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Theo Page
A small collection of Mini related artwork from the genius pen of Theo Page

"The first of the breed"

This is the line drawing that was supplied in the original 1959 press pack, a typical Page effort that is absolutely perfect in every detail.

"A Crosswise Engine"

Its hard to imagine it now, but the idea of having a "crosswise" or transverse engine powering the front wheels was once revolutionary!

"The variants are coming"

First there was the saloon, then there was the Traveller, the "half timbered" Mini was one of the most popular early variants.

"Another view from 59"

Another superb example of Mr Page's work this time taken from Autosport in August 1959.

"The best of the lot"

With the introduction of the 107cc Mini Cooper S in 1963 the very best engine apeared on the scene. Overshadowed by its bigger brother the 1071 was always "Smooth & reliable".

"The best gets better"

Not a genuine "Page" this one but a very nice line drawing none the less. It depicts a Downton Modified Group 2 Competition engine from about 1964.

"Bigger & Better"

The first Cooper, in 1961 the Mini Cooper was announced complete with remote gearchange and "powerfull" 997cc Engine.

"The Coming of the Cooper"