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The Full Unabridged Accessory list for 1965.

Follow the link to the left and find an absolutely complete Accessories catalogue for 1965.

This publication details every accessory available from BMC in 1965 right across the entire range, not just the Mini range.

In the "PUBLICITY" section you will also find a comprehensive list of all POS material, posters etc.

The Austin Warranty.

Here is a copy of the original Austin Warranty document issued with all new cars. This example is for a Super Deluxe that was first registered in 1960.  


Passports to Service.

Throughout production one of the most important documents that any Mini owner had was their "Passport to Service" this was the service booklet that went with any new car. Detailing service intervals and specifications it was essential if you were going to make a successful warranty claim. An essential extra for those concourse buffs, check which type you need for your car here.

First Morris Accessory Brochure.

Undated but believed to date from the introduction of the Morris Mini Minor & Austin Se7en. This flier is very simple but has quite a good selection of items that are specific to the Mini range.


AKD 1421 (Issued Jan. 1960)

The first "spectacular flier dedicated to Mini accessories, full colour, with a much better selection of items. I still think that this is one of the most interesting promotional brochures ever produced by BMC.  


AKD 1873 (Issued Mar. 1961)

A nice model specific flier, this one deals entirely with accessories for the Traveller. Or so it claims, most of the equipment is actually common to the entire range, or even cars in general.



AKD 2081 (Issued Nov. 1962)

Morris Mini Van.

A nice brochure dedicated to the accessories available for the Morris Mini Van. A lot of stuff common to the rest of the range, but still nice.


AKD 2109 (Issued March 1963)

This brochure is far, far less Mini specific. Most of the items featured are actually just general car accessories, like polishing cloths, fog lights etc. There are a few Mini specific items, but this was defiantly produced as a generic accessories brochure where the brand of vehicle could easily be altered by the printer.


AKD 2167 (Issued Sept. 1963)

This brochure is not in the slightest Mini specific. It is merely a selection of accessories available for BMC cars. But still quite interesting.   


AKD 2189 (Issued Oct. 1964)

The 60's weren't just swinging, it was also the decade that the British government decided we all needed saving from ourselves! Speed limits, the breath test and most ridiculous of all compulsory fitting of seat belts were introduced. Check out what BMC could offer the cautious motorist. One point to note is that both static & inertia reel seat belts were offered simultaneously. Inertia reel WERE NOT introduced at a later date!   


AKD 2110 (Issued Aug. 1965)

A very nice comprehensive Accessories brochure, running to some 8 pages. Morris.

AKD 2107 (Issued March. 1965)

A slightly earlier version of the brochure above. But branded as Austin.

AKD 2021 (Issued Aug. 1967)

Identical in all respects to AKD 2110 (above) apart from a different cover, and a different colour. No point in me wasting space for repeats.


AKD 2217 (Issued Nov. 1965)

Check out the "very tasteful" range of BMC car seat covers. Some of the items here must actually qualify as crimes against humanity. I particularly like the fake leopard skin velour myself.


AKD 2242 (Issued May. 1965)

This is the radio brochure included in the New Car envelope supplied with every new car.  Packed with useful & tempting items like your handbook, service history book & spare key. I wonder how many people were tempted by a shiny new Smiths Radio?

AKD 2217 (Issued Jun. 1968)

A later & more comprehensive version of the above brochure.

AKD 2109 Accessories for Morris Mini Minor

AKD 2331 (Issued May 1968)

A fairly late Accessories catalogue, supplied with new cars in the owners pack.

BMC Accessories & Warranty Paperwork