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Mini Special Publications & Articles
Great journalism about Minis

Armstrong Roadholder.

Information on Suspension tuning and modification.

Mini Mod Guide.

A guide to tuning & modifying your Mini from the mid 1960’s.

Accessories & Equipment.

A selection of accessories for your Mini published in Autocar (1963).

Autocar “Mini Number 29.7.66.

Special Mini Number with Mini based articles, adverts & accessory reviews.

28 Pages.

Autocar - 10.7.64

Special Mini Number.

Another great selection of Mini base articles & accessories.

20+ Pages.

Autosport Mini Special edition 29.4.71.

By 1971 the original Mini was getting a bit long in the tooth, it was still however popular enough to justify it’s own “special” edition of Autocar.

Autocar Mini Special edition 22.10.68.

The 1968 version of Autocar’s annual Mini edition.

Small Car - May 63


The Minisprint, not what you might expect.

CCC August 1967.

A great article on owning a Cooper.

Motor - 27.08.1966


An in depth look at all things Mini.

Autocar - 11.06.1965

Mini Accessories

More wonderful period accessories from 1965.

Autocar - 11.06.1965

Know your Mini.

Another article on Mini ownership.

Autocar - 31.01.1964.

Read the adverts! Suppliers queuing up to praise BMC.

Motor - 07.12.63

There was a wee Cooper

12,000 in a Mini Cooper.

Autocar - 11.06.1965

Mini Miscellany

Parts & Services for your Mini.

Autocar - 21.08.1969

The Minis 10th Anniversary Issue.

Autocar - 25.05.67

Comfort & Convenience

Extract from another Mini special issue, more accessories.

Autocar - 25.05.67 - Mini Spotters Guide

A guide to the models available in 1967.

Autocar - 25.05.67


More accessories & services as available in 1967.

Autocar - 11.07.62

Mini Miscellany

More parts accessories & services for your Mini.

Autocar - 11.07.62


Parts accessories & services for your Mini.

Autocar - 11.07.62

Mini Special Edition

All things BMC Mini.

The Motor - 05.02.64

It’s a small world

The pros & cons of buying a small car.