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During the hectic 1968 season when BVRT were campaigning for the European Saloon Car Championship in the under 1000cc class, and the Cooper Car Company were holding the BMC flag in the larger 1275cc Class, the two "Rivals" were rarely if ever at each others throat. After all they were competing in different classes and were both representing the same organisation, The British Motor Corporation.

As part of this co-operation it would make sense to share some of the expenses, which lets face it even in 1968 would have been astronomical.

The picture above shows John Handley's 999cc BVRT racer parked up in front of the BVRT service vehicle, nothing strange about that I hear you say! Well if you look closely in the topish right hand corner you can see a Cooper Car Company car being pulled into the BVRT service barge.

This shot shows the same Cooper Car Co. vehicle having its engine removed by mechanics, once safely inside the BVRT barge.

Now that's what I call co-operation.

BVRT - Zandvoort 1968
Cooperation at its best