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Mini & Mini Cooper Media
A collection of Mini related films & clips to download

Wizardry On Wheels (1959)

The original promotional film made to promote the new Morris Mini Minor.

The Incredible Seven (1959)

The original promotional film made to promote the new Austin Se7en

“Building A Baby Austin” (1959)

Short clip of the Austin Seven production line in 1959

“The Mini Man”

Documentary film about the life of Alec Issigonis

“Monte Carlo 1966”

Clips of the ill fated 1966 Monte Carlo Rally.

“For The Markets Of The World”

A BMC film made in 1959 about the huge export market for BMC cars. Some Mini Content.

“1,000,000th Mini (1965)”

Short clip celebrating the Millionth Mini.

“2,000,000th Mini (1969)”

Short clip celebrating the two millionth mini

“Driving Tips With Paddy Hopkirk”

Pady shows you how you should drive a BMC Rally prepared Mini

“This Mokes No Ass”

The 4 Wheel drive twin engined Mini Moke

“The Car’s The star”

A workmanlike documentary by the BBC charting the history of the Mini

“Belfast to Monte”

A documentary where Paddy Hopkirk re traces the route of the 1964 Monte carlo Rally

A word about the media archive.  All the clips in the MK1 archive have been taken from free public sources & are shown here for information only.  Some material is still in copyright & I would suggest that wherever possible you find original versions of this material to enjoy in much better quality than is available here.