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C & T Conversion & Tuning
A large London based tuning firm

Dennis Powell C&T Managing director

Formed in the late 1960's by Dennis Powell, Conversions & Tuning (C&T) were one of the last companies to really take advantage of the tuning boom in the 50's & 60's.

Based in Brixton, South London C&T produced an ever widening variety of tuning components for a massive range of cars.

Although not specifically A Series specialists they offered a variety of tuning options ranging from mild road conversions to more exotic race applications.

C&T were one of the few companies to survive the lean days of the early 1970's to go on well into the 1980's and possibly beyond. I can certainly remember their advertisements from the 1980's.

Conversion & Tuning (C&T)

Tuning & Speed Equipment Catalogue (1971)

This comprehensive Tuning manual & catalogue gave lots of interesting & useful data on tuning principles in general as well as full details of the products offered by C&T.