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Contemporary reviews of Official & unofficial Minis & Variants

The Motor Magazine.

Take a look at the NEW Baby from BMC. Read the very first review of the Mini from August 1959.

Motor Trends Oct 59.

Another review of the brand new BMC babies.

Back to the beginning. Autosport 28.10.59.

Read Autosports rave review of the NEW Austin & Morris Mini cars.

Knee High to a . . . . .

Review of the Unipower GT taken from Saftey fast BMC’s self published MG magazine..

Broadspeed GT 2+2

Review of the Broadspeed GT taken from CCC May 1966.

The Motor 07.10.1963 Review of tye New Austin Super Deluxe

In depth review of the Super Deluxe.

CCC August 1967

Mini Based Specials. Everything Mini, that isn’t Mini Shaped.

Autocar Tuning Special 19.02.1965.

Alexander’s legendary circuit racer EKX 210 B.

Autosport 20.07.1962.

Some Talk Of Alexander. A short review of an Alexander tuned 850.

The Motor - 17.04.1963

A Mini for sir.

Short Radford review.

Motor - 11.02.1967

Automatic Stick Shift

IA review of the “new” Automatic transmission.

Motor - 11.02.1967

Progress report - 4

An in depth look at the Mini & it’s first 8 years in production.

Autocar - 25.05.67

Stewart & Ardern MiniSprint

Review of the “new” S&A Minisprint.

Autocar - 25.05.67


Article on the most glamorous Mini variant of all time.

Autosport - 21.01.66

Minisprint & Walker GTS

A great short review of the Minisprint.

Safety Fast - Nov 1966

Big Hearted Mini

Extended test of a Downton tuned Cooper S.

Safety fast - Oct 1961

Ten Foot Tornado

Review of the New Mini Cooper.

Motor - 07.12.62

Mini Most

Speedwell Tuned Mini Cooper.

Motorsport - March 62

The Ogle GT Mini

Review of the Ogle SX1000.

The Motor - 20.09.61

Mini Cooper Release Issue

Read the first rave reviews of the New Austin Se7en Cooper & Morris Mini Cooper.

Autocar - 22.02.63

Autocar - Road Test

Austin Mini Super deluxe.

Autocar - 22.09.61


An early review of the “Super 7 Cooper Twins”.

Autocar - 14.08.64

Autocar Road Test

1275cc Mini Cooper S.

Autocar - 17.01.64

The Viking Hornet

Check out the lovely convertible Hornet from Viking.

Autocar - 12.04.63

Road Test - 1071 Cooper S

Read a review of the New 1071cc Mini Cooper S.

Autocar - 10.09.65

Road Test - 998 Cooper with Hydro

Read a review of the New Hydro suspended 998 Cooper.

Autocar - 10.08.67

Cast Iron Investment

A review of BMC’s venerable (even then) A series engine.