet giving details of a number of race engines from 850 - 1275 S.

Of all the people who took to tuning the Mini in the late 1950's & early 1960's few if anyone can compete with the motor engineer from Cambridge Don Moore.

Don Moore was without doubt the best tuner of Minis in the early 1960's. Cars modified by Don were the regular mounts for drivers such as Cristabel Carlisle & John Whitmore amongst many others.

Engines modified by this unassuming man were easily on a par with, if not better than those produced by the works teams at the time.

Many people expected that Don would be made the Competition Departments "tuner of choice" but for some reason this never happened.

 Don continued to run his automotive garage until his death in 2006.

Don Moore
The Competition Department’s tuner of choice.
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