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Autocar Monte-Mini Double 29.01.65.

A full report on the Mini’s triumph at Monte-Carlo.

Autocar Monte Congratulations. 29.01.65.

Check out all the companies clamouring to congratulate BMC on their stunning victory in 1965.

Autocar - 31.01.1964

Hopkirk Ahead


A full report on Hopkirk’ triumph on the 1964 Monte.

Autocar - 25.05.67

Mighty Monte Mini

Review of the latest Monte Contender.

Autosport - 21.01.66

From the rally seat

Paddy Hopkirk’s thoughts before the fateful 1966 Monte.

Safety Fast - March 1964

Review of Hopkirks successful Monte campain.

Motor - 07.12.63

Another Great Year For BMC

Rally review.

Motorsport - March 1964

Review of Hopkirks successful Monte campain.

CCC - Dec 1968

Works Cooper Tested

Review of ORX 7 F Works rally car.

The Motor - 06.02.64

The two Hopkirks

Interview with PH after his victory on the Monte.

Motoring News Jan 1966

The “Monte Fiasco”.

Read a review of the unfortunate events on the 1966 Monte.

Safety fast - Jan 1967

Tales from the forest

Excellent article on the up coming RAC Rally.

Autosport - 14.01.66

1966 Monte Preview

After the triumph of 65, BMC were all set for another great Monte . . . . .

Autosport - 29.01.65

Monte Review

An extensive report on BMC’s finest hour the great Mini 1 - 2 in 1965.

Autocar - 10.08.67


A great article about BMCs involvement in competition.