Speedwell Poster 1969 / 70

This is an example of one of the later Showroom posters produced by Speedwell. Their change in emphasis can clearly be seen by the sort of items they are choosing to promote. Gone are the racing specific accessories and in far more evidence are the "Boy Racer" type items.

Going from the top left hand corner the items depicted are as follows;

Speedwell Throttle Pedal, Assorted Accessory Switches, Mini Grille Buttons, a VW Carb Conversion, SU Carb Cover (yuck), the Speedwell range of Reground Cams, SU Flojet, Speedwell Instruments, wheel spacers, VW BRM Alloy Wheels, Speedwell Offset Rockers, Special Oil Pumps, Mini Seat Brackets, The Speedwell / Smiths Tacho, Tuning Kits, VW Quickshift, Speedwekk Valves and Springs, Oilcooler kits, Centre Consoles, Instrument Pods, Wheel Nut Covers, Shock Absorbers, Modified Heads (iron).

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