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This one gets a mention for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, Bob Soper is a friend of my family and my God Father, he would be the first to admit that he has had a varied career path but in the 60's he was heavily involved in tuning the Mini.

He ran a Shorrock Supercharged 850 Mini almost as soon as they came out and this was followed by a brand new 1071cc Cooper 'S', this was also blown, with predictable results. Bob competed in Hill Climbs and Sprints and sold motor accessories and speed equipment. The Rally & Speed Shop  he started was in business nearly 45 years trading from the same address, until it closed down in 2003.

Through his interest in forced induction he developed the "Bob Soper High Torque Ram Pipe" on the face of it a bent tube that fitted to the carb air intake, this was however reviewed as follows;


Sporting Motorist said;  

"Acceleration was definitely improved................much smoother at lower revs.......................a worthwhile Mini mod!"

Car Mechanics said;

"We knocked 2 secs off a staff Mini Cooper 0 - 60.................cold starting is easier and top gear acceleration improved"

To read what Cars & Car Conversions said CLICK HERE. (Courtesy of Simon Wheatcroft)

Read the full brochure for the Soper Hi-Torque ram pipe

From my own collection this is a complete copy of the catalogue & fitting instructions for this interesting product.

Click on the image to the left for a full PDF.

Letter Dated Dec 1965

This is quite an interesting letter from 1965 addressed to the Editor of "Motor" magazine, it regards the range of Bob Soper Hi-Torque products that are available and invites "The Motor" to come & test the products. It also confirms Bob Soper’s attendance at the 1965 racing car show. Thanks to Angelo Bortesi for sending me copies of this very interesting document.

Spec Sheet originally enclosed with above letter.

Spec Sheet originally enclosed with above letter.

A second very interesting enclosure. This one refers to the Hi_torque range of Blower drives for the Shorrock range of Superchargers. Bob Soper was the Yorkshire agent for these highly successful superchargers throughout the 1960's..

Press Photo of Hi-Torque Installation.

Mini Cooper & S installation.

Press Photo of Hi-Torque Installation.

Mini Minor Installation.

Press Photo of Hi-Torque Installation.

Mini Minor Installation.

More Press Photo of Hi-Torque Installations.

Thanks to Bob I have been able to add a large number of original photos of Hi-Torque installations, click on any of the images to the left for a high definition copy.

Bob Soper Limited
Shorrock agents for Yorkshire & designer of the “Hi-Torque” ram pipe.