Instruments, Gauges & Dash

A collection of instrumentation, gauges & interior accessories & equipment.

Smiths / Jaeger-le-Coultre Time Of Trip Clock.

Forget Heuer or Logines, this is the type of clock you want in your pre 1965 Rally car. These fantastic clocks were ex war department surplus, they are accurate to less than a minute in every 8 days and had the pause function so essential for rally timing. As sold by les Leston, See his advertisement HERE.

Click HERE for a better look.

Smiths 0 - 8,000 Impulse Tacho.

The ubiquitous Smiths 0 - 8. These have been manufactured in 3 mani styles from the mid 50 to the present day. This is a late 60's one, as identified by the silver hubcap with the black dot in the middle, the earlier ones had a similar middle but much squares numbers, the later ones had that horrible Red line.

See what smiths had to say about them HERE

Download the fitting instructions here, Page 1, Page 2.


Crypton 0 - 8,000 Tacho.

Not from the same planet as Superman, but manufactured by the same folks as the rolling road. This was a superb quality Tacho manufactured to compete with the daddy. The Speedwell Weston. Very rare now as they were not as robust as either the Smiths or the Speedwell.

Speedwell / Weston Rev. Counter.

This is the one that everyone wants! The Speedwell weston "Racing Tacho was a superb quality instrument by the standards of the day. Based on Aircraft internals it would give a good steady reading where others would give up. Rare & Very expensive now, reproductions are occasionally available. See what Speedwell said about them;

PAGE 1 PAGE 2 For a copy of the fitting ionstructions CLICK HERE.

Speedwell / Smiths ) - 8,000 Tacho.

This is an example of the "other" Speedwell tacho. This unit was manufactured by smiths and is basically a Smiths "induction loop" instrument with a Speedwell fascia. Less reliable and accurate than the Weston units, but now very rare and sought after. Click on the picture for a better view. (thanks Ben Zwirs)

Fitting instructions are same as Smiths Impulse trach above.

W. Dulles Dash.

Of all the suplimentary dash boards offered for Minis over the years amongst the most desireable is the Dulles dash. This, was sold fairly widely through accessory shops, but contrary to popular opinion was never sold by Speedwell, it was also sold through the Les Leston catalogue and found its way into some pretty nice cars. MCG777 sported one for a while amongst others. These dashes were very sturdily built in sheet aluminium covered in a sort of textured black vinyl, the edges are riveted.

Speedwell Instruments and Instrument Pod.

Pictured here is an example of one of the instrument pods supplied by Speedwell by the later 60's to accomodate their excellent range of auxilliary guages.