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This is by far and away the most popular Restall seat ever produced for the Mini.

They can command serious prices even for a tatty original. Restall International have been approached on many occasions to re manufacture this seat, something they say the are happy to do, but for a minimum order of 500!

This smaller flier is concerned with the van / traveller conversion that was very popular in the 1960's,

You could avoid paying purchase tax by ordering a van and then chopping the windows out

and fitting a seat kit. The kits were made by Restall and sold through BMC dealers.

A very nice little brochure specifically promoting the Restall Seat Range for Minis.

Restall Type 1 Flier

Restall Type 2 Flier

Restall Type 3a Flier

Restall type 4 flier

Restall pricelist for the entire seating range

 Restall Hand Made Competition Seats

If you were very lucky and knew the right people you could get your Restall competition seat made to measure. The two seats pictured here are exactly that. They were supplied in a Downton modified car that competed at the nurburgring in 1967.

Racing Bucket Seat: This bucket seat was made for racing purpose only, and was not on general sale.

All three, 1965 "Team Broadspeed" cars had these fitted. I also know that one of the seats was used in the 1968 European Winning Vita Mini. John Handley took the seat & steering wheel, from his Broadspeed car, and fitted it in the Vita car. Success in both cars!

It seems that only a handful were made. They are very comfortable, even when your tall?

Reclining Racing Seat: This passenger seat was a recliner.

Why have a passenger seat in 1965? At the time, most cars ran under the group 2 regulations, This involved retaining trim, spare wheel, carpets etc. Hence a Retall passenger seat?

However, neither of these seats were cheap

Although not strictly a tuning company Restall Brothers of Birmingham were amongst the first companies to offer any sort of specialist Competition driving seat for a Mini. Below, you can see a copy of a flier they produced to promote their Mini Competition seats.

Restall Brothers
Competition Seat Manufacturers