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MK1 Performance Conversions.

Commemorative Downton Reunion Poster / card, hand signed by all original employees who attended the event in 2006.  This is over 1 meter wide & is a

totally unique memento of this legendary tuning company.

Minispares - Rosepetal Wheels & Tyres

Thanks to the great people at Minispares, the world’s premier supplier of all things Mini.  I am very pleased to be able to add a set of 4 Minispares Rosepetal Wheels c/w 2 sets of nuts & a set of spacers  to our charity raffle.

But that’s not all.

The prize includes a set of 4 Yokohama A008 tyres to suit, as well as free shipping within the UK.  International shipping can be arranged by Minispares at cost.

Nippycars - Dulles dash panel

The wonderful people at  Nippycars have donated one of their fantastic Dulles dash panels. “The ULTIMATE MK1 dash panel”.  Check out Nippycars online for a superb range of difficult to find early Mini parts all manufactured to Nippycars superb high standards!

PRO SEAT - A fantastic prize for the competition enthusiast.

The prize is for a custom moulded seat in almost any competition car from

F1 to Mini to Kart, moulded either directly into the monocoque or an

in-date seat  shell of suitable dimensions. (CLICK FOR DETAILS)

Catmint Classic car Parts - £150 of Vouchers.

The fantastic guys at Catmint Classic car parts have donated three £50 gift vouchers to our raffle.  Catmint manufacture some of the hardest to find classic car & competition detail parts as well as catering for Hornet & Elf variants. (Click on logo for link)

Osborne Automotive Preparation - £250 Voucher

Holding a superb reputation in all aspects of high quality engine/gearbox preparation & specialising in BMC A series, Porsche,(air and water cooled), Ford/Chevy V8 & Vespa tuning. Oz has offered a £250 voucher against parts & services offered.  (Click on logo for link)

The Stained Glass Studio, Ipswich - Stained Glass panel Celebrating Classic racing / Lotus

Ian Davies of he Stained glass studio, Ipswich has donated this spectacular traditional stained glass panel.  Made using traditional techniques.  This really is a stunning work of art! Click on the image for a closer look.

The Stained Glass Studio, Ipswich

Somerford Mini - A Pair of Heritage front Wings

The guys over at Somerford Mini have very generously donated a pair of genuine heritage front wings, this price includes shipping to any destination within the UK. Check out Somerfords web site for a great range of Mini parts & services including their exclusive Valtain range of extra high quality parts.

MiniWorld Magazine - 1 Years subscription

Karen Drury & the wonderful people over at MiniWprld Magazine have donated a full years UK subscription to MiniWorld Magazine. Thank you MiniWorld!

Swiftune - Swiftune SW5-07 Billet Camshaft - Duplex Kit

Nick Swift & his fantastic team at Swiftune have very knidly donated one of their superb SW5-07 Cam, Duplex & oil pump kits, with a retail value of over £400.  Universally acknowledged as the leaders in A Series development this kit will be superb in any A series engine.

0 - 6000 RVI Rev Counter (+ve Earth)

A rare & original Smiths positive earth RVI Tachometer scaled from 0 - 6000rpm.  Perfect for a tuned 850 or 1100. Donated by Mark Featham.

Austin Mini Cooper poster.

Austin Mini Cooper Poster. A reproduction of a very rare factory showroom poster from the MK1 Archives. Donated by MK1 Performance Conversions.

Speedwell Rocker Cover.

A Speedwell style chrome rocker cover featuring a Speedwell rocker cover badge. Donated by MK1 Performance Conversions.

Sticker Pack.

A selection of reproduction tuning stickers including Downton, BVRT, Taurus, Broadspeed etc. Donated by MK1 Performance Conversions.

Speedwell Keyrings.

Set of 3 Speedwell Keyrings.

Speedwell Stickers (1)

Four excellent sets of reproduction Speedwell stickers of the early type. Very generously donated by Ian Davies.

Speedwell Stickers (2).

Four excellent sets of reproduction Speedwell stickers of the later type. Very generously donated by Ian Davies.

Red Car Mats.

One set of Red Rubber Mats suitable for all early Mini’s & 1300’s.

Grey Car Mats.

One set of Grey Rubber Mats suitable for all early Mini’s & 1300’s.

Green car Mats.

One set of Green Rubber Mats suitable for all early Mini’s & 1300’s.

More prizes to be added soon, make sure you check back to see what you could win.

MK1 Performance Conversions Charity raffle
A charity raffle to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support

Since we started our Mini track days 8 or so years ago, we have always run them to support a chosen charity.

Over those years we have, with your support raised thousands of pounds for really good causes.

Our 2022 Bylton Track day will be run to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support & to help increase donations I have decided to run a charity raffle which will be drawn the day before Blyton April 30th 2022.

Over the next few months I will be adding a number of very tasty morsels for you to bid on, all the money taken will be donated directly to this years cause.

Tickets are offered at a price of £5, anyone can buy as many tickets as they desire.  The more tickets you buy, the greater the chance of winning one of our fantastic & in some cases totally unique prizes.

To enter, simply click on the link below & make a £5 donation.  Please keep your Paypal confirmation as this will act as your ticket.

The draw for all prizes will be made on Saturday 30th April 2022.

All winners will be announced at our Blyton Track day & will be notified shortly after via email.  Prizes can be collected on the day or can be posted out at cost.

All details of funds raised will be published on the MK1 Forum.


In 2006 MK1 Performance Conversions was, along with Barry Hawkins, instrumental in organising a reunion of former Downton employees.

On the day, this huge Poster / Card (more than a meter wide) was signed by all the “Originals” who attended the event.

It is a TRULY UNIQUE memento of this legendary tuning house & is the only item of it’s like in existence.

This is just ONE prize in our tremendous charity raffle, there are many different & marvellous prizes to be won!

Please check below to see some of the prizes available so far. With NEW ITEMS BEING ADDED REGULARLY.

How it works:

Upon purchase of a ticket or tickets, each entry is allocated a ticket number or numbers, depending on how many tickets are purchased.  The entrant will be notified of their number or numbers by return, these are also entered into a master spread sheet, a redacted version of which will be available for examination before the draw is made.  Tickets will be selected using an electronic random number generator HERE.

Details of all winners will be published here & all winners will be notified via email shortly after the draw has been made.

Unless specifically stated otherwise SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED. Prizes can be collected from our Blyton track day or personally by special arrangement.

Any prizes that are posted out will be CHARGED AT COST.


Below is a list of the prizes offered in this raffle.  Please check back regularly for updates & see what you could win for a ticket that costs barley more than a bacon sandwich & cup of coffee.

PayPal: Buy MK1 Performance Conversions Charity raffle 2022 Catmint
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