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Consolidated Technical data
Pre production technical data released to the press before launch.

Introduction to the Mini.

Consolidated technical data, published August 1959.

Sometimes you forget a little jem! Recently I was approached by someone who wanted a valuation of an original 1959 launch brochure. In actual fact what he had was part of the 1959 press pack. It was only after our conversation that I remembered that I had never published this very interesting document here.

Click on the image to the left for a high quality PDF of this original 55 page launch document. Packed full of interesting & not so interesting information. A genuinely historic piece of mini history.

Introduction to the Mini Cooper.

Consolidated technical data, published October 1961.

This is the complete technical data file for the 997 Cooper.

A very rare publication that allows you a glimpse for the excitement that must have been felt when the “new” range of Super Minis was introduced in late 1961.

This is a 50 odd page High Quality PDF download.

1071cc Mini Cooper S Final Specification.

The original and genuine press release announcing the "New" Cooper S type dated April 1963.

This is a copy of the official consolidated technical data concerning the launch of the Cooper S. As you can see if you compare this specification to the preliminary one above there were a few late changes made.

Morris Mini Traveller, Consolidated Data (1960 Pres Pack)

A very rare part of the original Traveller press pack dating from 16th Sept 1960.

It gives all specifications & details of this totally new addition to the Mini range.

Some excellent illustrations & informative text.

The Leading Six

A promotional booklet produced for the re launch of the Mini in 1960.

Contrary to popular belief the Mini was by no means a roaring success when it first came out. Most of the motoring journalists of the day raved about it but the public were resistant to the new model to say the least. In early 1960 BMC had a relaunch of the Mini and this booklet was produced as part of the sales drive. It compared the Mini to 5 other leading small cars of the day, and demonstrated (unsurprisingly) that the Mini was way better than the opposition in many areas.