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Badges & Stickers
A superb range of badges & stickers, all traditionally made to the highest quality available.

Downton Boot / Rocker Cover Badge.

The most accurate Downton badge available anywhere.  Practically indistinguishable from an original. Beautiful deep chrome plate on Green ground with black screen printed highlight.

Downton badge £27.50 +P&P

Alexander Conversions.

Self adhesive, 2 colour Window sticker.         £7.00 +P&P

Taurus Performance Tuning.

Self tack, 2 colour Window sticker.               £7.00 +P&P

Nerus Engineering Company.

Self tack, 1 colour Window sticker.               £6.50 +P&P

BRT Developments (Early BVRT / British Vita).

Self adhesive, 2 colour Window sticker.        £7.00 +P&P

Broadspeed Engineering.

Self adhesive, 1 colour Window sticker.        £6.50 +P&P

Downton Conversions.

Self adhesive, Gold Window sticker.            £7.50 +P&P

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Hammer Drive Screws.

These are the correct size hammer drive screws for fixing engine capacity & number tags to your block.

Difficult to find, available in pairs.

Hammer Drive Screws  £4.00 +P&P

Original Castrol Oil Fill Label.

An original Castrol label that was fitted under the bonnet (Usually on the cross member) to remind you when you castrol oil needs replacing. An original self adhesive label.

Castrol Oil Fill Label £2.50 +P&P

BMC Special Tuning Rocker Cover Labels.

A New Range Of Super Accurate Reproduction ST Labels.

I am sure you have all seen the horrid Special Tuning Rocker Cover Labels offered on ebay, these are either printed on foil or paper & the font is often way off correct.  My new range of these labels is PERFECT.


British Vita (1968 / 69).

Self adhesive, 2 colour sticker.        £7.00 +P&P

(Out only, not suitable for windows)

A Word or two regarding Postage.

In the vast majority of cases the prices charged by me for postage cover recorded delivery within the UK & REGULAR Airmail for international purchases.  The cost of regular airmail invariably costs more than I charge, but I am happy to subsidise international purchases to some extent.

HOWEVER! Any purchases made that are sent by regular airmail services ARE NOT INSURED.  This means that in the event of non delivery no refund will be made.  If you would prefer that your item is sent by a guaranteed method, contact me & I will add the cost of this service to your invoice.

All recorded delivery items posted to a UK address are covered by a full money back guarantee in the event of non delivery.

By placing an order you are explicitly accepting these terms.

BMC Service Embroidered Badges.

A copy of an original BMC Service Pocket badge.

This is an item I have been working on for a while.  Based on a NOS original in my collection, this is a superb copy of the original BMC Service Badge as sewn to Workshop & stores Overalls.  Machine embroidered -  measuring 135 x 105mm


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Speedwell Rocker Cover Badge.

This is a reproduction Speedwell rocker cover badge that is correct in every detail. Unlike the rubbish currently available on ebay etc.  This is of the correct dimensions, type face & letter spacing. Identical to an original.

Speedwell Rocker Cover Badge £12.50 +P&P

Taurus Performance Tuning Stickers.

Following a number of enquiries, I have added a couple of reproduction Taurus stickers to the collection.  These two designs are copied from original stickers in my collection & represent both early (1963 ish) & later (1965 - 1970) Taurus production.

This is a limited run of a couple of very rare stickers, available for a limited time only.

Gold Taurus Shield (approx 1963) £3.50 each +P&P

Silver taurus Sticker (1965 - 1970 on) £3.50 each + P&P

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Very Early ST Rocker Cover Label.

A reproduction of the first type of R/C Label used by ST.

Once again, I am pleased to be able to offer from my own collection a perfect reproduction of the very first type of Rocker Cover Label. These were used as early as 1963 on cars that had been prepared by the comps dept at Abingdon.  Hand engraved Trefolite badge, measuring 115 x 30mm


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