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Rocker Cover Archive
A collection of aftermarket & factory rocker covers for BMC A series engines

Alexander Engineering

Brown & Geeson

Smooth Top “FJ”

Smooth Top “FJ” (2)

HRG (Click image for large collection)




JV Murcott (Minifin)


BMC 59 Mini With ST Badge


Power / Master

Richard Longman

Speedwell (Chrome)

Speedwell (Cadmium)

Unknown “A”

Lynx Engineering (Aus)


Broadspeed (Repro)

Unknown “C”

1275 Cooper S

1071 Cooper S

Goldseal Tinnie

Arden Engineering

Waggot Engineering Yenora (Aus)

Planet Engineering / Netlap

Planet Engineering / Netlap

Cooper Conversions (unknown)

Unknown “C” Polished

Sports / Astrali

Unknown “C” with repro Downton badge


Speedwell (fake)

Genuine 60’s Smooth top “FJ”

Planet Eng, this time badged “Baldyne”

JV Murcott badged Alexander

BMC Branded (non genuine)

Standard Australian Tinnie

1980’s Leyland Plusparts Alloy


Landar (Badged as Radford)

Downton (Richard Miles London)

Early Downton “Breather” cover

Mid production Australian “Tinnie” cover

Early Australian “Tinnie”

Australia Produced “BMC” Cover

Late Production Janspeed Cover

Beautifully restored Nerus Cover.


Fake Speedwell

Fake Speedwell 2

This is just the start of a new section, lots more to be added soon. If you have a rocker cover that isn’t listed, please send me a picture & I will add it.