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Comps Department Letter dated 1967.

An interesting letter referring to modifications made to the master cylinder on some Works Minis.

Austin - Cooper Formula Junior 1961.

The beginning of a legend.

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away a garage proprietor come racing car constructor from Surbiton decided to fit an engine from one his Single seater racing cars into one of the New BMC Minis. The Mini Cooper was Born. Check out the spec of the closest Mini ancestor!


Join the BMC team of Worldwide enthusiasts

Special Tuning Competition Parts Flier (1967).

This is a rare example of a flier produced as point of sale material for BMC stockists, presumably from the early days of the ST department. It gives details of the majority of tuning parts available direct from your local ST stockist as well as the services offered by the fitting/preperation department at Abbingdon.

PLEASE NOTE: Copies of this flier have been offered on ebay recently. These are photocopies of an original. NOT an original copy. If you are planning on bidding on one of these fliers, make sure you know what you are bidding on, and ask before you bid !

BMC Special Tuning Sheets.Mini Cooper 'S' 970, 1071 & 1275 (approx 1965).

If you follow the links below you will find a complete set of very early BMC Special Tuning Sheets. These date from approximately 1965 and predate bothe the Special tuning binder (AKD 5601) and the well known BMC Special Tuning logo.

BMC Special Tuning Leaflet Cover.

From Germany.

I think that everyone has seen the BMC Special "Tuning Sheets", these listed all the parts that the sporting motorist could buy direct from BMC to tune his mini up.

This one is a bit different! It was issued by J.A. Woodhead & Company of Koln-Braunsfeld. This company were official stockists of ST Parts in Germany and issued their own Special Tuning Sheets.

Comps. Dept. Letter. to Magnesium Electron Ltd.

To Magnesium Electron Ltd (dated 12th April 67).

This is quite an interesting copy of a letter written to Magnesium Electron Ltd. the manufacturers of Minilite Wheels, explaining why the Comps. Dept. Started using them & what they thought about the quality & reliability of Minilite wheels. A Legend was born!

B.L. Press Release.

Victory for Britain's No. 1 Export. (20th Aug. 1969).

Read the official BL press release announcing the Victory of the "Equipe Arden" 999cc Mini Cooper 'S' in the 1969 British Saloon Car Championship.

Cooper 'S' R.I.P.

The very last official mention of the Cooper 'S'.

As far as I am aware this leaflet contains the very last official mention of the Mini Cooper 'S'! This leaflet, advertising the Special Tuning GT-S Kit (Part No. C-AJJ 4082)offers a conversion to make your 1275 GT go as well as thenow discontinued 'S'.

I have also reproduced a second example of this flier below. As usual most of the text is the

same, only the layout is a bit more "amateurish"

At the top of this section is a copy of the press release issued to announce the introduction of the GT 'S' Kit.

BMC Special Tuning Data AKD-5096.

This is a complete copy of a 1968 version of the much loved & copied Special tuning data sheets offered at minimal cost by BMC & BL throughout the mid to late 60's & 1970.

They never contain as much info as you hope, but they still make interesting reading none the less.

Special Tuning Letter Dated 1970.

By 1970, the once great Competitions Department had been reduced to selling Stage 1 tuning kits for Minis, 11 & 1300's, 1800's etc. A bit od a step down from the glory days.


Special Tuning Stage 1 Flier.

A copy of the flier sent out with the letter above.  


Special Tuning Road Show.

Throughout the late 1960's & early 1970's at the height of the Special Tuning Departments business, they could be seen around Race & rally events as well as other motor sport related events promoting the ST range of equipment.


To the left are a couple of pictures of the display they used to carry with them in the back of one of the BMC registered busses. these are very interesting vehicles being originally built as mobile classrooms, some were then used as service vehicles by the competitions department and this one was later used as a mobile shop.


Special Tuning Dual Circuit Master

          Cylinder Kit C-AJJ 8835.

A very nice & complete kit containing all parts top convert your single circuit brakes to the safer dual circuit.  


Special Tuning News.

Get the full SP on the BMC / Arden alloy head.


Complete fitting instructions & cam shaft details. A very interesting contemporary insight into the Works 8 Port.   


Mini 7 Racing Club.

A nice original copy of the first set of regulations for the Mini 7 racing club.


If only current motor sport regulations were as simple!

Competitions Department & Special Tuning Archive
Items relating directly to the Comps Dept or Special Tuning.