BMC Approved Accessories

BMC produced a vast array of accessories for their cars during the 1960's here is a small sample of some of them.

BMC Touring Kit (8G 1080)

In the days before Japanese engine reliability when the motorist expected his BMC vehicle to break down every few hundred miles it was almost suicidal to travel to "Foreign Parts" in your Morris Mini or Austin Se7en. However the kind gents at BMC had a solution to this problem. Click HERE

BMC Touch-up Paint

If the motorist of the 1960's was "Radical" enough to let the "little woman" behind the wheel, this was an essential accessory. BMC Touch up paint.

Strangely the colour on the label rarely, if ever matched either the paint on the car or the paint in the tin, ensuring a lasting reminder of that little scrape!

BMC Corrosion Inhibitor (Part No. AKF 1772)

Now this one is weird! BMC corrosion inhibitor, it for all the world smells, looks and for that matter tastes like creosote, you know the stuff they used to use to stop wooden fences from rotting away, apparently it works on BMC engines too! Just one sachet added to your cooling system and you no longer have to worry about dry rot, wood worm or a squealing water pump.

Very odd!

BMC Mud Flap Box.

I think everyone is well aware of the horrendous amount of money you have to pay for those natty little BMC mud flaps nowadays. Well here's an economic alternative, buy a genuine box for a couple of quid, at your local Autojumble, add a couple of sheets of rubber matting, seal the box and hey presto. NOS BMC Mud flaps. I wouldn't recommend trying to sell them though!

BMC Tyre Gauge.

Ok so at a glance this looks like any other 60's tire pressure gauge, doesn't it. Well think again!

These can usually be purchased for as little as a couple of quid at any autojumble, but this one is different.

The BMC SERVICE LTD tire pressure gauge is extremely rare and just to make them even more sought after a gauge exactly the same as this one was clipped to the dash of every "Works" rally car.

You will spend years looking through piles of Dunlop & other "brand" tire gauges, if you manage to find one of these, then bingo! Believe it or not, you have found a Gauge worth anything up to £75.00

Beautiful Anodised "ST" Ash/Pin Tray.

The latest gift idea from Special tuning!

These hideous blue anodised ashtrays were available direct from ST from the late 60's through to the mid 70, new old stock ones still emerge from time to time. Symtomatic of "What went wrong with BL" these ashtrays available with a whole range of different cars on the front, looked poor, were of terrible quality and served no useful purpose. A classic product of the 1970's British motor industry.

Fancy Joining The BMC Drivers Club?

Heres a good one, You seem to find these badges everywhere nowadays. If you are driving a 2.5 ton Diesel road sweeper or a large BMC Truck this is a badge for you! The BMC drivers club was exclusively for users of BMC Commercial vehicles. It NEVER had anything to do with the domestic car arm.

If you want to make your Mini or MG look like a bloody great diesel lorry, then this is the badge for you!

Repros are available via TripleC.com, if you are after an original, make sure it looks like it has been bolted to the front of an Old Diesel Lorry for 40 years!.